Anti Arsenal Bias?

Mike dean vs Arsene Wenger


This site was set up not for me, or the other blog post authors, to impress people with their knowledge (or lack thereof ),but for intelligent positive fans for discuss The Arsenal free from the pollution of most comments sections in Arsenal blogs. Every once and a while a comment is so well constructed  that I just have to publish it as a blog. Below is one such post.

Pedantic George @arseblagger.


The PGMOL are too secretive to be seen as fair and unaccountable, and what fair and unaccountable organisation offers fifty grand hush money.
Arsene Wenger, after the west Brom mike Dean debacle says he has been in the game in this country for thirty years, and he had heard things, and stands by what he said after that game, it later transpires he called mike Dean a f*cking cheat, dishonest or something along those lines, if Wenger said that , I believe him. On the word of an honest man, and what I have seen Mike Dean do to this team over the years, yes there will be convenient exceptions, but we know what we see.
Arsenal are the only top club consistently in a negative penalty balance, year upon year after mike Riley was installed by Fergie and his LMA yes men, including big Sam, a man whose influence exceeds his talent, and integrity. A constant stream of dodgy pens against costs points, Mad Jens said similar recently.
As for the famed Utd bias, it certainly existed under Fergie, two plus seasons no penalties against at OT, Fergie time. It may have abated post Fergie, but during his time, when ex referees have gone on record saying he had the power to select referees, if a manager can select refs, sounds similar to an Italian word I cannot spell beginning with C. The Utd bias, corruption, bullying, call it what you will existed, the media just laughed at it.
Arsenal and Wenger have been systematically defrauded in this league, look at any metric, penalty bias, cards per foul, injuries inflicted on players, media bias, a respected manager called a paedophile from day one, Xhaka’s tackles, the alleged Eduardo dive, referees making false claims against Wenger, LMA manager sucking up to Fergie making false claims against Cesc.
It is all out there. Other supporters of other clubs may claim the same, but I sincerely doubt if Utd , Chelsea, City, Liverpool or Spurs fans could match the charge sheet of injustices against our team and manager, and if they could come close, the media would be all over it.
Mike Riley is a weak and willing foot soldier put in place by those who wanted the English game over Wenger’s continental approach which threatened one influential manager especially. Mike Riley was a poor referee, and is now an even worse administrator and communicator, as ex refs have confirmed. He is only in place as an establishment lick-arse who will maintain whatever status quo those above him tell him. I often wonder if someone in high place has something on him. He has power over referees careers. Wenger was a victim of Mike Riley, and those he serves corruption in a game we all remember, as he has been many times since.
These are not all errors from refs, this is not objective reporting from the media, it is no coincidence so many of our player have been maimed, only for the ” he’s not that sort of player ” to appear next day in the papers, this is a campaign to rid the English game of a manager who has , from day one, refused to play the English game, to his eternal credit

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  1. AMN, Nelson and Nketiah got more first team minutes,


  2. AFCPressWatch
    ‏ @AFCPressWatch2
    3h3 hours ago

    Ostersunds FK will be the 124th different opponent that Arsene Wenger has faced as manager of Arsenal in all competitions.

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  3. maybe we should sub cech for oooooooooooospinaaaaaaaaaa each time there is a penalty against us!

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  4. James BengeVerified account @jamesbenge

    A bit later here’s what Bellerin said about Arsenal Fan TV at the Union.

    “It’s so wrong for someone who claims to be a fan and their success is fed off a failure. How can that be a fan?”
    “If a coach comes to me and says you’ve done something bad I’m going to take that advice. If someone from Arsenal Fan TV says this guy needs to do this or that I’m not going to listen to him.”

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  5. Good result- they drew there 2-2 with Bilbao in group- and some positive performances.

    Maitland-Niles speed can be a superb asset for us, and much needed for me, in terms of winning ball back, closing down, chasing back. Will have to cut way down on those curious lapses of concentration with passing though

    Hopefully can, as of course the speed, and ability, can also be used to good effect in attacking half as well.

    Can be tremendous if he gets concentration and decision-making right.

    Real tough night for one player by end. If no considerations about trying to help him, and to a degree team/squad as well in process, Nketiah would have come on fair bit earlier.

    But a manager does have to consider those things, especially one who has real sympathy for players.

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  6. Well done PA, well done The Arsenal and especially well done young Hector. Just back from long promised trip to the cinema but fortunately that seems to have been the only darkest hour this evening.

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  7. ah ASB not at all happy with Hector Bellerin saying he listens to his coaches and those that actually matter and not loud mouth fans or AFTV who are there to make money of any Arsenal failings. God you have to laugh at how thin skinned this lot are. Good man Hector.

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  8. 3-0 away from home in difficult circumstances, I think that’s the best away result we have had all season, well done to Dave for the penalty save. Arsenal played a 6.5/10 game but it was enough.

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  9. welbeck voiced his displeasure at the slow service from the midfield tonight, he wanted the ball forward much quicker.


  10. ed

    On slow service.

    There was a moment soon after Eddie and Nelson came on, where latter played a quick longer pass to former which caught my eye.

    I liked it that he saw it was right thing to do, as our attack had gone quiet by then and this particular move was meandering a bit in midfield. Definitely like to see variety in our play.

    Not sure it was a big feature of game though. Got three goals, probably another 5 or so good situations. Solid night’s work.


  11. New post up


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