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Wenger – Stick Or Twist?

Today’s post is by Niall Prosser A cast iron case for history – or continuity? I’ve made a decision. I’ve decided where I stand on the Wenger Question. As you’re aware, Arsenal fans are currently split between whether Wenger stays or goes. There appears to be a shifting in the sands every time Arsenal win […]

New Club Proposed By Disaffected Arsenal Fans

Today’s post is by Muppet   A friend of mine in the City has brought me some worrying news: NEW CLUB PROPOSED BY DISAFFECTED ARSENAL FANS The Grove – Proposed new Stadium, to be financed by Bank Of Dave A breakaway consortium, to be financed by the Bank of Dave, is proposing a new club. […]

Proud To Be A Gooner

      It really irritates me that for as long as i can remember we have been the club everyone loves to hate. The media have never really been our friends and I do not believe I am being paranoid. But as a supporter of this great club I find it appalling that we […]

How About Arsene To United ?

So farewell then David Moyes. You were the chosen one – but now they’ve chosen another one. Or are about to, and it will be interesting to see which way the wind blows. The problem United have of course is that there aren’t many managers available with proven experience of managing a top, top club […]

Proficient Arsenal

  As usual when wrestling with the match write up I was looking for the “word” that captures the victory at Hull. The keystone of text on which the rambling edifice depends, the one single expression that you, dear reader, will retain as you reflect on the five minutes you invested this morning on the […]

Can We Cross The Great Divide?

Never mind the buglers, where’s the FA Cup/4th place or better? The fans are split, that’s a given. But they are not split between AKB’s and WOB’s.  Oh no, there are another set that sit between the two extremes.  Just like in politics, the battle is won or lost in the middle ground. The vast […]

FFP Please, FFS!

  Will the wheels of Arsenal’s fortunes finally turn together? The next stage of the implementation by UEFA of Financial Fair Play is due to play out over the coming weeks and months – and mighty interesting it should prove, too. It’s taken what feels like an age to come into effect but the Summer […]

No Hammer Blow Tonight

I was delighted when Arsene Wenger took the trouble to write me an email yesterday about the win over Wigan, the remaining Premier League fixtures and the battle for fourth place. He ended by saying: “We have been in this situation before and I think we have the focus, the quality, the spirit and the […]

Wigan Warriors-Arsenal,Not Them !

What a jigsaw of a day !    It has take me a little while to put the jigsaw together – but I have it at last.     Waking up this morning (eventually) the events of all of yesterday, from waking up in the early hours with the fan’s usual nightmare of leaving my […]

Come On Arsenal -Come On Arsenal Fans !

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” Mark Twain. In my more optimistic moments I like to think this […]