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Arsenal – Black Cat Episode 2

  Hyvää huomenta Positivistas, I admit I anticipated problems this morning in producing anything vaguely readable or fresh about yesterday’s game. Different competion to the 4th December but same score, same result, almost the same players, same one-eyed nonsense from Sam Allardyce about how his side deserved “more” from the game, same weather, same bloody […]

Arsenal Versus Sunderland: Sparkling Near The Brim

Is it just me or does it seem an awfully long time ago that we last had a game of footy to contemplate? I suspect the schedule of one match every twenty minutes which we experience over the Christmas and New Year holiday acclimatises us to a more frantic agenda. Combine that with the ominous […]

Arsenal Players and Management – Analysed !

Well, it’s a new year and I think that’s a good time to look at the squad and management. So let’s analyse them individually through my expert eyes. Petr Čech A Chelsea back up player that showed us all we need to know when he threw in two during our first league game against West […]

Arsenal Didn’t Fail In The Austerity Years

Today a guest post from Muppet. written on New Years day  —————————————————————————————————————————————– We are top and I must admit I didn’t expect to be top. Whenever I consider Arsenal and Wenger, it’s difficult to do so whilst being as objective and impartial as possible. The fear is that one will upset people who feel they […]

Arsenal – Average performance, good result

Boker Tov Positivistas, I think the lesson I take from this season’s Festive football fixtures is “to expect the unexpected”, and perhaps it will be the theme of the whole 2015/2016 campaign? Having allowed the in game adrenaline to cool I enjoyed the game yesterday. We were clearly not at our best. After a bright opening […]

Arsenal Versus Newcastle: Forked Tongues and Red Faces

See, that’s the kind of seemingly innocent enquiry which really chafes my backside, brings me out in hives and makes me want to go hunt down the editors who instruct their minions to ask such loaded questions. Journalist to Arsène at this week’s presser: “Can you tell us a bit more about the work he’s […]

Arsenal Are Top, Who Could Have Guessed?

So here we are, the New Year arrives with The Arsenal sitting atop the Premier league. 2015 saw us accumulate considerably more points than any other team, not to mention retaining the FA cup. We signed a genuine world class goal keeper and kept all the talent we had. Everyone must be happy then?  Right? […]