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Arsenal Versus Hull : Happy Valley

I have, since escaping school at the first available opportunity, travelled a wide and colourfully varied career path. I’ve been a civil servant, a builder’s labourer, a steeplejack, an interior designer and a security guard. That is to name but a few of my interesting and ultimately short lived attempts at finding the ideal method […]

Is Arsenal’s Season Over ?

Today is a guest post from Naill @tuwituwo There’s been a lot said, written and vented about Arsenal and AW in the last couple of weeks. All of which is negative. It seems that those who have fallen out of love with AW are finally getting their chance to explode this season. Within this I […]

Arsenal – Back on the Air

Suprabhat Positivistas, For many of us watching yesterday’s epic battle from the Lane in the UK from we suffered the ultimate horror of the armchair fan as the BT signal went down three minutes from the final whistle and a brightly coloured “ We apologise for the interruption – We will be back on the […]

Arsenal Versus Tottenham: Journey To The Gods

I’m reading a book written by one of my favourite authors. John Hillaby was a naturalist, historian, international perambulator extraordinaire and above all a damned fine writer. The journeys he undertook and later wrote about are littered with fascinating insights into the history of the places through which he passed and observations on the present […]

Arsenal : When you find yourself going through Hell, keep going

Good Morning Positivistas, What a night ! A delicious opportunity to reel in Tottingham and Leicester thrown away, three points that is seemed we must pick up during a good first half performance surrendered to Swansea. The evening ended with a number of players slumped, and I imagine that physical deflation was multiplied by the […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: An Ugly Lovely Game

Ever wished you didn’t have a game to watch quite so soon? Usually I find a quick turn around to be the best medicine, get the stench of defeat out of the emotional laundry with the fresh breeze of a new fixture. Unfortunately I also like to spend a few days convincing myself that it […]