How Bad Really Was Anfield?

Hello all.

The dust has settled and emotions are not running so high now following our sober spanking at Anfield.

That we lost up there is no surprise and certainly nothing new. We have gone up their with better teams, better managers and in better form and come away with our tails between our legs. Liverpool are a great team and Anfield is the most intimidating of gounds, even for battle hardened teams, let alone a young inexperienced team. But, and you knew there was a “but” coming, the manner of the defeat was gross.

People say we were in the game until the 37th minute, I strongly disagree. We were never “in the game”! We just managed to hold them off until then. There was nothing about our game in that 37 minutes that suggested we could hold out for 90+ minutes, let alone somehow fluke a win. We were comprehensively outclassed and the underlying stats (the ones I wont stop papping on about) came home to roost. 93 minutes and and xG of 0.3 with just 5 touches in their box, suggest we were exactly what the stats suggest, a bunt powder puff force.

Apart from Ramsdale and perhaps Gabriel, every player looked below par for even an average PL side, never mind a top side hoping to be in the race for top 4. so let me pose a question, what is more likely, a failure of our system, or a coincidence that 10 players( plus subs) all have a bad day at the same time? The 4411 system that Arteta stumbled across was exposed. Our mid-field was non-existent, our defence overrun and our attack toothless. It was horrible to watch.

What surprises me is that this performance surprised a lot of fans. If they had been watching all season, looking even slightly beyone the results, they would have seen that it was almost inevitable.

We have somehow managed to find ourselves in 5th place, a great platform from which to build an assault on the European places, but an improvement , way beyond any improvement we have so far seen, will be needed for this assault to become a reality.

Anywho, here is the latest Youtube ramblings if you want to delve a little deeper into my analysis of the game and where we might go from here.

Have a nice week,

Pedantic George.


We Go To Anfield With Some Hope.

Good morning one and all.

It’s been a while, how are yaaaa?

The Arsenal make the trip up the M6 to Anfield with our fan base brim full of confidence that not having lost since game day 3 has bestowed upon them. There is a genuine feeling that a corner has been turned and the future, and present, is a big paradise full of points and goals. If we win today, we go above Liverpool and in all likelihood, into the top 4. Seriously, if you have watched both teams play this season, that would be a miraculous outcome. But miracle or not, them is the facts, and no matter how unlikely, or how we have managed it, that would be a great platform to go forward from.

For me there is no doubt we have improved of late. We have a very good squad of mainly young players, Arteta seems to be making more right decisions and luck is favouring us, so why not be excited about it? Why not make hay while the sun shines? I believe this young team will improve, gel and develop a more pleasing playing style, when Xhaka returns it will give us more control and ball progression, every addition we made in the summer looks like a good buy. At this moment in time it does look a lot more positive.

It appears that we will be (excluding Xhaka) at full strength and Liverpool will be considerably weakened by injuries, good, it’s about time, for years it was us missing big players at important times. I hope we can take advantage of this today and come away with a positive result. We all want a win, but a draw would be a tremendous result also.

The club has been running a tremendous top class PR campaign recently, we can swallow it and be happy, for the next few hours at least.

Here is the Youtube game review for anyone interested,

Enjoy the game and have a great day.

Pedantic George.


The Season So Far.

Hello all.

Here is the latest guff from Shotta and I with a difference, we have the insightful young lady Byso with her matching hair and Arsenal top, it’s worth a watch for this alone, although I can’t say the same about my miserable face and incoherent ramblings.

Let us know what you make of it.

Pedantic George.


No More Mr. Nice guy from The Arsenal.

Hello all.

Here is the latest Youtube from Shotta amd I. Arteta and the lads get full credit for fighting fire with fire.

Blackburn George.


Hornets Wont Sting Arsenal

Gooday all.

Here is the preview of the game that we both think Arsenal will win. Shotta sees a close encounter and I see a comfortable win.

Blackburn George.


Brilliant Ramsdale Masks Reality.

Arsenal defeated a very good Leicester team 2-nil on Saturday. Ramsdale deserves high praise for making 8 saves including at least two worldies. Arteta gets credit for putting out a team that was high energy, high press for the first 18 minutes. But the record shows for the next 70 plus minutes Arsenal were outplayed in almost all categories; out-passed, outshot and out-hustled. In a word, battered.

But hardly anyone in both mainstream and social media seem concerned about the underlying statistic. To the contrary the dominant narrative is either about Arteta’s Arsenal going nine games unbeaten, as if Emery didn’t go 22 games unbeaten just under 2 years ago or to gush uncritically about how brilliant Ramsdale was, without questioning why our keeper had to be so busy despite having new and improved defenders in front of him.

Seemingly me and Blackburn George are the only podcasters-YouTubers willing to challenge the prevailing narrative and to express our concern that performances like those at Leicester are unsustainable. Two years ago we were among a lonely few to go on record and proclaim that Emery’s 22-game unbeaten run would end in tears. By December 2019 we were proven right after Emery had taken us down to 14th and was summarily run out of town. We may be wrong this time but I, for one, doubt it. As George said, unlike Emery, Arteta has a much younger team with a much higher ceiling. But if his team continues to perform in the current manner, sooner or later our luck will run out.

Below is more of our opinions in our latest YouTube VIDEO. As always we invite you to support our uncensored, unfiltered point of view without the hype and false narratives that now dominate mainstream and social media. We are confident in our point of view because time after time we have been proven right.


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Arteta Reinvents The Wheel with 442. Accident or Design?

Hello everyone.

What a difference a day makes, eh?

Last night saw us playing good entertaining football for the first time in Donkey’s years. It was fantastic.

Great performances from Arsenal lads all over the pitch.

In todays Youtube we muse on why it was so good, why we don’t play like tis more often and did Mikel come up with 442 by accident or design. Then will it work as well if we use it going forward.

Pedantic George.


It’s Not All Arteta’s Fault.

Good morning all.

It’s grim stuff and if you want something even grimmer, you can watch on Youtube and put up with my ugly old mug.

Pedantic George.


Palace Will Be A Bigger Test Than It Should Be.

Patrick Vieira, OGC Nice, Ligue 1

Good morning all.

It’s been a while , how are ya?

International breaks used to be a horrible time, no Arsenal got me down, but I have to admit that recently they have become a welcome break. But the break is over and we have to get back to watching, even if enjoying is a more difficult task.

We are 7 games in and the enjoyable football has amounted to about the first 30 minutes against the Spuds. There’s no getting around it’s been trudged stuff. The days of entertaining football with a wallop of swash and buckle are long gone. It’s all paint by numbers and effort with endeavour replacing skill. However, even if performances haven’t much, if at all, improved, results have. If we ignore the quality of our opponents 3 wins and a draw is somewhat encouraging. So perhaps we should do just that, and just enjoy counting points rather than watching to be entertained?

We play Crystal Palace who have hardly been pulling up trees themselves since our greatest ever centre midfielder to over. They have one win, and 3 draws but their win did come recently against Spurs so they too will be writing blogs about how things are on the up?

I think we will see the same starting eleven that got comprehensively outplayed at Brighton, we just have to hope that being at home sees them play a lot better.

Having watched Palace a few times recently, I do believe they are going to test us. We historically have dominated them at home, but history is just that.

I don’t know about you but I just want to watch some good football that allows our good players, and they are all good players by the way, to perform within a structure that enables exciting football.

Enjoy your day and the game.

Pedantic George.


Arteta Is A Useless Genius.

Middle ground and nuance are a thing of the past for Arsenal fans, you have to pick a side and go to the extreme of that view. Then if you want to be heard and become important( at least in your own mind and vacuum chamber), you have to shout the loudest and attack the opposing view in the manor of a blitzkrieg. Or at least that’s how it must look to the casual observer. Knowledge and understanding of the game matters very little in the on-line fan community, which is just as well because most of us involved seem to have very little of either. People with hardly any knowledge, insight or understanding( yes, people like me) tweet, write blogs and do podcasts preaching and lording it over other fans who we believe to have less than us.

It’s a joke what we have become. We used to fight and argue with opposition fans, now you see very little of that, I suggest it’s because we are to busy fighting with those idiots who don’t accept our expert opinions and want us to listen to their pearls of wisdom instead.

Almost every single loud voice on social media platforms “think” they know how to run the club, set the tactics and select players better than everyone else, including the owners, managers and coaches. Not only do we think we know, but the whole reason most of us do it is a pathetic attempt to prove it. The problem is most of us prove the exact opposite.

Anyway, I started writing this in an attempt to look at how far apart opinions can be, in a light hearted way, not go on a blitzkrieg of my own, So ploughing on.

Arsene was the greatest manager in the history of the club and gave us 22 years of beautiful football on a budget that would have relegated his rivals. The finest football brain in a lifetime.

Wenger was an ego maniac that dropped lucky with the players he inherited and signed, He should have been sacked in 1999 when he failed to win back to back titles and he’s responsible for the decline we now find ourselves in.

Mikel Arteta is a brilliant young manager who won us the FA cup with the rubbish squad he inherited. He’s changing the culture at the club and needs time to build a team in his image. He is getting rid of deadwood and trouble makers that previous managers left him and he will have us back on top where we deserve to be, All we have to do is support him. He’s elite.

Arteta has had 2 years and we’ve finished 8th twice and are now languishing in the bottom half. The football is shocking and shows no sign of improving. He has to go before any more damage is done.

Granit Xhaka is our best and most consistent player, he controls the game and is by far the strongest character in the squad. He progresses the ball more than any CM in the entire league and his passing is second to none. He should be captain.

Xhaka is the worst CM I’ve ever seen at Arsenal. He is slow with the turning circle of an ocean liner and always passes backwards. He disrespected the fans, the captains armband and has to be sold.

Mesut Ozil was the best player of the Emirates era and the only real world class player we had. The team should have been set up to suit him. The greatest play-maker of his generation.

Ozil was finished and has been rubbish since he fleeced us out of £350k pw. He was disruptive, lazy and was dropped by every Arsenal manager he had.

It’s our job to get behind the manager and trust the process. We are not the manager and a true supporter supports through thick and thin as long as he is in the job. You are not proper Arsenal if you do nothing but criticise.

A real fan loves the club and it hurts when things go badly. Proper fans just want what is best for the club we love only idiots blindly support.

Ok, enough of this nonsense, follow me on twitter , read my blogs and listen to me on Youtube, because I know more than you.

Enjoy the interlull.

Pedantic George.

P.S. If you don’t agree with me, go F*ck yourself.