A Disappointing Win.How does that work?

No Andy this morning , so it was on me to do the review, fortunately Passenal did a great job in the comments section last night. 


Don’t listen to the ASB on Twitter . The game was fine. I think some people are just annoyed that we didn’t put a hatful past The Donny’s, but sometimes it’s just fine margins that stand between a win and a comprehensive beating. A few inches and Giroud’s 100th would have been a goal to remember. Bearing in mind this was another mix and match team with inexperienced youngsters, players who spend more time on the bench than the pitch and some on the long road back from injury I thought they all did well.

For me Elneny was the stand out performer. Reiss Nelson looked like a fish out of water as a wing-back, but he did grow into the game. I think some of our youngsters found it hard to maintain focus for the full 90 minutes as they are not used to playing at this level of intensity. Jack is showing promising signs of getting back to his best. I wonder if Giroud’s quest for his 100th goal is inhibiting him somewhat? He was much more involved than in the Europa league game, but he gets no protection whatsoever from the man in the middle – he is constantly dragged down and fouled with little consequence for the opposing CB’s.

I was pleased that despite their public proclamations there was little evidence of Doncaster trying to win through foul play. Maybe the officials had a word prior to the game. I understand they are struggling in their league, but maybe going toe-to-toe with The Arsenal and only losing by one goal will give them a kick-start – they were not terrible. Their goal keeper made a few good saves. And let’s say a word for our much maligned number 2. He had little to do, but did what was required when called into action. As for Alexis, I actually thought he was better than in the EL game, but he does hold onto the ball too long and fails to make the simple pass when it’s on in his desire for the spectacular or personal glory.

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  1. Good morning. The title was the question I asked myself this morning. Because to be honest, I was disappointed. After 15 minutes I thought it would be a feast.


  2. I was really disappointed that we didn’t win 6-0 because then every one could have trotted out the “Arsenal are nothing more than flat-track bullies” line. To me it was a near perfect result: we won and now progress; Theo scored (he’s not a bad player by the way); the youngsters experienced a proper game in front of a big crowd and will have learned a lot; Arsene will have learned a lot about them – about how physically strong and ready they are, how adaptable, how resilient, how confident. There was also the significant added bonus of a full game for Jack Wilshere, who if properly fit and able to play a full role in the first team squad, will indeed be like a new signing (and a very special one too).

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  3. Well said Passenal – and the main post from you so many of us have spent YEARS awaiting!
    It didn’t disappoint!

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  4. Followed the game via text last night – yep, our broadcasters didn’t have the rights either – and could sense frustration, but don’t know if that was from those doing the live texts or not. So Pass’ post-match review to me seems very measured and without prejudice, and I’ll take her every word on it.

    That along with FH’s comment about the young blood and what it taught Arsène about them is probably the most digestible piece of reading about what last night was all about. Something I doubt anyone will read anything similar to anywhere else on the Arsenal bloggersphere.

    So thanks both Passenal and ForeverHeady for being my and others’ who didn’t get to watch the game’s eyes.

    It may not have been the drubbing many predicted and expected, but as tweeted last night: “sometimes 1-0 is good enough”.

    Norwich at the home. Hope we dig them a camera pit.

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  5. On reading and listening to the complaints about yesterdays game, I’ve begun to realise that people are watching football and judging it as if it is The Theatre.
    If I use football and Theatre an anolgy for building a house, in The Theatre you have a play, you know what type and what the house will look like in the end(Except for the MouseTrap) everyone knows what to expect .
    Football this plan the play is created in the abstract, no one knows what type of house or what it really look like in the end. But the end goal is to get the house up no matter what it looks like, if it left without a roof, you come in on a Sunday (Penalty shootout) go for beers later.
    I have watched enough games to know not many people can remain dispassionate about football during the games or immediately after them. I know I loose it sometimes during games


  6. I see the ASB really can’t understand the method of playing AMN, Nelson and DaSilva in positions that would not be their best, they clearly have not learned from all the other players who have developed a more rounded game by being played out of position.

    AMN and DaSilva have in their youth days been more of CM, although DaSilva has been left wing back for the U23’s this season, surely both are gaining the experience of what wingbacks and CB’s want and need from their CM’s in a first team football game that actually means something, training sessions are all well and good in theory, but players always knows that a goal in training actually means very little, would AMN have busted a gut to get back for those two great covering tackles if that was a training session, I really do doubt it.
    Nelson admits that he does not see himself as a wingback, but Wenger has explained that our wide attackers have to be defensively aware, and no better way to gain that awareness than on the job training, put the lad wingback and he will better understand the help a WB needs from his wide attacker and when he returns to that position he might just put in a better shift. Also we found with the ox that running at opponents can sometimes be much easier if coming from the WB position, there is that little bit more time to control the ball, and see the space ahead, whereas as the attacker the player often gets the ball with back to goal, a defender challenging too, so a much harder job to get in at goal. Nelson had at least 3 efforts on goal last night, and a few crosses and passes in to attacking areas, if he done that from a wide attacking role people would be lauding him, but as he done it from WB and had a few difficult moments in defense its all doom and gloom from the ASB. But hey whats new with that, they always find something to whinge about.

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  7. one further point on AMN, DaSilva, Willock and Nelson playing out of position, I bet if they were asked to pick between only being considered for their best position and getting less first team playing time, or being picked in any position but getting first team minutes they would pick getting in the first team in any position. who wouldn’t

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  8. The real problem is the understanding of Player development.
    The amount of know all’s that decry the manager of where he is playing the newest world class player to come through The Academy is so frustrating.
    The lack of understanding or appreciation of reasons why the manager plays a young lad like Nelson at Wing Back are just not given a thought.
    Do the experts think they know more about Nelson or AMN than Mr Wenger?
    That question seems clear by their fury.
    Because so many of them have been convinced some how that Mr Wenger has no understanding of tactics, when he shifts players he might get lucky (For 40 years in football, I know) and find something that works (Gary Player comes to mind).

    Josh DaSilva came on and made his debut last night, he has played for youth sides as No 10 AM,DM and Left Wing Back when I saw him first he was a striker. Yesterday he came on at LCB, that is player development getting to know and understand other positons not just in practice . He was not spectacular in that position, but he was on the pitch and he will be better next time.
    Does anyone think that he was upset with coming on the pitch last night at LCB?. Bet you wont find many people happier than him this morning.
    As for AMN, who is a little further along the development cycle than Nelson and DaSilva ,he seems to be coming along nicely.

    Michael Thomas
    Yes he who charged through the midfield, was glad to get on the pitch at right back in his debut.
    Or even that fearsome Center Forward Sol Campbell.
    Mr Wenger does not try to produce left backs or Right Wingers,he wants Footballers.

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  9. I think the disappointment came after the excellent start we had. Quick passing moves that left donny all over the place and maybe had we scored a few in the fist twenty then more would have came.
    I thought the front three were greedy something you don’t normally associate with ARSENAL and certainly not Oli.
    I can’t agree Elneny had a good game, I don’t think he had a bad game but he was very negative and played a high percentage of his passes backwards or sidewards this meant the back three become playmakers. Unless you have a Santi in the back three this is going to limit your creativity, midfielders should take more responsibility in games where the opposition are just sitting back.
    We had spells where the tempo went up and Wengerball was on show again but it was only in patches.
    However were through and we tend to score wonderful goals against Norwich.
    On one last point, the draw must have been a total fix last night all the big clubs at home and most to lower opposition and none drawing each other, maybe they want a big club final for their second cup competition.

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  10. Oh great review Pass, more to come I hope.

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  11. George I did a big long comment and it didn’t come up am I getting abit George Graham

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  12. Ed, good point on the youngsters.
    All the players in our youth teams play multiple positions to enhance their development.

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  13. Nice one Pass – plenty of pluses last night and a proper game for our young players to learn their trade in. I thought Doncaster were pretty good to be honest and once they had got over being bamboozled for the opening 20 minutes gave us a fair game.

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  14. Ian, it’s interesting how we both saw Elneny’s performance so differently. A lot of people thought he was really good against Cologne, whereas I thought he played as you described in that game!

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  15. I agree Andrew, Doncaster are getting no credit for their performance and I also thought they played well. In fact they nearly caught us cold from the kick-off with a shot on target that Ospina had to be sharp to prevent it sneaking in.

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  16. Well, well, well. So right on cue 6 English players started for Arsenal last evening and 2 came off the bench, a total of 8. (Artificially excluding Alex Iwobi.) And the British core is Mr Wenger’s great failure.

    What did I say about stupidity again?

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  17. Reading what Pass had to say last night and again this morning, I may have been a bit too harsh in my assessment last night. But I still feel disappointed that a bright promising start fizzled out towards the end. To be frank, the young guys in particular got priceless experience. Surely they will learn from some of the careless mistakes they made. On another day we could have been punished and today would be a much different blog.

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  18. Last nights game was all about the future of the team, and ability to cover for the current starting XI. No problems then.
    Jack put in a good show, as we expected.

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  19. Shotta’s now Frank whats going on?

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  20. wwwb. Ypur 11.02. Remain dispassionate? No chance. I lose it almost every game. (Smiley)

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  21. Shotta. Your 2.00. “Smart people sometimes get stupid, but stupid people never get smart.”
    Don Winslow

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  22. ian did you see Kwame Ampadu’s reaction to the U18’s letting slip a 3-0 lead and losing to utd 4-3, he really was not pleased by the attitude of the squad, their lack of professional attitude was one of the things he mentioned, he has already this season said that this group has to learn that talent alone will not get them a career in the game, let alone at a big club like Arsenal.

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  23. gf60
    I used to get so worked up that I could not enjoy the game,Terry Neil’s teams used to frustrate me no end.
    I have left the ground almost crying before

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  24. on the team news…
    Calum Chambers came off [against Doncaster] and will now be out until after the international break. He has a little recurrence of his hip problem.

    on Theo Walcott…
    Theo we will check today, we don’t think it is much.

    on Jack Wilshere…
    I don’t think there will be any problem, he came off the pitch very well.

    on Mesut Ozil…
    He is in training and will come back with the team training today or tomorrow.

    on Danny Welbeck…
    Danny Welbeck has a groin injury. He will be back, his target is Watford. That means after the international break. He won’t be available for England and not for us before the break.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/team-news-ozil-welbeck-chambers-jack#ELV2HfmcHJKc8DVe.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/team-news-ozil-welbeck-chambers-jack#3wS7gDOm83VD6pvE.99


  25. Alexis didn’t start at Chelsea in the Premier League and Arsene Wenger was asked on Thursday whether there was an agenda behind his team selection.

    “There is no disguised attitude on my side,” responded the boss.

    “I just try to get him back to full fitness and for me the Europa League and the League Cup is important as well. So I just try to give him competition and to get him back to his best, because I gave him a long holiday and after that long holiday this year he had a real rest. He came back not really fit, it took us time to get him back and then he got injured.

    “If you add the injury plus the rest time it was a bit long, but on Wednesday night you could see that he is coming back sharp now and I left him on the pitch as well for 90 minutes because I wanted him to have a real go.

    “All the players are [in my plans], he’s not more than another. I said I chose the team at Chelsea who can be strong on the counter-attack and fight very hard and Alexis could have played if he was 100 per cent fit at the start, but for me there’s no real hierarchy.

    “I have six or seven strikers, but if I go in one game with three strikers, the three who have not played will play in midweek in no matter what competition it is. That is nothing calculated.”

    Wenger also believes that Alexis has settled down again after the speculation over his future at the end of the transfer window.

    “I think that [saying he is distracted] is coming into very quick conclusions,” said the boss. “He has been out and injured, I thought he was still a bit short physically on Sunday, and I played him against Doncaster to give him more competition.

    “The the impression I have [is that he’s happy].”

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/why-alexis-hasnt-started-premier-league#aof8wWzcdrxQGmBk.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/why-alexis-hasnt-started-premier-league#64v3ZFiTCfeix2yw.99

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  26. Jamie Cureton has joined our Hale End Academy as a part time coach, he is still playing non league football, here is an interview with him



  27. I have a theory
    In Spain the best coaches (Coaches with the highest UEFA licences) train the u-6, u-8
    The best coaches in England get the u-16
    I just heard it is the same in Germany as it is in Spain
    Small sample size but I think I see the beginings of a pattern.
    Does anyone else know if it is similar in places like France,Belgium ,Holland and Croatia. ?

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  28. this is the only sort of banners an Arsenal fan should be holding or waving around at an AFC game

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  29. Ah the 79 cup final back when banners were banners and supporters supported happy times.

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  30. Ian do you remember the banner “We’ve got the biggest Willie in the land”, I can’t find an image of it anywhere, not sure which of the 3 cup finals it was displayed at, but I remember seeing it, think it was the 79 Cup final.

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  31. Yeah it was 79 and it won BBC’s banner competition, they used to pick a funny one every cup final.

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  32. file:///C:/Users/ian/Pictures/we%20won%20the%20cup.JPG

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  33. The 2017 summer transfer window will go down in history as the most free-spending in history – with Premier League clubs accounting for £1.4 billion in business.

    In Europe, Paris Saint-Germain smashed the transfer record to sign Neymar for a reported £198 million, and Arsene Wenger said he believes a tipping point has now been reached.

    “Something will happen,” the manager said. “It is for the first time that yesterday politically the German prime minister came out and the president of Uefa came out. I think politically something will happen in the next 12 months to regulate and limit the transfer amount.

    “You have to go one of two ways – regulate it properly or leave it completely open. But you cannot be in between – that is where we are at the moment.

    “That is only to the advantage of some clubs who can deal with rules in a legal way. The regulation has to be stricter and clearer, or open it completely: you can do what you want provided you can guarantee you have the money to pay.

    “At the moment, we are a bit in between and that does not work.”

    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/boss-weve-hit-tipping-point-transfers#x176bySVrOpBBgF5.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/boss-weve-hit-tipping-point-transfers#Jme5X7x21gJr2h0p.99

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  34. Wenger “This season there were 107 players in the Premier League who got into the final year of their contract for the first time. The clubs want too much for normal players, because they say if one player is worth £200million, then this player is worth £50m.”

    Didn’t know Arsenal have 107 players in last year of their contracts, but they must have as the media have told us only Arsenal have let players get to last year of their contracts.

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  35. Thanks Eddie for highlighting the number of falsehoods the mainstream media perpetuated this last transfer window concerning players in the last year of their contracts. Fake News is an understatement.

    That is why I keep beating the drum that the coverage of Arsenal and Wenger by the lamestream media as well as by most bloggers and podcasters is absolute propaganda designed to enable agents and other corrupt 3rd parties to bleed the PL via transfer market.

    As my good friend Fins would advise: swerve and avoid.

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  36. great to see the FA and SKY/BT finally help the English clubs in European action this week, with their league fixtures by giving them that extra day or two that could make all the difference.

    Spurs game already underway

    Man Utd, Man City and Everton all play at 3

    While Liverpool play at 5.30 this evening.

    Arsenal of course play on Monday evening, before an away game in Belerus on Thursday.

    Nothing odd about it at all, I tell yah.

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  37. I enjoyed the Old Firm game and Celtic’s comfortable win. Bit difficult to tell how good Patrick Roberts is, or could be, when he rarely plays against really good players. He did Ok against PSG so there is a bit of quality there.


  38. And very much as expected Aurier provides another chapter in his “I’m a total nutcase style of football”

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  39. new post up


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