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Of Gods and Monkeys

Yesterday’s news that Arsenal is to unveil another statue at the Emirates is just another example of wasting fans money on players that simply aren’t good enough any more. (That OK Mr Usmanov? Usual fee in a brown envelope please.) Returning to the real world, Dennis is set to take his rightful place alongside Herbert […]

Understand Arsenal – And Be A Part Of Something (Part 1)

This is part one of two articles from ArsenalAndrew There has been some talk in recent days amongst fans and in the wider media of the need for an Arsenal backlash. For the side to ‘finally’ stand up and be counted, ideally in the most spectacular of fashions. Preferably, against Spurs, if at all possible. […]

The Latest @Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up. We’ll start with the visit of Bayern and their ridiculously good players. The crafty Bavarians went 2-0 up in the first half and all seemed lost until our very own German, Lukas Podolski, gave us a glimmer of hope by heading home from close range. Then Theo set […]

Arsenal Ownership Series – Part 2 – How did we get here?

A continuation of the 3 part ownership series by @Gooner_optimist. Some of you might already be well versed in the knowledge of what transpired to bring us to the current situation, and if you do, feel free to skip this piece. Continuing on from my first post about Arsenal’s Ownership, let’s jump straight into what […]

Somewhere In a Parallel Universe

Another dodgy ‘stream’ at the Emirates yesterday.   Blackburn’s Pedantic George grapples with the ‘internot’ and ‘iffy’ commentators as Villa fail to make themselves at home at the Emirates Well, that was like getting teeth pulled. I was watching on a very dodgy stream that kept freezing. We started sharply and scored early.  We thought […]

Hi, I’m Arsene and I Kill People

Backlash. That’s what we need today. A backlash against the boo boys and bad luck and a disappointing first half of the Bayern tie. We need a victim, a sacrificial offering to the football Gods. We need them gagged and bound and prostrate on the alter of The Emirates. I don’t know if you’ve ever […]

Arsenal Ownership Series – Part 1

Today’s quick post is the first of a three part series by Akash (@gooner_optimist) Alright, so I finally get the honour to write for Positively Arsenal. As my first series of posts here, I felt it would be rather insightful, if I could discuss something that has troubled me lately. There has been a huge divide within […]