Time For Ice-Cream And Jelly

Today’s  post from our very own Blackburn George.

It never rains but it pours.

It is pissing down on Arsene at the moment.  And the Press together with a large section of our fan base have stolen his umbrella and are enjoying the soaking he is getting.

The result of yesterday’s game was disappointing.  No one can be happy with a home defeat.  It hurts.  It hurts me, you, the players, Arsene, everyone.

The trouble is some people think it’s only them who feel the pain.  And act as if it’s them who should be given the ice cream and jelly.

We were not bad yesterday.  In fact for much of the second half, we were quite good.

Bayern Munich are probably the second best team in Europe at the moment.  That they are slightly ahead of Arsenal should not be seen as an indication that we are poor.  We are not.

We conceded two unfortunate goals.  But perhaps the score was a reflection of the game overall.  No point dwelling on our shortcomings, or dreaming of what might have been.

We lost.

As I see it, we suffered because we did not have full backs that could deliver into dangerous areas, and we, until the introduction of Giroud, did not have a centre forward that could hold the ball in forward positions until the midfield could arrive to support him.

If we need a forward with both pace and the ability to hold up play, I think we will have to buy him in the summer.  I believe that we will then have all the options we need.

Again we saw what a difference a fully formed midfield genius Thomas Rosicky is.  And how much difference just one top player can make.

This team needs to be allowed to grow together and develop, without losing key figures.  That, and the inevitable improvement by our young British players, with the addition of one or two top quality players, should see us compete at any level.

You either believe, as I do, that we are on an upward curve, or you are convinced we are on a downward spiral.

We trust the manager.  Or we don’t.

So it’s Mission Impossible in the return match.

But I seem to remember the Mission Impossible team always came through.  Here is hoping.

Chin up people.  We have each other and Arsenal.  That will do for now won’t it?

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111 comments on “Time For Ice-Cream And Jelly

  1. barca coach out?

    or that is only reserved for AW?


  2. TS – yes, ‘crisis’ in Spain …


  3. Messi out. Xavi out. Iniesta out. Alex Song … well I think he is already out.


  4. I remember reading a while ago about how David Dein was very influential in bringing Pires to Arsenal, although I’m a little hazy on the details. It seems to me Bobby is speaking on a personal level, knowing the role DD played in his career he might have some affection for the man. I don’t think it’s any sort of dig at Wenger or at the current board.


  5. Strange that when we beat Barca at the Grove it was because they were poor on the night. Yet tonight Milan where brilliant (according to the commentator).

    Seemed to me that Barca were poor tonight.


  6. Tweet from another lazy journalist –

    PhilippeAuclair: Milan had everything Arsenal were missing last night.

    Is one of te requirements to become a football journalist these days is to write something against Arsenal? I have been following Arsenal only for 2 years. Has the media always hated Arsenal?


  7. @ Venkat at 10:07 pm

    Phillipe Auclair is a gooner. He sometimes appears on the Fans Forum and does not hide the fact that he supports Arsenal.


  8. Georgaki ,Stuart Robson claims he too supports Arsenal.
    If you are arranging a meet with both blogs ,film it .I like fights


  9. Nice read, and good luck with the site hope it catches on and changes some opinions.


  10. is this on newsnow yet?


  11. I am just happy to be here now..

    These players are good, they know that we know that. simples.

    Now its just a matter of showing that to the world..we will get the results sooner rather than later..

    i dont know if the scoreline is deserved or anything but i could count umpteen instances during the match when we were just a litte effectiveness (either the final ball or the final run or shooting a second too fast) short of scoring.

    i guess that is the difference between Ze germans and us.

    i was proud of our 2nd half performance yet again..again this thing about arsenal being so good in 2nd half..lets not make it our things ok 😛


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