We’re Going To Win The League…..Maybe!

Good day one and all.

In this podcast we look at the Wolves game and consider just what realistic chance we have of finishing above City and what may act in our favour.

Pedantic George


Arsenal Confirm Title Credentials ?

Hello Positives,

In this podcast I try to drag Shotta onto the sunshine bus against his will.

Are we going to win the title? probably not, but we should enjoy the challenge while it lasts, and who knows what might happen given a fair wind?

All Arsenal can do is beat what is put in front of them and we did that with quite some aplomb. It was a welcome return to our good play at just the time when we were becoming concerned.

Pedantic George


Arsenal Stutter at Saints.

Hello one and all.

In this podcast we try to work out how we went from deadly to dire in the space of 90 minutes. Referee is bemoaned and some players scolded. However, when you return from an away game, having been very hit and miss, still with a point to show and remaining top of the hardest football league in the world, we mustn’t grumble .

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Pedantic George.


Lucky at Leeds?

Hello all.

Today we talk about how we got thrashed in the second half and somehow or other managed to come away with all 3 points. The first half was great entertainment from both teams. Both attacking and it was very good fun to watch. However, the second half was pasting for us, we had no answers and it looked like we didn’t even understand the questions being asked. All semblance of composure deserted us yet miraculously we held out, goodness only knows how.

Regardless, it’s 3 points that gives us 27 from a possible 30, the best start ever to a season and that’s great. We were quick enough to give it to Arteta in the neck when we were setting worst ever records the other seasons, so we have to put the same energy into praising him for us sitting 4 points clear after more than quarter of the season.

I honestly can’t think how anything could be much rosier in the Arsenal garden right now. It’s magic. Well done to everyone concerned at the club.

Pedantic George


Arteta’s Arsenal Feeding Humble Pie.

Hello everyone.

In this podcast we look back on our super victory over our recent nemesis. It was a performance full of skill and energy against a Liverpool team, that although perhaps a little below their last few years form, did play as well as I’ve seen them this season. Put it this way, that Liverpool performance would have brushed us aside last year, the year before and the year before that.

The podcast turned into gushing praise for Arteta and the process that we have openly mocked prior to this season. Much humble pie has been swallowed and the egg on my face is acknowledged.

So have a listen and let us know in the comments section what you think .

Pedantic George


Spurs Demolished,Destroyed and Thrashed

Hello one and all.

In this podcast we have a grand old time basking in the reflected glory of a convincing performance from our exciting young team.

No one can question that Arteta has this group playing in a way we have waited for for a few years, it’s all good at present and we should make hay while the sun shines.

Pedantic George


Arsenal See Off Violent Villains.

Hello Positive people.

In this podcast we look back all the way to the Villa game, one which I thought saw us displaying everything that will be needed for us to take a tilt at top 4 this season.

There was fast energetic and considered attacking, which saw us overcome targeted violence and some of the worse officiating I can remember, and I can remember a lot. We sowed great and immediate resolve to bounce back when we conceded one of the softest goal in our history, and I can remember a lot of them too.

Of course it wasn’t all good and there were a few worrying old traits on display and some below par performances from some of our lads, fortunately they were countered by some outstanding efforts by others.

It’s 5 on the spin, and although the fixtures,and form of our opponents, have favoured us, we couldn’t have done better points wise.

I know the transfer window closing seems to be the big talking point at the moment, but we fell it’s worth actually talking about the football.

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Pedantic George.


Arsenal Flying, Enjoy It.

Hello lovely positives.

Another week of basking in the reflected glory of an exhilarating display from Arteta’s young guns. And enjoy it we should, the last 5 year seem to have been one disappointment after another. It’s not been a lot of fun, the odd little peak and some horrible troughs for a club of our stature.

Many on this site, not least of all yours truly, have been very critical of the direction the club was taking and Arteta has taken some severe stick. “The Process” has been questioned and mocked, the PR openly laughed at and the sails were set against Arteta. I don’t think any of the criticism was unfounded and I believe some very bad decisions were made. HOWEVER, it appears the ship has been well and truly turned around. Of course it’s early days, but fair is fair, we didn’t see this coming and we should be big enough to accept, despite the trips ups along the way, that Arteta has produced an exciting team that has the potential to improve a lot more. We must not become so fixed in our thinking that it stops us acknowledging improvement and enjoying the upturn. I personally don’t like Arteta, but I don’t have to like him for me to want him to succeed and get fully behind the team.

We’ve played 3 games, and although I wasn’t much impressed with the performance at Palace, the last two games have been a joy to watch. I don’t know about you but I’m going to enjoy the ride for however long it lasts.

Anyway, here is our latest podcast where we analyse the last game and look at what we can reasonably expect.

Pedantic George.


We are The Arsenal again.

Hello one and all.

In this podcast we go ott on a fantastic result and game to watch. Almost everyone gets praise lavished on them and a new dawn is celebrated. Who cares if it all goes wrong a little farther down the line, I’m filling my boots while it lasts. WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS.

Pedantic George


Great 3 points, Mediocre Performance.

Hello all.

In our latest effort to fool people into thinking we have a clue what we are talking about, we analyse why we went from looking great,to being dominated for 60 minutes. In Shotta’s new feature, we look individual player ratings and performances are broken down.

Pedantic George