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Queen and Pat

The Queen on possibly the proudest day of her life.


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Hello and welcome to this week’s round up.

First up this week is the Andre Santos’ From the Basement video.  Andre wasn’t making sweet indie music, he was more likely under his parents’ house playing with his new phone.  For those who opt to ignore the human side of players, Santos will never be anything more than a dodgy full-back who nabbed a couple of important goals.  Almost like the second coming of Eboue.  To the rest of us, Andre was like some kind of happy man-baby, frolicking and meandering with an infectious, if not delirious, smile on his face.  Almost like the second coming of Eboue.  I like him and I like the gesture.

The Queen met Pat Rice this week.  For his remarkable contribution to the club, and to football in general, the Arsenal legend received an MBE in what may have been the proudest moment of her life.

Then came Lukas Podolski and his sightseeing tour of London, which he shared on Twitter.   The fans and the player really seem to have taken to each other.  This is infinitely better than the last time we were given a detailed description of a player’s movements around London.  Andre could have taken that tour in around forty minutes.  Podolski was ‘Learning London’, people  were happy and having fun about something Arsenal, what could possibly go right?

Everything was ticking over, having beaten Sunderland, and we were seemingly making progress until Blackburn came to visit and the sky fell in.  Arsenal dominated the game but ultimately lacked the guile to win it.  Then, of course, Blackburn scored with their one real chance. 1-0 and we’re out of the FA cup to minnows.   Bloody typical Arsenal!  Everything’s been said in the post-mortem and much of it has been crazy.  We dust ourselves off and we move on.

We move on to a battle of epic proportions.

It’s London and Munich sending their finest men to go head-to-head in 180 + minutes of intense combat.  It’s bigger than big.  It’s the Champions’ League and it’s tonight.  Wilshere and Schweinsteiger will lock horns tonight!  TONIGHT!!

As always the pre-game press conference comes first and this one was more like a dressing down from a headmaster.  First came the video and then the full transcript in which Arsene Wenger took the handbrake off.  He accused the journalists of what is clearly true but would never be confirmed. He believes that false stories were circulated with the intention to manipulate and cause damage. They all do it, it’s what they’re paid to do.  It’s probably all that some of them can do.

There’s bound to be a great atmosphere in the stadium, similar to that of Milan last season when something magical happened.   It was a thing of beauty and great power.  The crowd at The Grove always seem to take these Champions’ League games very seriously and very rarely fail to perform on the biggest stage.

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading.

Come on The Arsenal!

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120 comments on “Bradesque7’s Weekly Round Up

  1. in a galaxy not so far away…..

    Well makes the decision to rest players for the fa cup look folly now. Which we all knew would.
    The fa cup was always going to be slightly more the better chance of silverware but which cup would have been financially better progressing in??

    What fan cares about that, ? Not me.

    These two fans are ignoring the reality that arsenal, as a company, WILL of course target the competitions and the positions that bring the biggest financial rewards, Especially when the club is still on a repayment phase.

    This is exactly what i mean about confused fans who have picked the wrong era and time to moan about silverware.

    Plus its 100% selfish mentality, cause as a fan you care about the well-being of your club first…trophies come second. Trophies will come when everyone at the club and every department is alligned and focused on winning titles. By that i mean owners-managers-players. So far the club is still trying to repay its stadium and waiting for its second gen of youngsters to mature, so yes the club will target the positions that bring the most money in. Its not rocket science, its not some evil conspiracy to rip fans of their money and its not about wenger losing any plots. These change of objectives should have been understood by FANS from the first day they saw the club move grounds.

    I find it pathetic that people who are supposed to be mature grown -ups cant fucking understand that the emphasis from 2006 and for the next 10-15 year period would be to spend fuck all, wait for youngsters maturity and go for the money. When that phase is done and the youngsters have matured and we have grown our pot and mix with world class winners/players then the club will go for the titles. By then chelsea and city and united could be out of the picture thus no point in going head to head competition with them now. Success is cyclical and the fans are choosing to blame the club at a time where it has openly told its fans that we need to show “time and patience” …THUS my dear fellow arsenal fans of all ages/sex/background…show some dignity and understanding and stop bitching like children. You have clearly not understood what the plan was back in 2006.

    The club;s first priority is to exist and survive and the fans first duty is to embrace their club because it represents their values and principles on the game ( if not for the emotional-psychological attachment). being a fan or supporter of a football club has nothing to do with titles unless you’re a materialist…..

    it is not about the fan and what the fan wants..its about the club and what the club wants and how its sets out to achieve it….you with us or not? is your support as a fan only on the condition that we win silverware? then you have chosen the worng club at a wrong era to moan about buddy…


  2. and also do not ignore that a schedule destined for 10-15 and even 20 years this manager is slicing it almost in half exactly because of his financial mind, which makes him precisely what the club needed at this period. i repeat, the club, board, owner has the right man for what it set out to do, the problem is that the fans never got it….. look at them..they are moaning about titles in a period where the club;s priority is to break even as quickly as possible so that it uses its later budgets for title chasing expeditions and not survival like they are doing now.

    in a transition as massive as arsenal’s the first priority is healthy accounts…sorry but thats the reality as much as it hurts. i got it ages ago…am i fool or some rocket scientist? i am neither…..so how come others cant get it? do they keep their eyes open ? do they listen when the club people talk? or do they insist on seeing and hearing their own things ? and the things media throw at them to mess with them ?


  3. Simple Hunter, they’re fickle fools


  4. Cheers Steve, i think they are also misguided and ill-informed…it is very simple to grasp what arsenal is trying to do. The board wants to spend as less as possible and Wenger is more interested in team chemistry and making sure everyone knows the arsenal way of play and grows as a character/leader ( 11 leaders..shared responsibilities and all that). It is logical. After all the club is not spending money to win titles its spending money to just do whats necessary to stay at a profitable level.

    More importantly, the club manager or any other spokesman could not come out saying it as cold and realistic as that cause i doubt theyd sell tickets or attract sponsors. Hence the diplomacy from the club and the manager …but the message was always there ” time and patience” , “dont judge us now” , ” period of sacrifice”……they always gave hints….. noone can accuse them of lying nor can anyone accuse them for unethical business practice..after all if the fan dont chip in for his new stadium to watch his team, who will?


  5. We need Oli G to start up front in the second leg in Munich. We could have done with his hold up play today.


  6. Yes, I would have started Giroud I must say, but you never know what’s going in the manager’s mind, how he sees it panning out. Actually Ramsey put in one hell of a shift, he’s such an asset to this team. I know Wenger may gets very frustrated with the pressure he is under, Jack too, but this team keeps getting better and more not less confident in its second half displays, and against the best of the best. That they are able to do this, and its the same pattern against all top clubs says to me that the team discovers it is quite as good as the opposition by the second half and plays accordingly, and that speaks of initial timidity and confidence issues, fickle fan issues, self-belief. I never anticipated Arsenal would make it through this stage, it’s not priority for me, not this season; it’s more important to reach the top 3 or 4, because the team is building. So for me it’s pure entertainment, and not make or break. And I like what I see. People who do not see a great squad in the making seem a bit dim to me.


  7. The team needs to find its first half groove, and that’s about composure and control, a slightly more defensive mindset; do not concede, soak the pressure, play the midfield game. In the second we have the ability to score against any opposition. That’s really just maturity (not age), I mean as a team not as individuals. It comes with game time, stability, responsibility.


  8. Just got back from the game. I love European nights and this one was special. Playing probably the best team in Europe at this moment is always a mouth watering prospect. But the atmosphere in the ground was great. Playing London’s Calling with search lights raking the sky from the pitch was probably a bit close to ‘mentioning the war’ but the Bayern supporters would not have noticed, intent as they were on recreating the battle scenes from les Mis with red flares and flags. Excellent display.

    The football? Basically BM are better than us at the moment and we had trouble living with them in the first half, but the second was much better. Our major, major problem all evening was not having an attacking left back. Reduced our options and gave a rampant BM even less to worry about.

    However the result could just as well have been 2-2 as 3-1. I don’t buy that they sat back. Just like Barcelona they pressed and pressed in the first half, which is great but the players get knackered. Our strategy just like our games against Barcelona was to soak it up and hit them in the second half. Nearly worked.

    This team has to believe in itself and if the players can do that they have an outside chance in Munich. Why not?

    As for the press, media and booers. Fuck em.


  9. Hands up. We were defeated by a better BM team. It could easily have been 2-2, 3-3 or 1-4 depending on what side of the fence you sit, but at the end of the day they were superior; more clinical, more balanced. No use moaning, we need to move on.

    We have our league position to worry about. Need to pick up the players. Need to build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

    “As for the press, media and booers. Fuck em.”


  10. have you heard the newest joke ?

    wenger should take the blame for selling our best players in order to make a profit and pay himself his massive salary…..

    ” but its the board that is in charge of buying and selling players” reason will say

    ” yes but arsene sanctioned them so he is to blame for not standing up to the board” the logic of the retarded will say

    ” but buddy, what is the priority again ? is it titles or breaking even?” reason will reply

    ” i dont care, all i want is trophies and thats what arsenal should care about first, not the accounts” the logic of the retarded will say again

    ” right man, go have a cold shower and maybe the shock wakes you up a bit”


    ” 8 years with no trophies is a long time for a club like arsenal” the retard will say

    ” yes but we have gone for larger periods in our history with no trophies won and back then we werent in any kind of stadium transition” ..logic will say

    “but we are a big club, we should be winning trophies” the retard will say

    “ehhhmm we were ok for england ….but nowhere near enough the term “big club” like the madrids barcas milans liverpools and ajaxs of this world, wenger made us think in that way” logic and history will say

    ” we were second best in england on champions titles behind liverpool before wenger took over” the retard will say

    ” and what did we do in europe, which is the real mirror of your stature as a club internationally?” logic and history will say.

    ” i thought we moved grounds to ocmpete with the best” the retard will say

    ” absolutely but not until the stadium is repaid which could take ( on ultra conservative and safe estimates ) anything between 10-15 and even 20 years”

    ” so what do we till then ? i cant wait that long i want titles now or else whats the point?” the fickle will say

    “say thank you that the manager is financially capable to slice that period in half with his business activity for the club” logic will say

    “but football is about winning trophies not healthy accounts” the idiot will say

    ” no my freind, football is an industry that belongs in the category of entertainment. in this industry the companies trading in it are called foootball clubs and the commodidties they trade in are footballers. just like any other company, football clubs pay vat and are governed by their income/expences relationship” logic will say

    “a football club is not a company ” the idiot will say

    ” go to bed you idiot” the reasonable will reply

    ” but i pay money and i deserve better as a fan” the gloryseeker will say

    ” noone forced you to pay anything” democracy replies

    ” but whats the point of supporting and paying for tickets if we aint winning titles” the gloryhunter will say back

    “i dont know, youre the one who claims to be an arsenal fan, dont you support your team through thick and thin?”

    ” but we are rich we are not in the thin” the ill-informed will say

    ” no we are not rich and never were. we are trying to become rich and you dont become rich spending money like a drunken sailor, you become rich when you value even the last penny you make” – the experience and logic will say

    i can go on and on and on …. and im just doing this on purpose so that the voyeurs see there is an explanation to everything they dont understand and frustrates them to the point where they turn aginst their own team………

    we could easily say “fuck em” but that wont work….they need to change their way of thinking before they destroy the club with their moaning. even though personally i believe they cant do shit for we have a strong ownership that appreciates and values the manager a lot.

    without wenger arsenal in the modern era would have dropped further from the top, the gg players would all retire one day, no henry no vieira no titles no invinsibles no doubles no stadium no europe……no direction no leadership….just another club battling for the 10th place or avoiding relegation.


  11. i guess heynckes is a mug for his wise and kind words towards wenger ……. what does he know ? ..


  12. What a disappointing night…
    It was, once again, the slow starter syndrome that did us in. I don’t understand why we keep conceding the first 30 minutes to the opposition. It’s like we are saying “We only need 60 minutes to get a result”. We were the slightly better team in the second half, but when you are down 2:0 after the first 45 minutes it’s difficult to make a difference. The pivotal moment was probably the save against Giroud. If that ball had gone 10 cm either side, it would’ve been in and we would have had a completely different game on our hands. It wasn’t, Bayern countered quickly and the fat lady got called to prepare for the sound check.

    I am also not sure that playing Theo on his own was working as intended. I can see what we tried with our formation: strong midfield to prevent Bayern from playing through us while also having players on the wings that can cover and do a job because Bayern’s full backs are a massive threat. Relying on Theo for his speed on counter attacks. It just didn’t work out. We couldn’t really unleash him properly, though he did wel when he was played into space, but that happened too rarely to make a difference.

    Rosicky deserves credit for his performance and I think that it’s time he starts more games. In his 20~ minute cameo, he showed more guile than the rest of the players, allowing us to unlock Bayern’s defence in ways we weren’t able to do before. He just has a special array of passes in his locker, like that genius pass for Theo that lead to Giroud’s glorious chance.

    We are down but obviously not out. Last season, we almost made the impossible possible… maybe this time? But to do it, we will obviously need to play a radically attacking formation and I think Rosicky might hold the keys in that return leg.


  13. @Frank
    Yes, good observation on the left back spot. It seriously limited our options that we didn’t have a proper LB and their two goals from open play all came through the left side.


  14. I’m going to have some fun today with the unfollow button on twitter.

    The latest nonsense (after black bags & 8 minute Wenger out chants) is “Wenger Out” stickers. Make the mind boggle.


  15. Positively Arsenal is an oasis in a sea of gloom. Thanks everyone!


  16. Spot on comment Shotta – beaten by a better football team on the night – we might have screwed a draw out of it but it would have been lucky

    The only thing I would add is we, the team and the coaching staff, need to look and learn from last night

    I don’t mean just what errors we made but what Bayern did well – simple efficient football, always a man open, defence always in numbers even when we broke, 2-3 of them in the box when they were in the final third


  17. Anicoll – Learning from BM was something I wanted to say as well but didn’t want to detract from my main point of moving on (In the past I have seen us stuck in the dumps after a big UCL defeat).
    But Bayern was organized, simple and efficient. Note to Santi and Jack. As for the stating the bleeding obvious; they play zonal defense on corners as well. Ask Neuer.


  18. The other (unfortunate) lesson we will learn from the tie and from Bayern is that unlike Milan last season when the teams step out in three weeks time at the Allianz they will not assume the tie is over

    The bastards 😦


  19. ha anicol im thinking of following amy’s example and write a letter to stan begging him to move the club outside of england.. ..

    wenger and arsenal do not deserve this treatment from fans and media…its so wrong i lack the capacity to describe how i feel without swearing …


  20. Great comments, alas I had some hopes against Bayern watching Gibbs score a great goal against Swansea, the team was looking balanced. without the most improved player this season it was always going to be tough.

    In other news I found a newspaper clip from February 8th 1956 on a site today: football headline, W.Ham v Bury to be the first game under lights, though Portsmouth might have beaten them to it in the end, says here Millwall were also looking to be the first.
    Probably not as awesome a spectacle as the Arsenal stadium last night. Yup, that AW, he’s lost it. *a slightly boss eyed attempt at a wink that is probably best forgotton*


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