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Arsenal: “Winning Beautiful”

Good morning Positives old and young, There is a concept much bandied about by the punditti of “Winning Ugly” which, on most occasions as far as I can see, involves a team playing poorly, having a slice of luck, clinging on like grim death to fortune’s undeserved award and making off with the points. Well […]

Arsenal Versus Basel: More Of The Same Please

I tend to avoid giving the idiots among us too much oxygen, the great leveller that is social media already ensures their vapid discharge receives more than enough attention. One theme which has somehow made it into the office past my secretary is the idea that as Arsène paid a lot of money for his […]

Arsenal: Is this Streak For Real?

Post Chelsea, in his usual wise manner the manager observed there is only 24-hours to savor a victory, even over a historic rival, after which it is time to focus on the hard work of winning the next game. See interview at In contrast with Arsene, now that Arsenal is on a 5 game unbeaten […]

Arsenal: The Trinity Of Excellence

Dila mshvidobisa Positivistas, What a fine morning to be alive as an Arsenal supporter. The milestone of Arsene’s 20th anniversary at the helm of our football club celebrated in glorious and emphatic fashion. An opponent club who have stood, and arguably still stand, for much of what is rotten in modern football flattened. The evening […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea : Mentioning No Names

I was hoping to get through this morning’s epistle without mention of Chelsea’s erstwhile manager. Not the interim incumbent, I don’t mean him, I mean the one in charge when they started their title defence last season. I told myself that he is no longer there and is therefore no longer relevant and is the […]

Arsenal: Positive Intent on the Trent

Good Morning Positive Arsenal, And how are each of you this fine Wednesday morning ? Quite chipper I’d guess ! I suspect a lot of you, endured the fluctuations of technology while watching last night’s game, with streams coming and going, and providing a timely reminder of what reliable and comprehensive football coverage provides us. […]

Arsenal Versus Forest: Keeping The Plates Spinning

I’ve just discovered what EFL actually stands for. I’d long since given up paying too much attention to all the names by which the League Cup has styled itself. I never warmed to the Milk Cup, Littlewoods Cup nor the Rumbelows Cup, and by the time Coca-Cola got on board I’d had it with the […]