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The Loyal Family

This is an article written for and published on Les Artilleurs by @andysternAFC that we are helping to publicise for him.Personally I dont agree 100% but near enough.It makes some great points. ————————————————————————————————————————— Loyalty is a funny thing in football. Is there any loyalty left in football, or indeed, did it ever exist? Whereas an […]

Did Not Enjoy That? Give It Up Then

What a fantastic game of football. For the first 35 minutes, a shed load of goals apart,that was stunning play by a team trying everything to win 3 points against the newly crowned champions. We ran rings around them. Attacked them at such a pace that they had five players booked in the first half […]

That’s Entertainment. Or at Least It Should Be

It’s fascinating and hilarious in equal measure how so many football fans are incapable of enjoying the most exciting months of the football calendar. Do you remember Zimpaul comparing a season with an 800m race? He suggested a few months back that we were approaching the final bend, runners jockeying for position and preparing for […]

Anders Limpar By Mean Lean

George asked if anybody wanted to write about their favourite player via twitter so I jumped at the chance, it was a little strange really because I had the very same conversation with an old friend the day before so it kinda felt like fate. I became a fully fledged Gooner during the George Graham […]

A Downward Spiral By George

So, Borussia Dortmund are a selling club. A feeder club for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester United. A club with no ambition. A club interested only in profits. A club showing no respect for its fans. A club on a downward spiral to mediocrity. Anyone who thinks this is not the case is delusional, […]

Forbear To Judge, For We Are Sinners All

According to a nice old lady, in a recent interview with Victoria Wood, the Second World War would certainly have been lost had the Nazis only been able to interrupt our imports of tea. She worked at Bletchley Park where Britain’s greatest ever war hero Alan Turing used to chain his mug to the radiator […]

The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up. First up this week is the long-overdue apology from Arsene Wenger in a meeting with the press last week. In addressing Roy Hodgson’s comments on the lack of English talent in the English top-flight, Wenger, although feigning sympathy for the England manager’s woes, went on to boastfully list […]

My first Season

Hmmmm….been a tough season so far, hasn’t it? It has for me at least. Although to be fair, this is my first real season as a football supporter. Let me explain. When I was younger, I was never really into football. I mean I played for a kid’s team when I was like 7-10 or […]

Victory Through Harmony Is The Way Forward By Red Henry

What counts more in a football team? Is it the quality of the players? The manager? The playing system? Stable ownership?The fans? Which one? All of them? Of course the answer is all of them how does each of the above measure in relation ? If someone attempted to add up all the parameters, that’s […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

Truth be told,I don’t quite know what to make of that game ! I could quite happily leave it at that. At 4.55 pm my wife gave me my tea.Very nice too.Roast Chicken,mixed salad and crusty bread. “I cant eat that now love.I am having palpitations here .I think I am going to faint” “You […]