Cesc Back , Yes Or No ?

The great Cesc Fàbregas debate rages on, fueled by idiots like me who tweet about it and write blogs about it.

Will he leave Barcelona ?

Do we want him ?

Do we need him ?

Is there a buyout clause-how much is it ?

Does Arsene want him ?

Would he disrupt the team spirit ?

Should we go for him just to stop someone else getting him ?

Would he “kill” Jack ,  Aaron, AOC  or anyone else ?

Is he injury prone ?

Is he slow ?

And on and on and on go the questions.


Just like the Arense in/out debate, there is a full spectum of opinions. The fan base is divided .

Least we forget , this is a player that forced his way out of the club.

Arsene did not want to sell him and he had a long contract. The team had been built around him.

Arsene had trusted him to lead us forward in a very difficult time. He was key to the future of the team and the club. We were forced to sell him at less than the perceived market value. It was him who did the forcing.

At the time it was a crushing blow to everyone at the club.

He knew his importance . He knew the love the fans and staff felt for him, yet he forced his way out.

I don’t care a jot that he wanted to go home, win things and play with his mates. He let everyone who loves the club down. He chose to do that. Him, and him alone.

I care even less that he is savvy enough to bang on about his love for Arsenal, for me its just rhetoric. Its like a man who leaves his loyal and loving wife and goes back to his first love. Its poor form and he let us down.

He let me down, ! I was gutted .

Did he go on strike? I don’t know ! No one outside the club does. But I do know that Nasri played and he didn’t. Yet two days after he left he was playing with his first love, running around like a spring lamb.

Am I bitter? You bet your life I am !


He is a fabulous player. He would be a huge asset to us now.

He could cover for Ozil and Ramsey(or alternate ,if you would rather) .

He would make us more dangerous going forward, score and assist as a given.

I believe that before he left he was the best player in the league, he was that good. He would be up there again I have no doubt.

Still, until the questions asked at the top are answered , its a redundant debate.

For the record though, if buying him did not adversely effect the purchase of players in positions that we have a greater need , I would be happy to see him back at the club.

My hypocrisy knows no bounds.



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73 comments on “Cesc Back , Yes Or No ?

  1. All lingering issues will be solved next season when fully fit Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott bang in 20 extra goals each, on top of Giroud’s 25, and combined with Jack Wilshere and AOC finally getting their goal scoring sorted out.

    If Cesc can help
    Make this happen, great.


  2. i dont know,… on paper yes of course, in practice? if the rumours about striking are true and players know it it will be demoralising for them to see him back and becoming wenger’s numero uno…do we care? …nooo let em sort it out…..anyway is barcelona really selling? i dont know…how much for? do we have buy-back clause ? can he force move by declaring us the only club hed go to and thus help us lower the transfer fee? like they did to us?… and why not song too? ….the return : vela cesc song….and august joker card…marco reus…


  3. Can’t forget Gnabry.
    The Gnipper started off the cup run with that run and assist for Carzola. Probably would have played in June final with others out but he too was niggled.
    Chamberlain looked simply awesome on his return from injury. Scoring goals too! That’s where he is a scary prospect, for the opposition. Then the relative lack of fitness caught up with him and he picked up the inevitable niggle with so many others also out at the time. *sniffs*
    Walcott we know is a “goal machine”. *sobs*
    Campbell. He’s quick!

    I think Sanogo proved against Hull that we have a back up ‘lump’ for OG. Hull did not like it up ’em, heh. Good finishes from OG tonight, he could have an interesting World Cup, if he keeps his focus…

    So, I wouldn’t complain if any more speedy forward types came in. Not that I have a preference, or anything *coughs*


  4. Um,
    ‘June’ = ‘the cup final but he too was niggled’


  5. Ladies and gentlemen. And the rest of you peasants.
    I present to you, Arsenal’s world class striker:


  6. ICrediting Valbuena for the assist on Giroud’s first goal is a bit of a stretch. Olive picked up a pass, did a sombrero over his defender and struck it sweetly into the net. His second was typical Giroud. He made a wonderful run into the box and headed home the cross. If he gets that type of service next season, he’ll score by the bucket load.


  7. Earlier on someone said they’d get rid of Djourou. I’m not sure I’d get rid of him given how good he and Koscielny played together a few seasons ago. I’d have him and Vermaelen be the back up partnership or I’d play him with Koscielny when Per needs a rest. Either way, I’d keep him around just in case.


  8. Crap I just remembered the Vela rumors. He’d be an interesting pick given how he’d qualify as homegrown and he’s not too awful at finishing.


  9. It’s settled then. Schneiderlin, Vela, Joel Campbell and Serge Aurier are my transfer targets.


  10. That’s only about £30 million Gains, the great unwashed would go into meltdown


  11. Tough shgit, Georgie.

    I read what Lahm said about Giroud right after watching a clip of Giroud’s neat flick into the Southampton net at St. Mary’s. Man is off his meds. He’s exceptional in the box for a big man and he crosses the ball like god would if he were a footballer.


  12. I’m of two hearts. On the one hand the team has moved on in every sense including tactically and it doesn’t seem fair to those team members who stayed behind and paid their dues. On the other hand he is an exceptional talent that knows the club and the setup very well and since he realizes he probably made a mistake in forcing a move he will be an extremely valuable player if given a second chance at THE ARSENAL. add to that that I abhor the idea of seeking him in the colors of the red mancs or for that matter the blue ones. Its bad enough seeing him in Catalan colors. And what is his DNA stirs up again, which I doubt , in a year or two. all this said , I think if the right opportunity presents itself, AW will give him a second chance and that goes for VELA too. I’ll leave it to AW as that is why he is getting the big bucks for. To look after ARSENALS best interests. He will do what is best for the club.
    I can’t wait for the next campaign to begin.. birth pangs of history and all that ……..


  13. If he and CARLOS were brought back I would get behind them as I hold them to a different light. Something I can’t say when it comes to nastry, ady and rvp. I would not be able to feel the same way towards them as i did when they were with us. All cesc did was to lose faith and patiance with the ARSENAL PROJECT towards the last year of an eight year stint. He has paid his dues through some of the most difficult years in club history. i wish him well where ever he ends up . Individually as a player.


  14. Nice writeup GEORGE. very thought provoking. are you taking questions from our group for pedritto or do you have it all figured out.
    Send him back a changed man … Next year the fans have a massive role to.play. No doubt. Unification a must. The atmosphere at the new HIGHBURY un equaled.


  15. I’m in agreement with Goonerkam’s comment at 1.40 am. Cesc is easily excused for losing faith and patience with the Arsenal project, it is understandable if indeed that is the reason. None the less he is too good to turn down and players of the quality we have in mid field always play well together….


  16. Gainsbourg69 at 11:19 pm

    I tried to return to my peasant roots on the morning of the parade. I have a huge blister in the palm of my hand after using a trowel to remove some weeds from my mothers garden.


  17. i disagree with palour that we dont need fabregas. though i also agree he is not a priority. the question is what is our priority now?
    if you say it is striker/s, i will also disagree because we have four presently. and what we learn last season is that considering our style of play, we need more midfielders than strikers. especially ones that can get you goals.
    when we bought ozil, many ‘super’ pundits said he was not what we need. but before the season runs out we were already looking everywhere for loan signings in his position.


  18. It obvious by AW comments last year that he is in contact with Fab “quoting” he would be staying at Barca at least for another year, he has done most things since he left under a black cloud like win trophies league, cup and world cup medals and be near family
    members. Rumours were his fiance wants to be on london. I would take
    him back as long as he realises he’s not now the first name on the team sheet but he is still world class. The ones who dont want him back would soon forget how he left when he puts in 100% for the team


  19. i disagree with ray palour and many others who say we dont need fabregas. although i also agree with some others who think he is not or priority.
    but the question is what is our priority? it is not a striker/s because we have FOUR already and giroud is a world class. if we learn anything from last season, we will all realise that that our style of play means we need more midfielders. especially ones that can get us goals and assist. lets remember what all those super pundits said when we bought ozil. we were all told that we have several ozils in our squad. but by january arsene was getting abuse left right and centre for not getting a loan signing in that same position even after we got kim.

    our priority apart from a right back and reserve keeper, is to be injury free. but if that can not be guaranteed, we need anyone who can improve us, especially in those positions where we do have problems.


  20. oops! almost like a double post. it wasnt intended.


  21. Ray could be right. We don’t “NEED” him, in as much as we need something else more.
    That doesn’t mean we should not get him though.


  22. Here is an example from the spam bin that almost beggars belief. No wonder the wotld is going backward.
    “I wish he realises that he is the one that is keeping the club retarded and he goes .We do not need his stupid thinking”


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