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The Complexity Of Rotation

Rotation is harder than you think. Back in the late seventies, Sussex CCC was blessed with four outstanding International cricketers: Imran Khan and Javed Miandad from Pakistan, Garth Le Roux and Kepler Wessels from South Africa. Two fine batters and two exceptionally quick bowlers, the quickest I ever kept to. The only problem anyone could […]

Wenger Must Go !

  My dad was an Arsenal supporter – still is, at the tender age of 97. I say supporter, rather than fan, because he’s never lived near London, so opportunities to attend matches have been limited. His attachment to Arsenal began during the days of the great Herbert Chapman, just as many have been drawn […]

Cesc Back , Yes Or No ?

The great Cesc Fàbregas debate rages on, fueled by idiots like me who tweet about it and write blogs about it. Will he leave Barcelona ? Do we want him ? Do we need him ? Is there a buyout clause-how much is it ? Does Arsene want him ? Would he disrupt the team […]

Anfield 89 , With The Superstar Raconteur Mel O’Reilly

Mel tells me that I should remember it is the anniversary of the great night at Anfield. He also tells of the the need for his award winning account of that night ,to be published today. And on this date every year. Forever. This wonderful story was written by Mel, for another blog ,then picked […]

Waiting For The Hero.

Today’s post is brought to us by @Liveorangejuice ,who translated it from another language. I’ve left it “as is” because I don’t want to tamper with it. So please understand the sometimes odd grammar. “Gunnywood. If there was not this final, it should have been made up.” Why do we love English football? Because it’s […]

Escape to Victory: Highbury to Wembley and Back Again

Today’s post is by Finsbury The magic of Wembley ..? “I love the idea of Per & Laurent and the rest taking turns during half-time and the game to help dig the escape tunnel out from the dressing room (passing straight under Probert & Riley’s office, of course) out of Wembley and back to Highbury” […]

Transfers ? Dont Hold Your Breath !

    During last summer’s transfer window, when speculation was at its highest (AFC still hadn’t signed anyone anybody had ever heard of) Arsene was asked a direct question about Cesc Fabregas and said: “he won’t be going anywhere this season” or words to that effect. But he said it in a way that made […]

A Case For Wengers Defence

A caller to the tedious and now rather boring drive time show on talk sport on the Monday after our FA cup win went on about how Mr Wenger is rubbish at buying defenders. He went on about Cygan, Senderos etc. and also how he had not replaced the defense. I am not sure which […]

The Importance Of Winning The FA Cup

Well that was two days of the most extreme emotions. In the run up to the kick-off I was quite calm. I was sure we would win. In fact I was sure we would win at a canter. But that wasn’t to be. No, it was like the script for a Rocky film, with us […]

Enjoy The FA Cup Final- I Will !

    I was reflecting yesterday on days past, football memories and others. The exercise probably the result of too little motivation to get on with real work on a sunny Friday afternoon. Some great days and vivid images flooded back. More often not the pivotal moments of a day or an event, but the […]