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Arsenal Versus Swansea: The Eyes Of Fear

So the jittery Jonas worked their dark magic, cast their evil spells and brought down upon us the wrath of the Injury Gods. Meanwhile their minions have run free on twitter and loosed the Arsenal Hate Mob from where victory after victory had forced them ever deeper into their foetid lair. Even they will not […]

Arsenal and a Damn Good Thrashing

Morning All Positive Arsenal fans, I shall keep it brief. First, and as young DC pointed out last night, well done to Sheffield Wednesday. A memorable night for them, a deserved victory and hopefully another exciting Capital One Cup tie beckons to them in the draw with one of the ‘glamour’ teams. A full Hillsborough […]

Arsenal Versus Sheffield Wednesday: Fringe Benefits

With Aaron’s untimely injury, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s struggle for form and Jack not likely to take much part this season, some people are becoming a little edgy as to our options should we lose anyone else. Folk gather in nervous corners speaking in tremulous whispers about what we might do should Santi or Mesut get crocked. […]

The Rain Fell, and the Last Train was Cancelled as Arsenal take Top Spot

It looked like a day more suitable for diving equipment and rubber ducks than playing the beautiful game. After the effort put in against Bayern on Tuesday it seemed rather unfortunate that Mother Nature should give Everton a weather  advantage to go with many tired legs on our side. Even our Duracell bunnies seemed a […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: How Can You Tell When A Drummer’s At The Door?

Last time we spoke I was wondering whether or not I ought to watch the match. Could I release some kind of reverse jinx hoodoo and help Arsenal overcome Bayern by missing it? Well, by now, unless you’ve been held against your will in some remote Gulag you probably know the outcome. Thanks to me […]

Arsenal – Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn

Guten Morgen Positivistas, A foul morning in NW Norfolk but a lightness of touch in the fingers as I sit down for another day of digital derring-do. What a night eh ! My impression of Us ? A massive EFFORT from every player in red, and one in orange. They applied themselves throughout the 94 […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern: Solid Gold Easy Action

I have a confession to make. It’s an embarrassing one and I hesitate before the court of public opinion. Perhaps I should delay the awkward moment when I must unbosom myself of my misdeed. Instead allow me to furnish you with a little background to the story. Yes I think that might be helpful. For […]