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Arteta’s Arsenal Hits Rock-bottom.

Hi, everyone. Here is me and @shotta_gooner looking a a bad defeat and trying to look at what led us here and what can possibly be done to climb out of the hole that just about everyone connected to the club has facilitated, starting with the fans by the way. Pedantic George.

Is Arteta Really In Trouble?

Hi all, Today Shotta and I muse about just how deep a mire Arteta finds himself in. Pedantic George.

OK, Zero Points and Goals, But Hope Remains.

Hi everyone, In this podcast we discussed the Chelsea game, how and why we lost so easily, and what comes next in the short, medium and long term. Pedantic George.

Chelsea, Transfers and The Future.

Hello everyone. On this post cast the 3 amigos talk about the Chelsea game and discuss the transfers then the future. Pedantic George.

Enjoy the Journey by Tempering Expectations.

Friday the 13th  felt different, and I hadn’t expected it to quite so much. I should have known better as I’d been aware that in the hunt for transfer news I was starting to refresh Twitter far too often over the past couple of weeks. But I wasn’t prepared to feel quite so jittery nervous […]

Is Arteta Having A Nightmare, Or Is He The Mare?

Hello everyone and happy new season to you all. On this podcast we discuss the poor opening game and muse on the reasons and any possible fixes. Wealso run a rule over new signings and their impact. It’s certainly not the start I was hoping for but what can you do? Pedantic George.

New Season and Hope Springs Eternal.

After a season, the disappointment of which has been understated in my view, Arsenal get a chance here for everything to start over again. Finishing with some promising form last season, but still only in 8th, & not only dropping out of the Europa League, but out of European football altogether. Here Arsenal get a […]

Arteta gets Top 4 or the Boot?

Today we discuss what is a reasonable expectation for Arteta and “his” team

How To Become A Huge Arsenal Twitter Account In 11 Easy Steps

So if you have clicked on this site because you want to be a “big twitter account” and influencer, I’m convinced I can give you the equation. The problem is that if you understand the game, have strong opinions that are not popular opinions, are a logical and critical thinker or want to tweet about […]