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Steve Bould Kicks Sand In The Face Of WOB

    Arsene Wenger has lost his voice and was substituted by Steve Bould in today’s press conference, sparing him from answering the same questions he gets week after week, sometimes three times a week. I bet he was delighted. Anyway, Steve has upset the malcontent by voicing his respect for Arsene “Steve Bould On […]

Arsenal Middleman masters Milan

Good morning Positives, What a good result! A 5-1 aggregate score and two legs in which we comfortably ended the games in  control is a rarity in European competitions at this stage where the ‘better’ clubs are coming face to face. Of the game itself I thought we started a bit jittery and out of […]

A Plan For Milan

There is one thing about this season that will stand out, we have had more “the biggest game of the season” games, than ever before. It seems like every game is the biggest game of the season and tonight’s game feels just like that. We go into home game leading 2-0 from the first leg […]

Arsenal: Squashed Hornet and Clean Sheet Sorted

Good afternoon Positives, Six changes but the job done against a ‘muscular’ Watford side who, as we all too well know, have proven to be a damn nuisance before at the Ems. The first half was no great advert for Premier League football and while both sides had flashes of quality passing I did not […]

Arsenal: The Ball in our Court

@LaboGoon and the Arsenal vs Watford programme notes Good morning one and all. Early kick-off for the Arsenal as they host Watford just after lunch. The past few weeks leading up to the San Siro has been tough on all of us as football showed it’s unforgiving side, and with that the natives became restless. […]

Arsenal: Working Accord in Milan

Good morning Positives, A livelier spring in the step this morning as we emerge from the footballing fog of the past fortnight. What a good performance and an even better result in Milan last night. We put together what I’d say is the best team performance this season. Against good quality opponents who were in […]

Arsene Has Lost It? GTF.

  Friends, Romans, Arsenal men, lend me your ears I come to praise Arsene, not to butcher him.  There is feeding frenzy involving second rate hacks, Billy big bollocks bloggers, podcasters and hate filled attention seeking halfwit fans, all picking over the not yet dead corpse of our greatest ever manager. A man that is […]

Arsenal: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Good afternoon Positives, There we are then, a poor week finished off for all sports of footballing and no-footballing reasons by a defeat to Brighton. Reviewing in my mind’s eye the performance today we lost the game as a result of a period of incomprehensibly poor defending during a 35 minute period when our defensive […]

Arsenal: Sunday Punch, and a Seagull Brunch

@LaboGoon times his visit to Brighton for an early Sunday lunch Good morning one and all. Arsenal travel to the city of Brighton this afternoon to play their pride at the Amex. I can tell you one thing ….. for everyone’s sanity this is a game each of our players and the boss want to […]

Arsenal: Sometimes just One Second

Good Friday morning Positive Arsenal fans, A better performance last night than Sunday but the same scoreline against a set of attacking players who at this rate will tear up the Premier League record book easily. In spite of my early season scepticism, Citeh appear to be very serious contenders for the Champions League final. […]