Arsenal Prediction – 10th In the League

In this edition of the Uncensored Arsenal podcast, yours truly and the Arseblagger, Blackburn George, predict what was previously unthinkable; that on current form, under manager Unai Emery, Arsenal is likely to come 10th in the Premier League. In analyzing the club’s poor performance versus Leicester as part of a 19 game trend, we see no light at the end of the tunnel until and unless the club hierarchy make a change in management.

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Atrocious Arsenal Breaks Our Hearts. Again

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Here we go again, another day another load of tripe. Twelve games in and we are 8 points off , not the top, but 4th place, and 4th are City, they won’t be staying there for long.

It’s the worst return after 12 games for 37 years. “WE’VE GOT OUR ARSENAL BACK”

I believe that every single player that Emery has gotten his coaching through to, has gotten worse. Every player looks to be worse than we know them to be. It’s terrible.

Of the game itself, we were comprehensively outplayed. Our center-mid of Torreira and Guendouzi were shocking. The hype over Matteo makes me giggle, what exactly are people impressed with? He plays football like a Jack Russell herding Sheep. Lucas looks lost, he chases the ball like the same Jack Russell might do. No control in MF, no protection to the defence and absolutely no creativity.

I thought Ozil had a good game, but Lacazette and Aubameyang were poor, especially Lacazette. We played three centre backs, and did we look more solid? No, there were just more of them.

Everytime Guendouzi got the ball he appeared,to me at least, to set the play off back towards Leno. We then tried to play it about at the back ,until the pressure told and someone lumped it.

If Emery stays much longer I think top 8 will be beyond us.

It’s football Jim, but not  as we know it.

The performance and the result was so predictable that it’s not even funny. There is no silver lining, no light at the end of the tunnel and no joy in watching this team play football.

I’ll see you again after the next game and I will say the same thing all over again. Bellerin, Tierney and Holding were supposed to make the difference, well they haven’t, and won’t. So what have we left to think might make “the difference”? Who are we pinning our hopes on now? Which injured player can we claim will come in and save us?

It’s an absolute mess. And do you know what? It could get worse. It feels like the end of the line, but I fear there is more line to come.

Good Ebening.



Arsenal vs Leicester: Winter Is Coming

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This is it. Arsenal’s most important game of the season, or at least the most pivotal in Unai Emery’s tenure as the head coach.
Good day everybody. Arsenal is at the King Power Stadium this evening to play against Premier League high-flyers Leicester City.
It’s been a tale of fire and ice for these two sides this campaign. Under Brendan Rodgers the Foxes started with back-to-back draws, but got progressively better since. After 11 games they got the league’s best defense, conceded a mere eight goals, and only Man City has scored more than their 27. The Gunners kicked off with two wins in two, then we lost our way recording just two wins in our last nine league games. The last few weeks has been a real struggle as it appear to be such a toil to create or score from open play. We also unable to hold on to leads, drawing our last four games in all competitions from winning positions.
The mood around the club is not particularly great and it is unlikely that a win will even improve that. Defeat will certainly make Emery’s position untenable with a fanbase that now knows they just need to make a loud enough noise.
He will be well aware that he’s at a crucial juncture and if he got any hopes of getting the fans back onside, he has to get out of his comfort zone and deliver, because if we go to the international break nine points off of top-four, we risk being dragged out of that race.
Bear with me: last season about this time we were 3rd on the log, two points off the leaders and in the midst of a 22-game unbeaten run. There was a real buzz around the club as many cheered: “we got our Arsenal back”. There were concerns, which were ignored, then December arrived and things went awry. Now we’re in a worse off position and once again winter is coming; with fixtures congested and unforgiving as ever. Woe is me.
I honestly think this inter-break is something we all need right now. So much has happened these last few week, or not, as far as results are concerned. The issues with Granit Xhaka being stripped of the captaincy, the “friction” between Emery and Mesut Özil and with games coming thick and fast the players and coaching staff hardly had time to catch a breath.
The management team and coaching staff could use the two weeks to sit down and take stock of our season thus far and assess where it is they intend this team to go; with clear thought. There should also be enough honesty, assuming Emery stays on, to say that we do support you but the existing way of doing things is not helping to get the best out of a very talented squad, something has to change if we want to finish inside the top-four.
During tough times you can’t just shrug your shoulders in the hope that things will sort itself out.
Rodgers is doing a fine job up at Leicester and his side is 3rd on the log for a reason. On Arsenal’s last two trips to the KP we got beaten with an aggregate score of 6-1, and no doubt they must feel confident of inflicting even more issues on Emery.
Team News
Dani Ceballos is the only injury concern and Emery said Xhaka is unavailable. Hector Bellerin, who was rested midweek, could be in line for a league start.
Phew! How do I even say this? Nine out of ten times when 3rd play 5th you’d usually favour the team higher on the table, and I suppose today shouldn’t be any different. Compared to the Gunners… the Foxes are just on another level defensively and in attack. However, I don’t think they will have it all their way because there are a lot of pride in this Arsenal side and it could be a good game. May the better team over the 90 minutes win. COYG
— @LaboGoon

Who Is Next Under The Bus?

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Players thrown under a bus or disposed of by Emery
Ozil. Xhaka. Mustafi. Ramsey
I could mention certain defenders and others, but those four will do for now.
After throwing said players under a bus, things are considerably worse, in every way. He can no longer blame the players, so he now has to take the blame, as does that man Raul, who reportedly gave us Emery, who persuaded the Kroenkes or whoever against Ivan’s pick, Arteta, and who ever Sven wanted to succeed Wenger.
There is now clearly only one man to blame for Baku, f*cking up the end of last season, a terrible run of form, throwing away leads in our last 5 ? games, key players not signing, confused players, piss taking youngsters, rumours of discontent in the dressing room, the captaincy debacle, record shots against, and what is surely coming this weekend, yes, one man to blame, step forward Steve Morrow
Why do things remain the same? It is said by some unkind people that many of Stan’s sports clubs move forward with the pace of a climate change retreating glacier. But is Stan to blame for Emery, he has certainly backed him in the transfer window. We know Raul will lose face if Emery is sacked, as will others, including I suspect Josh Kroenke.
Perhaps the board want to let supporters, and perhaps players, as they cannot get just rid of managers on a whim ?
But how much more evidence do they need , they have screwed up with this appointment, Emery is a footballing, PR and squad harmony disaster, and he is not going to get any better, there is a serious trend occurring, and it doesn’t take a quant analyst to interpret it. If they keep this man until the end of the season, or beyond, supporters, players, sponsors must realise that the Kroenkes and board do not have the ambitions they claim, either that, or they are weak, no wonder Jose wants in at this club, he would walk all over this board.
But , a word for Emery. He is damn clever. Throw Xhaka under a bus, get rid of Ramsey, insist Torreira is some sort of number 10, put more holes in our MF than there are in Blackburn Lancashire, one of our worse runs of form for years, all with one goal, forcing Edu to sign Emerys favourite Argentinian midfielder. Clever!

And now Raul has a problem, an expensive one.
Emery is Rauls man, but so is Pepe, an expensive acquisition with the help of super agent Mendes.
Looking like emery , who will cost a few million to lose, is not compatible with the £72 million player, and probably never will be. In fact, he seems to be killing Pepe.
Do the sums, Josh/ Edu/ Stan , even if Raul is too compromised in this situation to be in anyway whatever considered objective.



It’s A Mess

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Another day, another dirge.

Not much football being played to write about. It was frankly a shocking game. I actually nodded of on about the half hour mark and missed about 10 minutes of nothing. I wish I had slept through the whole game.

It’s a mess, just a mess.


Vitória Guimarães vs Arsenal

Good day one and all.
Arsenal are in Portugal to play Vitória de Guimarães at the Estádio D Afonso Henriques in a Europa League group F match.
Thanks to two last-gasp second-half free-kicks from substitute Nicolas Pépé against Guimarães two-weeks ago, a win here will leave the Gunners well placed to progress through to the ‘Round of 32’ in this competition, with two games to spare. However, due a doleful run of domestic form that has seen Unai Emery’s stock decreased drastically in recent weeks, victory is unlikely to gain him any favor; defeat, and the calls for him to leave the dugout will grow just louder. Not a great position the Spaniard finds himself in.
For all our domestic failings the Gunners are doing well in Europa though, winning three from three to top the group. Whereas Guimarães are still winless and rooted at the bottom despite that encouraging performance in the reverse fixture at the Emirates.
They’re aren’t doing too badly in the Primeira Liga, currently sits 5th on the log and have lost just one of their last seven league games (W4, D2). And if this season has taught Arsenal anything… it is that there are no gimmes.
Xhaka situation
With Granit Xhaka now stripped of the Arsenal captaincy, for me this almost feels like a parting shot from Emery. Because if we are honest this is something that will result in him losing whatever smidgen of respect he still got left in the dressing room.
The next international break just turned into something most fans are looking forward to as I suspect it will be a very very, let’s just say, interesting two-weeks for our beleaguered head coach too.
Team news
No Mesut Özil in the travelling party, which could only mean he is “rested” ahead of the Leicester game, wallahi, after his two starts this past week. In addition, Emery are likely to make sweeping changes, bringing in his ‘cup team’ that will feature the usual suspects.
Hopefully Pépé, who was an unused sub vs both Liverpool and Wolves, get a run. To be honest I find his situation bizarre; the guy is our record signing and instead of continuing his integration as he had no pre-season… Is Bukayo Saka ahead of him in Emery’s pecking order now?
With Guimarães all but certain to not make it out of the group they are likely to field a weakened side as priorities shift elsewhere, making Arsenal favourites to win.
However, things are never that simple for the Gunners and it would still be expected of us to be better organised than recently, because this Portuguese side will be in a positive frame of mind playing on their own patch. COYG
— @LaboGoon

A Letter To Unai .

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Dear Mr. Emery,
Sorry to be so imposing, but can you explain to me why it is when Mesut Özil is the most natural no10 in the world and Torreira who is a player who is ideal as a defensive midfielder that you play them the other way around? Why is Mesut was restricted and force to come back and defend when hes a instinctively attacking,creative, roaming passer of the ball and has two hungry goal scorers waiting and the T allowed to roam in the gloam where he wanted?Also why did you sub T, (when he was needed) for a talented youngster, who isn’t ready yet that went a bit awol against Liverpool?
Is Guendouzi manipulating you? Hes plays in every game, and mostly not very well, despite the propaganda policy on the website. Getting stuck in against Spurs isnt enough, surely it needs to be every game? Its a mystery to us, but there are rumours, and slander and unless you went to Eaton or somewhere other spiffing school and chums within the establishment, then you will be slandered.
Why is it we seem to be weak for the second game running in central defence not clearing a cross coming in from the right hand side? Why do the central defenders go off searching for the meaning to life instead of covering the central area in the box?

I’ve seen today, people who were very negatively vocal about Weng and the dreaded AKB word, now saying it would take more than three years to do anything and that you had to fill big shoes and that Arsenal had only stuck to Wenger out of loyalty at the end ( loyalty in this case means three FAC wins and charity shields and other finals and semis and CL football in the final five years etc ).But does Frankie the Lamps need that long? Does neighborhood friendly Mr Rogers need that long at Leicester? Neither of them has the trophy cabinet of Dr, Calamari Fritte that you do, so what’s happening?

But please Mr .Emery why did you/we/them get rid of a player like Ramsey who we can see was obviously needed? Is Tierney and upgrade on Monreal? Is Luiz and upgrade on Kos?

Leaving Xhaka out of the game because the man reacted to the endless vocal abuse he has to sop up is acki kacki in my amateur opinion. If the fans are too sensitive then they deserve a taste of their own medicine that they are too quick to dish out. Now that situation has escalated to something even more dramatic which the parasitic world of (all) media types loves to stoke up as part of its puritan fake moral proclamations: points mean prizes, and clicks means cash. Ahhhhhh arrrrr, saviour of the universe. But why the Puritan-Victorian morality? Will phallic shaped vegetables be banned from the training ground room eatery? Will anyone who plays on Sundays be banished to Australia? Anyone that shaggeth outside of wedlock be sent overseas to the garlic stinking dog eating hair armpitted country called Europe?

Since Mr. Wenger departed the building, dignity has run off with the dish and the spoon, and the building has a new visitor, a strange jealous-green amorphic poltergeist called “B.Lameculture. A strange apparition that psychotically perceives life in isolation and refuses to take any responsibility for its own haunting actions. Its comes out with whispers in the hallways and says ” this is our club” yet we find no real owner. Its spread its guilt and fear creating negativity, depression, anxiety and anger, and spreads its jealousy all over, it brings out banners, it fly messages behind planes, it lurks on twitter and other outlets, and says things like ” that country called Europe can keep VAR, we dont need it as we invented football, and our refs are the best”. We know that when someone says something like this, their father died in WW2: they fell out of a watchtower.
I digress, or do I Mr.Emery. Please save your own Arsenal here, and save ours as the Special- brew one is waiting with his destructive football and dances at midnight with B.Lameculture and anything that was of value will be buried forever and drag us to Purgatory, which is worse than Chipping Ongar. Without even a tombstone. There will just be a strange hump behind the Yew trees at the side of the Arsenal graveyard, grown over that the Sexton will not even be able to properly find, unless you tip him a shilling and he will tell you of his ol dad, who recalled Arsenal Values and how it was a hundred years ago to the very date that in the great fire that was a-destroying the club as the tried to rescue it by climbing up the drain pipe but came a-tumbling down and was killed , ” poor little blighter” .
Hope is terrified and locked in the panic room with sugary type foodstuffs. Dignity has gone on holiday by mistake with the dish and the spoon. Fred the Shed has dug out the old Anderson shelter and is hiding with his memories. And Flowing Football has gone elsewhere and may not be heard of again, rumour has it its with a Miss Peregrine somewhere, sometime.
All around are the echoes of sneering laughter, and the dark art of punditry croaks and cackles that boil and bubble at the Arsenal. And its bloody irritating.

Oh Mr.Emery, only twice in 41 years have I stopped listening or viewing a game, and that’s both on your watch, the EL final, the last five minutes which I couldn’t take anymore, and the second half yesterday, I went off to watch the new series of Atypical.And didnt feel guilt or shame nor care what anyone else thinks. And Atypical was poorly written and executed too except for a few instances. There’s only Midnight Diner that’s any good on Netflickery now, and maybe the spirit of Arsenal lives on there with the Master, telling stories of its past glories?

Should this be happening when it doesnt need to. Please help if you can.

Yours sincerely,

Mills Peckwerwood,