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Arsenal: The Usmanov Takeover

Almost every day on twitter and on blogs there are voices ranging from the humble and benign to the good and great criticizing the ownership of Stan Kroenke, not only for his refusal to spend the entire £200 million cash reserves on buying players in the fashion of United and City, but for failing to […]

Arsenal – Where is my Rattle ?

Annyeong hashimnikka my fellow Positivistas, A polished performance against Everton yesterday and an entirely deserved win set the weekend rolling forward in a very pleasant fashion. We shall see how it ends by abut 6 p.m. tonight with the final whistle at the Lane and Trafford Park. Of the game itself I admit even at […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: Blindness, Intoxication and an Eternal Song

As you know I enjoy subverting the concept of the match review, ignoring the accepted wisdom of the ages and not padding out my piece with projections of the line up, the score and the performance. I prefer to take some aspect of my day to day journey through this vale of tears and explore […]

Fred (The Shed)

Heads or Tails? Fred Paxford, Gunner aged 82. Hello again! Im not up at the shed today but back at home, Ive just been cleaning out the old pantry. I’m just having a cuppa and a cheese sandwich here at the kitchen table. I was having a moment then started thinking about going in the […]

Arsenal – Distant Peaks Glimpsed

  Bon dia Positivistas, By no means the result we were looking for but a decent performance last night against FCB I thought. There was no timidity in our approach, we brought the game to the opposition from the first to the last whistle. To meet and beat that mob, a side requires a faultless […]

Arsenal Versus Barcelona : Oh No! They Killed Nigel

I grew up listening to the Archers. No, that’s understating it. I probably heard Barwick Green while I was still in the womb. My mother, you see, is a lifelong devotee. The radio has always been an important part of my life from Listen With Mother (which I did, both ante and post natal) through […]

Arsenal – Just the Pair

  Good Morning Positivistas, Our  FA Cup trip is over, and what a magnificent ride it has been, extending back to the despatch of the Totties on 4th January 2014. 26 months undefeated in a knock out competition ? Two more FA Cups to adorn the stadium bunting. Remarkable and a record to be celebrated, […]

Arsenal Versus Watford: Candles In The Wind

What a weekend this could turn into. Shotta said he experienced the kind of disturbance in his waters which set off a rumbling in his tail bone causing him to wonder if the stars might align in our favour in one giant, glorious three day festival of sporting joy. Could Rafa sprinkle magic onto the […]

A Tail From The Shed

FROM THE SHED. Fred Paxford, Gunner aged 82. Afternoon! I just got back from a spot of fishing, caught me a small Trout, and a Perch,but I put them back though, having been through them war years as a nipper, I like see things alive not dead. But that’s my business even if you thinks […]

Arsenal – Tigers tamed

Sabā il kẖayr Positivistas, Despite the downpour currently inundating North West Norfolk a fine morning to be a Arsenal supporter I’d say. We can bask in the  warm glow from last night’s victory against, yet again, a stubborn Hull side. Checking the book it is more than a year since we put four or more […]