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Fans Embarrass – As Arsenal Bag The Points.

A match report from Tim, @foreverheady Saw the game (as live) very late in the day due to a disjointed and complicated Saturday, and would put it down as one of the odder matches I’ve seen. Almost total control in the first half never really looked like leading anywhere and a curious sense of detachment […]

It’s A Funny Old Game, Football Finance

Is it the game that’s funny, the fans or Arsenal’s cash flow? I was chatting to someone during the game last night who made the point that in the 1960’s and ’70’s we hardly knew who was running the club beyond the Manager. Relatively little was really known about Bertie Mee, even, let alone the […]

The Great Arsenal Cash Reserves Myth

A guest post from  @TraderChris87 .  I cant stand for his figures so dont shoot the messenger.      A common criticism of the club is that “we have massive cash reserves and we don’t spend it”. Someone on Twitter yesterday said to me that in 2009 we had £72m of “spare cash” that we didn’t spend. […]

Why I Am Disgusted With A Lot Of Arsenal Fans.

A guest post from  @TraderChris87   Three weeks ago, Borrusia Dortmund took on Bayern Munich. Whilst a few years ago this may have been a clash of the heavyweights in a Champions League Final, this is no longer the case. Dortmund struggling with injuries and having two of their best players poached by Bayern in […]

May The Best Team Win – Or At Least Have More Shots On Target Than Scored

Arsenal supporters from a different era … The salient points from yesterday’s game, courtesy of Northbank1969: “I’m still looking on the bright side. We are still only two points from 4th place, the boys can turn this season around. They played some excellent football yesterday and no single player can be blamed for the result. […]

Pass The Sick Bag – It’s Man United

First up today is Steww I’ll let you into a secret. Not all of us regard the North London derby as the biggest game of the season. I’ll go further. None of us should regard the North London derby as the biggest game of the season. In fact only Spurs fans should regard the North […]

So, You Think You Know Football ?

Today a guest post from Rich @AlternativeArse      It’s often been something that makes me think. How many Arsenal fans actually play/played football on a regular basis? From their apparent understanding of the game, it would appear not that many. Now, I’m not a qualified coach, nor am I that good at football. I […]

Arsenal Must Stay On Course.

A post from Tim @foreverheady stolen for the comments section without his permission  Leaving aside a couple of free kicks there is quite a similarity between Alexis’s goals this season and Aaron’s from last season. Someone clever would be able to do a video compilation of them both, no doubt, The main difference it seems […]

Is Sanchez The Answer To Arsenal’s Woes ?

The way I feel right now, this could be my last article. I’ve lost faith in people to think or behave reasonably. The negativity is stomach turning. Still, this is not another rallying call, or a dig at the fans, goodness knows we all have reasons to be unhappy. Before I go on, let me […]

Arsenal: When High Expectations Hit Rock Bottom

Risky thing, ambition …   Competition in the Premier League has never been more fierce and the evidence for this lies all around in the form of the shattered dreams of the fans of Spurs, Liverpool, United and, to a lesser extent, even Man City. The first two are evidence that simply spending a vast […]