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Life After Arsene Wenger.

  The next Arsenal boss will be a head coach in a framework. I’m not looking forward to AW’s departure. But I am looking forward to a time when the club’s identity is a sort of permanent shared vision rather than the philosophy of whoever is in charge at the time. To which I say, […]

Arsenal: Falling in Space

Good morning bearers of the Positive flame, Such are the risks of contesting the final of a competition, that the prize is tantalisingly within one’s grasp, and when one’s reach is not quite sufficient to make that final fingertip contact , so the disappointment is all the more acute. Wembley for the past seven seasons […]

Another Year, Another Cup Final.

    Good Cup Final morning my fellow Gooners with a positive inclination.   This isn’t going to be easy today. I don’t mean the game, I mean typing this blog,as a 10 week old puppy is chewing my fingers as I speak. We take on the might of  Abu Dhabi FC. and make no mistake […]

Arsenal: Thursday Night at the Fights

Good morning all Positives far and near, A rather teeth sucking evening I admit. I had assumed the job ‘done’ at 3-0 but fair play to the Swedes who came along to their biggest game ever and gave their best, scored two and might have nicked a third.  70 seconds of poor concentration on 22/23 […]

Arsenal Is Top Of The Table According To The PGMOL

Greetings Positives, Despite repeated claims to the contrary, it is remarkable how football reflects real life. This may be shocking to those who see football as some form of escape from the every-day challenges of our human existence; stuff like work, home, family, politics, economics, you name it. The harsh reality, however, is professional football […]

If you live outside of the UK are you really a true Arsenal fan?

@GoonerReverend reviews Arsenal fans far and near  There has been a lot of recent debate about what constitutes a ‘real’ Arsenal football fan & in some cases this has led to the discounting the army of supporters that live outside the UK. The notion of a tight geographical fanbase might have been the case 30-40 […]

Ice Station Arsenal

Good morning Positives, A trip to Ostersunds the most mysterious of mystery trips. The home side with a very respectable set of results in Europe, a sub zero night, a plastic pitch, our not-quite first team on display. What would the evening hold ?? For those who saw the game a professional performance  from our […]

Anti Arsenal Bias?

  This site was set up not for me, or the other blog post authors, to impress people with their knowledge (or lack thereof ),but for intelligent positive fans for discuss The Arsenal free from the pollution of most comments sections in Arsenal blogs. Every once and a while a comment is so well constructed  that I […]

Arsenal: Before the cock crow

Good afternoon Positive Arsenal fans, A fine game of football between two high quality sides, both sets of players underlining the professional  aspect of their trade, with a display of concentration and controlled physical aggression over 94 minutes. Clearly defeat at the end of the contest is a sour result but I’ve no serious complaint. […]

Who’s Home Is It Anyway?

A preview From  @LaboGoon  and the much loved Frank’s masterpiece Good morning one and all. Arsenal take the short trip to Wembley to face North London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs. Given the little there is to play for this season, I’m sure all involved know of the importance of this particular fixture. We’ve seen the graphics on tv, […]