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Arsenal: Formation and togetherness

And a good Tuesday morning to the Positive Arsenal fans, Interesting game last night. A change of “formation” but not really much difference in the set up the side as we had the ball or when we defended as far as I could see. Defenders defended, midfield players did their box to box running, tackling […]

Arsenal Versus ‘Boro: Simple Pleasures

I own one of those portable screens, you’ve probably seen them, they’re about the size of a slim hard backed book and are terrifically clever. One can watch television programmes, read electronic facsimiles of books and play simulated card games on them. As I say, quite extraordinarily impressive devices and I never fail to give […]

Arsenal – Balance and Composure

  A few words from @MuppetGunner The wheels have come off the bus. Our main focus should be to take a step back from the hysteria and vitriol and try to analyse what is going wrong. I didn’t see the Liverpool game, but saw the Chelsea, West Brom and Crystal Palace games. In between those, […]

The Sanchez Catastophe: Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Ozil

Surely no smiling matter, Alexis? The false dawn of the West Ham result has proven to be a particularly bitter pill to swallow. That game was a convincingly dominant, effective and exciting performance and one we all believed would surely herald the start of our traditional end of season run-in that would see us stake […]

A Death At The Palace.

I was charged with doing the post match review as unfortunately ,for us all, our forever chirpy Andy Nic. is hibernating in the Hebrides. I was minded to give it a swerve, hide under a rock and hope no one noticed. As my old Mum says “if you have nothing good to say-say nothing”. Had […]

Arsenal Versus Palace: Pass The Soap Please Jeeves

I’m in a dilemma this morning. Not the classic Marmite or marmalade dilemma – that was resolved many years ago when I realised that one can simply have both. Not at the same time you understand, I’m not an animal. News from across the pond has reached me of an American ritual of spreading both […]

Arsenal: The Green Shoots of April

Good Morning Positivistas, What a gorgeous Spring morning. Little lambs gambolling happily and noisily in the field, scurrying packs of ducklings on the river bank. Hullo clouds, Hullo sky. As you can probably tell it is my last day before the annual retreat to the Hebrides – and my mood is rather good. And to […]