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Arsenal and the Watford Vicarage Garden Party

Good morning Positivistas far and near, Grey and quiet at 9.00 on Sunday morning in Norfolk. Another week and those leaves will be down. A formidably straightforward task this morning in reviewing an entirely straightforward away win at Vicarage Road. Like any sane Arsenal fan I travelled, in my mind’s eye admittedly, up the line […]

Arsenal Versus Watford: Careful Husbandry

You can tell it has been a painfully long time since last we had any football to distract us when we find ourselves, as I did last night, watching the ‘action’ from Ashton Gate in the largely forlorn hope that something resembling the beautiful game might inadvertently break out and thus bridge the gap between […]

Arsene Wenger vs The Podcasters

As a supporter of our great club, this has been the most stress-free of international breaks I have experienced in 10 years, apart from constantly worrying whether Alexis will emerge from his South American World Cup qualifiers with his groin intact. Post Manchester United, there has been very little for the malcontents to stir the […]

STOP PRESS! Martial Awe Declared, Giroud Officially Rubbish

They broke the news today, oh boy … Another day, another sporting dollar and so the week begins with many column inches in newspapers filled with a certain kind of journalistic copy. Whatever is written in one outlet is rarely too far removed from what will appear elsewhere. The fear of being separated from the […]

Wenger Protests: Enough Is Enough

Apparently, now is the time for change … Just prior to kick off, the above scene presented itself to thousands of fans arriving from the south east of England ahead of the crucial Manchester United encounter.  This was a game that had United won, would have seen one of our greatest rivals consolidate their unlikely […]

Arsenal: 74 seconds of smooth silk and sharp steel

Good morning, I am almost embarrassed to write a review of yesterday’s game as it was one which every reader will have watched, re-watched, read what the media have to say and for those of a robust constitution have probed the deep recesses of social media, Twitter and blog wise. I can tell you little […]

Arsenal Versus Manchester United: League Of Legends

Cormac was discussing the match yesterday. He and my daughter’s boyfriend were very dismissive of the team. We may have enjoyed some early dominance they agreed, but somehow we always manage to flatter to deceive, to pull an ignominious defeat out of the hat when ostensibly playing well. I reclined into the unseasonal October sunshine, […]