Did Not Enjoy That? Give It Up Then

What a fantastic game of football.

For the first 35 minutes, a shed load of goals apart,that was stunning play by a team trying everything to win 3 points against the newly crowned champions.

We ran rings around them.

Attacked them at such a pace that they had five players booked in the first half an hour.

Don’t give me any of that crap about them being hung over or complacent.They were being embarrassed and they didn’t like it.

We were in front within two minutes thanks to a beautifully worked on side goal by Theo. His torso was level and his leg from the knee down was off side.But if they had shown it when be ball was kicked, rather that when it appeared to leave Rosicky’s foot, he was on side. The benefit should go to the attacker. End of. On side.

We should have been two up when Theo was in space but Aaron chose the wrong option and passed to Podolski instead.

Aaron also made two errors when he passed the ball straight into touch within a minute.

I mention these lapses not to have a pop at Aaron, but because if it were not for them his performance would have been eleven out of ten. I thought he was staggeringly good. He was everywhere. He was everything you would want from a midfield player and more.

Rosicky started in front of Jack and oozed class. He purred his way around the pitch.Tackled,dribbled,burst and probed.He is the epitome of world class.

Arteta was ,well Arteta.The most under rated player in the league.

Then Bac,oh Bac what did you do?

He gave the ball to Judas in a schoolboy manner.But guess what,he redeemed himself and and made up the ground to put in a wonderful tackle that put the ball out for a corner.

Sadly the fat Referee failed to see the direction the ball took, which showed he clearly played it,and pointed to the spot.(click the link below) NO SURPRISES THERE THEN !


He was not so quick to see a more obvious foul on Gibbs,with a few minutes to go. NO SURPRISES THERE EITHER.

The second half was real cut and thrust stuff. End to end as the pundits like to say again and again.

The pace slowed and both teams could have taken chances.

I cant finish without mentioning Laurent Koscielny. He had Judas on toast all day.I am not having it that there is a better defender in the league.Perhaps the world.

The way I look at it we mullered them first half ,and it was about even in the second half.So by my maths that’s half a mullering.

If that is not how the game should be played ,I don’t know what is.

We are in poll position now for a top four finish.

Carl,Jack,Aaron and AOC will be better again next year.

So might Giroud and Podolski.

The future is bright,The future is red and white.

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84 comments on “Did Not Enjoy That? Give It Up Then

  1. Just got back from the game. Worst game I have had to endure in a long, long time I have to say. From a footballing perspective I thought we were brilliant. Outplayed them….and I disagree with the comments about Dowd. He bottled it. No pen, Great tackle.

    But dear god what might have been.

    Last summer the club did the worst piece of business in its entire history. Last summer we handed the EPL to the Mancs, on a plate.

    The thought that Arsene and the boys were jollying it up in the home dressing room with the enemy after the game is no solace….and the thought that Arsene thinks that I am a disappointed lover makes me …disappointed.

    Sorry but I have really fucking struggled with this and I am finding it very, very difficult to regroup.

    I love this squad and as a manager of footballers and financials Arsene is second to none. I turn up at every game and support both with everything I have…but for christs sake throw us a bone, old chap.


  2. Frank, what might have been if RVP was dedicated, is what I see. He was not and wanted out…i say peace the hell out. And, I fully agree with selling the player to the team of his choosing..


  3. Interesting comment

    Citizen Steve Davis

    “The last club to complete a Premier League season without having a penalty given against them were Manchester United in 2007-08. Of the ever-presents in the Premier League during the last 11 seasons, Manchester United have had fewest penalties given against them (26). This coupled with United not having received a red card in the league since the infamous Johnny Evans sending off in the Derby at Old Trafford back in 2011. The interesting thing is, Premier league sides concede more red cards and penalties against United than any other club over the last 3 seasons. United may not break the Premier league point’s record this season but they are on course for the longest run of not conceding a penalty or a red card out of any domestic league in Europe! United fans should be proud of the fact that their team is immune to detrimental refereeing decisions, and a symbolic medal should be awarded to their best performing ref of this season and maybe last. Howard Webb has always been held close to United hearts, but Mark Clattenburg’s incredible performance at Stamford bridge was the standout this season. In close second, is Mark Halsey for his performance at Anfield early in the season. Who do you think should get the honour?”


  4. Paul ,its not bias.They will even themselves out over the season.
    So I am told anyway


  5. as always, George.


  6. We are now “positivelyarsenal.com”
    I think thats rather cool.
    I bought the domain name in a Garage sale.No one else was interested in it.
    “wengerout.com” is for sale at Sotheby’s next week.With a reserve price of 5000 bin bags


  7. You may say ‘peace the hell out’, Paul-N. But if you do you have to know that I don’t know what ‘peace the hell out’ means.


  8. This will cheer you up, Frank – look at Gibbs’ face.



  9. My apologies, Frank. “Peace out” in this context is like saying good riddance.


  10. No problems, Paul-N.

    Thanks, FG. It was obvious from where I was sitting that the players were unhappy about the ‘honour’ thing.

    I am not going to go on about this. Keep it to myself. Maybe talk to Lady Neena for a while. I believe we will finish in third position.


  11. sometimes when I have lost faith in our support, or lack of it, I just read a post like this and want to cuddle it! well done again George no shit.
    like I said after a frustrating day yesterday I was trying to be more like stew and be abit more understanding. It not just doomers and plastic fans that make my head spin but sometimes nice blokes who I have known for years and have followed ARSENAL up and down the country for years.
    It is very difficult to listen and argue with people who just want the fat Russian to come in buy a million players and walk our way to silverware especially when those people have in the past been strong supporters of our youth set up.
    For gods sake keep this site running forever as it is my only salvation


  12. Bully might go to a million more games than I have and own infinitely more memorabilia than I could ever dream but if he believes that Jenkinson is better than Bac at this stage then I want more than his nose ring to wear to work just to guarantee I will be fired. Met many fans like him in my time and learned to leave well enough alone. Once they get close to management chaos reigns.


  13. Shotta, he is another one of these experts.


  14. “@ ZimPaul
    (from yesterday’s post) You are right – JvC does look bulkier through the chest and shoulder area. He always used to be quite wiry. Hmmm….”

    Rumour has it that like the spuds and barca, manure push the boundaries on the ‘bordering on doping’ not yet illegal but well dodgy practices available to the unscrupulous.

    Frank, I feel your pain – it sounds trite, but time really is the only healer

    I think we missed Oli G yesterday. Perhaps some of those who didn’t really appreciate what he brings to the party are starting to get it now? The Fergie Association certainly made sure he was not available to face their favourites yesterday.

    And of course as I have been told elsewhere on many occasions, there is no such thing as corruption in the English league so it is just a coincidence that manure are the only team that never get penalties or red cards awarded against them.


  15. PaulN @ 7:28 pm
    I know them well from Jamdown. They know all the players by their nicknames, know them better than the manager, from they were a yute. You know the drill. Good guys but useless when it comes to an objective opinion. Stay wide my bredren, well wide.

    Any other yardman on PA?


  16. Shotta, you tellin me.


  17. @ a_or_b
    “like I said after a frustrating day yesterday I was trying to be more like stew and be a bit more understanding.”

    I don’t want to speak for steww here, so speaking on my own behalf…if you are talking about JvC, I am not advocating about being more understanding of him. He is a selfish, arrogant, ungrateful traitor.
    I saw ManUre play early in the season and the realisation hit me that he has no bond with us as fans. He is unfettered by any sense of indebtedness to us – all the support, the love, the money, he sees as his entitlement. The only thing that matters to him is what’s good for RvP because RvP is so talented he deserves a trophy. (I feel quite sure he refers to himself in the third person.) We will never change that. So for my own sake, I am walking away without a backward glance – he certainly has. I will not allow my feelings to rule me and give him an importance he doesn’t deserve. He plays for another club. He is nothing to me now. I don’t understand, I don’t forgive, I merely forget.


  18. By his own standards Bac has had a poor season. On his day I Believe him to be one of the top defensive right backs in the world and certainly a very brave header of the ball. I really hope he stays and if he could learn to cross the ball he would be the complete player.

    With regard to Dowd my initial reaction was good tackle, but having seen the first camera angle I thought penalty. Having seen it from multiple angles at different speeds it probably wasn’t a pen, but I don’t think you can blame Dowd for that. In fact given his lunge Later in the game i don’t think we could have complained if Bac had been red carded.

    Agree with all the comments on Kos, but am concerned that Aaron will get drug tested, he was everywhere


  19. Bully (I’ve spoke to him as well,he’s alright!) it’s sagna not sanga!


  20. After watching it from 14 different camera angles I was still convinced it was a penalty – that Bac did not protest was a bit of a clue

    However now, having seen the X ray, the MRI scan, and the Hawkeye hotspot I am convinced it was an entirely fair tackle and Dowd is a fat twat – just like Alex said


  21. Superb article George, well done.

    Congrats on the name change, too. When we are 6 months old, we’ll start appearing on NewsNow, if we wish to.

    A fantastic blog site, coming of age.

    Keep up the great work.


  22. Andrew, maybe appearing on the Arsenal blog column thingamajig?


  23. Paul – I thought we were leaving that to our very own one-man-blog Mel.Com?

    Not that he likes to talk about it! IBSF [insert banned smiley face]


  24. Referee giving Spuds a big boost at the Villa:Sund game, straight red for their best player …


  25. a lot of these famous fans I don’t remember from years ago and especially ones that are so easily recognised. maybe I was just always blind drunk but hey!
    FG, judas has no class and you could see that by the way he made a point of going over and clapping the away fans but it wasn’t him I was getting frustrated with more our own fans. we should have been singing for 94 minutes and the stadium should have been rocking but instead most of the time people just spent their time moaning


  26. Rass Claat. Villa 6, Sunland 1. I never saw that coming. Not even with 10 men. The new manager honeymoon doesn’t work too long these days.

    BTW guys I wasn’t slating Bully. Those guys are very loyal, too loyal at times and it clouds there objectivity.


  27. Just felt like mentioning it but I love this team!


  28. @ arse_or_brain April 29, 2013 at 9:52 pm
    ah, got you!


  29. Alright now, two of you have mentioned Aaron and drugs in the same sentence. Stop it…that’s how rumors get started! People will start questioning our Energizer Bunny. He did look tired coming off yesterday, and you don’t see that often.

    All I’ll say re: Sanga is that I’m glad I don’t have blogs/twitter/media hashing over the mistakes I make at work the next day and suggesting my employer get rid of me. Not sure I could stand up to that scrutiny.


  30. I am trying to figure out this player of the year and team of the years thing. Bale was not the best player this season and what is Ferdinand and Hazard doing in the team of the year? De Gea goalie? what the heck? Who are the players that are voting?


  31. alabamagooner, talk about mistakes at work. I just made a huge one and was bailed out by a wonderul human being.


  32. George
    check out the film life of Pi great Meerrat scene


  33. Me too, Evil. I really think we are onto something very big for the years to come.


  34. one of the best reports ive ever read. i like how you pay attention to the details that others ignore…hehe fergie getting angry …they are such arrogant wankers..i wanted us to stuff them. we have plenty of time to do so.

    a23 …its SzaNGa from now on ! or when he talks about highbury flats and the crash “the big crash is within the next five years , i give it ten” .. epic…

    whoever phoned up arsene to tell him about laurent konscielny in ligue 2 deserves his fee, yacht, villa in seychelles, thank you very much.


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