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Arsenal and the Myth of Transfers

A Myth is quite simply “a widely held but false belief or idea.” Positivistas, how many of you, like me, first daily instinct during the transfer window is to reach for whatever internet device is at hand to check if there is any new transfer story affecting our great club? Yup, I see many of […]

Ivan Gazidis Lets Arsenal Fans Down !

“So what have the Romans ever done for us ?” Well for much of Arsenal blog world in recent days that should read “What has Ivan ever done for us (that we don’t take offence to)” Seriously, what on earth has Ivan said that could possibly offend these great minds and leaders of opinion, or […]

Arsenal: Another Year, Another Wexit?

  Greetings Positivistas! Whether we like it or not our football holiday is almost over.  The Arsenal troops are reassembling, there is the smell of gunpowder, canons are being cleaned, occasional explosions are being heard; a clear signal that the competitive battle in the EPL is about to resume. OK my metaphors may be overblown […]

Fans Take New Signing Badly ! What’s New?

So ,Arsene Wenger is proven right once again – nothing new there says you ? Last season the malcontents took umbridge when AW said, when discussing how LCFC were able to sign the likes of Mahrez and Kante, despite the big clubs having the exact same scouting info on both players, that a section of […]

A Bird In The Hand

There’s a priceless piece of dialogue from the pen of the wonderful David Nobbs on a subject which has, just this morning, provided the sand in my emotional Vaseline. His character, known to us only by his initials CJ, is expounding upon the theme of trite, stereotyped phraseology of the kind employed by lazy minds […]