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Arsenal Is Winning The War For British Talent

Five years ago Arsene Wenger declared to the football world that the development of a British core was central to the future of Arsenal Football Club. “I believe when you have a core of British players, it’s always easier to keep them together, “The plan is to build a team around a strong basis of […]

Jack’s Back?

After the first half I was looking forward to writing a glowing report, but after the second half a was less enthusiastic . In the first half we were completely dominant and were 3-1 up, we could easily have been 5 or 6 up. I thought Jack had scored a beautiful goal that was oddly […]

Arsenal: Reeling in Monday

Good morning Positively Arsenal, A genuinely good contest last night, which is unusual for Monday night. Very much the “game-of-two-halves” for Arsenal. The first 45 we played in patches and, for my second surprise of the evening, the visitors set about us with a bit of quality. For various reasons that were debated to death […]

Arsenal vs WBA – Fingers Crossed.

A guest post from @Labo_Goon Good day Positivistas! We all know how pundits just love their top 6 mini-league tables, because for them this is where Premier League titles are won and where the divide between Champions League qualification and Europa occur. They have a point you know, but…… The other side of the coin is […]


We constantly hear pundits commenting on the “balance” of a team. But how does this state of balance come about? How is it developed, nurtured and maintained? Where is the centre of balance in a team, and what is the perfect balance? I suspect Pep sees the balance of a team very differently to Jose, […]

A Disappointing Win.How does that work?

No Andy this morning , so it was on me to do the review, fortunately Passenal did a great job in the comments section last night.    Don’t listen to the ASB on Twitter . The game was fine. I think some people are just annoyed that we didn’t put a hatful past The Donny’s, […]

Arsenal v Four Yorkshiremen

  So My Positive Friends, It is the Carabao Cup tonight with our lads pitting their wits against Fergie Junior’s side, a team currently suffering a run of poor League form as they sit 19th in League one with just one win from eight matches. They did manage to put away Hull in the last […]

Arsenal’s British Core Is Alive And Well

Aaron Ramsey’s Man-of-the-Match performance vs Chelsea last Sunday had me thinking. Despite the numerous “doubting Thomases”, some of whom have made every effort to slander and malign the Welshman especially after any bad team performance, he demonstrated a majestic show of technical prowess, maturity and boldness that to some degree repaid the faith Wenger had […]

Arsenal: defensive drills and Luis blows

Good evening Positive fans, I watched the best performance of the season we put together over 90 minutes. Very few clubs put together such a thorough defensive performance at the Bridge and our game without the ball was excellent today. Mustafi did not put a foot wrong all day and left Morata a petulant heap, […]

Arsenal vs Chelsea – A Bridge Too Far?

The last time Arsenal beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was over 5 years ago. That was a looong time ago. So it’s no surprise that this, along with Arsenal rather dismal record vs top 6 opposition last season, is the leading narrative used in the media space building up to the game, while adding a […]