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Arsenal Must Stay On Course.

A post from Tim @foreverheady stolen for the comments section without his permission  Leaving aside a couple of free kicks there is quite a similarity between Alexis’s goals this season and Aaron’s from last season. Someone clever would be able to do a video compilation of them both, no doubt, The main difference it seems […]

Is Sanchez The Answer To Arsenal’s Woes ?

The way I feel right now, this could be my last article. I’ve lost faith in people to think or behave reasonably. The negativity is stomach turning. Still, this is not another rallying call, or a dig at the fans, goodness knows we all have reasons to be unhappy. Before I go on, let me […]

Arsenal: When High Expectations Hit Rock Bottom

Risky thing, ambition …   Competition in the Premier League has never been more fierce and the evidence for this lies all around in the form of the shattered dreams of the fans of Spurs, Liverpool, United and, to a lesser extent, even Man City. The first two are evidence that simply spending a vast […]

Negative Narratives Blight Arsenal

A guest post from Muppet   @MuppetGooner   The story of this season so far has been that all events have conspired to support the negative narrative supported by a number of über bloggers and media commentators. You will know it well. The unbalanced team, the groundhog day scenario of competing for a top 4 place […]

Complacency, and The Results There Of !

A guest post for Tim, @foreverheady, a braver man than me. I changed my seat at half-time. Pleased with the two goal lead I paused the TV, put the children to bed, made a cup of tea and then went back into the sitting room – and sat in a different place. I knew at […]

Defining Arsenal Greatness: Alexis Or Mesut?

I made the mistake of tweeting: ” Positively Arsenal @Blackburngeorge · Nov 1 BTW, our best player is out injured.” I meant Ozil and was immediately inundated with tweets telling me how stupid I was and how Sanchez is easily our best player . Well? Is that a fact? No it’s not a fact, it’s an opinion […]

Burnley Broken Then Battered

A guest post from our resident roving reported Andrew @anicoll5   Chances are you saw the game, you have seen the headlines and digested the words of the learned and not so learned pundits in the 17 hours since referee Pawson blew the final whistle. You will have the warm glow following a contest deservedly […]