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Arsenal: A Bit of Common Sense

@GoonerReverend joins us this morning from the adjoining parish  (I bet you were expecting a match review) Arsenal have parted ways with chief scout Steve Rowley after 25 years and replaced him with ‘diamond eye’ Sven Mislintat from Borussia Dortmund. If you believe the press and some of the more fanciful Arsenal bloggers who have […]

Arsenal: We know we are

Good Morning Fans of the Positive,   A slightly fuzzy morning up here in Norfolk as a result of mixing the grain and the grape, so excuse the sluurrrrrring and dribbling below. I’m entitled though, and I know it. And why am I entitled ? Because after a fortnight of being told about the best […]

Arsenal: Darkness after noon, the cock shall not crow

@LaboGoon leads the congregation in this morning’s worship  “Victory through Harmony” vs “To do is to dare” The North London Derby. What a fixture to restart the PL after the international break that finalizes places for Russia 2018. Arsenal and Spurs both go into today’s game having so much to play for; namely pride, bragging […]

Arsenal: The Fall of Fate

Good morning Positives, So … another international break, another fortnight to ponder the knowns v unknowns of our chosen sport, the carefully laid plans, the freaks of opportunity and of fortune, the strengths and weaknesses of character, and a reluctant acceptance of Fate. After Super Sunday, Meditative Monday. Of yesterday’s match I felt that we […]

Arsenal vs Manchester City – Daunting?

  It’s @LaboGoon once again “Daunting”… That’s the word many in the media space use to draw us a picture building up to our game at the Etihad. I don’t necessarily think they do this to dishearten us per se, it’s more to do with the excitement and the ‘aura’ that encompass Pep’s team at the […]

Arsenal: Easing Through

  Good morning sons and daughters of the Positive persuasion, I would say a measured step into the “Round of 32” of the Europa League achieved with minimum fuss last night. We expected a positive result, we got the result we needed. The A team v B team format in PL and Cup competitions is […]

Stop Gushing Over Others and Support Arsenal !

    Good morning my positive friends. Now, where to start? Perhaps we should start by crying about how good a team the UAE F.C. have bought themselves up in Manchester? Or maybe wallow in pity about Spurs managing to beat a Real Madrid team that find themselves in the middle of a doldrums rarely […]