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Arsenal – Better half a donkey than half a camel

  Góðan daginn Positivistas, Another Sunday morning, another FA Cup victory to ponder. On seeing the starting line up I admit a little quiver of nervousness crept in. Multiple changes of personnel from what would be regarded as our PL starting eleven at the moment, a start for young Iwobi, two returners from two months […]

Arsenal Versus Burnley:

When chaps of a certain vintage, that is to say elderly gents like yours truly, hear the name of Burnley FC a deluge of images at once swamp the imagination. Muddy, potholed turf, balding players, comb-overs streaming in the wind behind them, leather case balls, concrete terraces and, invariably, a dog on the pitch. Burnley […]

Positively Arsenal is Three !!

Good morning Positivistas, Three years ago today Arsenal Andrew delivered the first blog on Positively Arsenal, and in his elegant analysis moved swiftly over a rousing victory over Brighton in the 4th round of the Cup, the closing of the transfer window, shook his head in pity at incessant and self destructive traits among our […]

Arsenal – The Slave of Nervous Circumstance

Good morning fellow Positive Arsenal fans, Another Sunday afternoon passed in a blur of frustration as Chelsea made off with all the points in a game where I fancied, I think almost all of us fancied, that we would win and stamp our footballing superiority, indeed our collective moral superiority, over the faltering Russian Empire […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Unfinished Business

Lots of football fans are spending a lot of time discussing the various merits of teams not their own. There is even a rift among Arsenal fans – but fear not for this is a rift of the gentlest and least acidic nature – as to whether Leicester City should stop irritating everyone and bugger […]

Arsenal – Professional Performance Points Won

Good Evening Positivistas, Final whistle at the Britannia just blown as I begin to write. Overall I am pleased with not just the point but with the performance. Stoke may have changed their spots under Mr Hughes but there is still that very physical core to their game that, on other cold, Sundays afternoons over […]

Arsenal Versus Stoke: Keep Buggering On

I’m taking part in something called the six week challenge. It happens every year and the local radio station, of which my show is a small part, is an enthusiastic participant. The joy for me has always been that they start the thing in November and I am therefore ready equipped with an excuse. November […]

Arsenal: Examination taken and passed

Dzǎo-anh Positivistas, Sky and BT often blather on about the “superior quality/best in the world etc” of the Premier League with no apparent justification but in terms of entertainment that was a great contest last night. Congratulations to both teams and both managers for putting on a spectacle that gripped from the first whistle to […]

Arsenal Versus Liverpool: Tuning Up The Orchestra

Our little break from the long mountainous climb to the Premier League summit didn’t last long. A quick kick about on the plateau which is the FA Cup third round with hard working but ultimately out classed, out passed, out manoeuvred and out scored Sunderland and we are back onto the steep slopes. We travel […]

Arsenal Should Win The Title Says The Data

How often do we hear the old cliché “football is all about emotion”? While this may be used to explain the wild swings in opinions and attitudes of pre and even pubescent supporters of Arsenal Football Club, it can in no way excuse such conduct by the mainstream media as well as other opinion-leaders (bloggers, […]