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Arsenal Versus Spurs: Credit Where It’s Due

I understand that in the knockabout pantomime jeering between rival football supporters it is necessary to deride the success of one’s adversary and inflate the prowess of one’s own chosen team. I get it. It’s the reason fans of Mansfield and Crewe can, without any discernible trace of irony, both sing that they are watching ‘by […]

Arsenal: Deflection and Guile

Good morning Positive Arsenal, A third straight win despite a number of changes in the starting line up, tiredness among the players and dogged opponents hell bent on leaving with a point. Perhaps the most striking point of the evening was Leicester’s approach. League champions last season, their trophy deserved, and dangerous opponents on their […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: Ifs and Buts

Today began well enough, ice on the windscreen answered to the scraper without undue recalcitrance and the breakfast was possibly one of my finest efforts. I like breakfast. In another life I’d like to be a breakfast chef I think. Then sadness as I turned the final page of the Shepherd’s Crown, a book I’d […]

Wrighty Is So Wrong About Arsenal

Every year, since Stan Kroenke became owner, whenever the club is going through a difficult patch, after the finger-pointing at Arsene, Ivan and the tea-lady, the pitchforks are finally targeted at the owner. It is so repetitious it has almost become a ritual. I am convinced the practitioners have absolutely no idea why they do […]

Arsenal: Share Your Courage With Others

Good evening Positive people. What an afternoon!! It is games like this that remind me why I find it so easy to love football. An excellent contest between two attacking teams, decided by the narrowest of margins. We matched and bettered City in every department, including being “professional” in our conduct, and misconduct, on the […]

Arsenal Versus City: Cloudbusting

A season which I have been reliably informed is a disaster, best forgotten, a total shambles, and a sad the end to Arsène’s reign has somehow contrived to find Arsenal in an FA Cup semi final. I had to check the fixture list twice to see if I was dreaming, but it appears that while […]

Wenger Will be The Manager Indefinitely – As Predicted By The Data

This is my 50th or so blog for Positively Arsenal. Less than 2 years ago I accepted the challenge by the Boss to contribute something to this community and  decided, since I was not as erudite as Steww and Andy Nic, to concentrate on providing  analysis of long-term data trends affecting the club rather than […]

Arsenal: Formation and togetherness

And a good Tuesday morning to the Positive Arsenal fans, Interesting game last night. A change of “formation” but not really much difference in the set up the side as we had the ball or when we defended as far as I could see. Defenders defended, midfield players did their box to box running, tackling […]

Arsenal Versus ‘Boro: Simple Pleasures

I own one of those portable screens, you’ve probably seen them, they’re about the size of a slim hard backed book and are terrifically clever. One can watch television programmes, read electronic facsimiles of books and play simulated card games on them. As I say, quite extraordinarily impressive devices and I never fail to give […]

Arsenal – Balance and Composure

  A few words from @MuppetGunner The wheels have come off the bus. Our main focus should be to take a step back from the hysteria and vitriol and try to analyse what is going wrong. I didn’t see the Liverpool game, but saw the Chelsea, West Brom and Crystal Palace games. In between those, […]