Arsenal: The Fall of Fate


Good morning Positives,

So … another international break, another fortnight to ponder the knowns v unknowns of our chosen sport, the carefully laid plans, the freaks of opportunity and of fortune, the strengths and weaknesses of character, and a reluctant acceptance of Fate. After Super Sunday, Meditative Monday.

Of yesterday’s match I felt that we were beaten by a better side on the day. The movement of Citeh’s front four, especially Sane, with their strings pulled by Silva pulled us apart on several occasions and the half time score probably was a little generous to us. We have very good players, the equivalent quality to De Bruyne, Aguero and Sterling, and later Jesus, but yesterday they created more chances, and better chances. Fortunately their finishing was fairly shite.

I make no criticism of our defenders or keeper. I think Francis Coquelin put in a good shift in a role that he had no experience and probably no idea he would be playing in until the aircraft took off. Kosc and Nacho played well and Sead was, in my opinion, probably our best player. His battle with Walker was a great contest.

I do not think that Sanchez playing up front on his own worked. Had Danny been fit it may have been the card to play but the Chilean did not settle to the task, and our shape was ragged.

I think after 56 minutes with the introduction of Lacazette we looked a far more effective operation and for the first time forced Citeh on to the back foot. Suddenly Alexis looked confident and effective, Mesut and Rambo gained half a yard. Suddenly, and by no means against the run of play, we were RIGHT BACK IN IT.

I really fancied that in the final 10-15 minutes of the game that the home side, having had a hard game at Naples in the week, would be there for for the taking as fatigue set in. Fool that I am.

Alas however whatever ‘could’ have been achieved with our team properly balanced we shall never know as a third home goal intervened. After the third went in we did not get the upper hand again in the final 20 minutes. I sympathise with the anger and frustration of the players. A clear error by the linesman that could have been resolved in seconds by the VAR. But we are where we are. We won’t be where we are in two years time, but no doubt there will be other obstacles that crop up in due course. I shall rant at the moon ( again).

The Totties up next- exactly the opponent required.  Let’s make sure the officials know which way to twist the knife.


Not a cloud in the sky this morning nor a breath of wind moving the trees. See above. Enjoy your week.

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211 comments on “Arsenal: The Fall of Fate

  1. Arsenal U23’s are playing Porto, 0-0 at half time
    the team: Iliev, Osei-Tutu, Pleguezuelo, Chambers, Debuchy, Sheaf, Dragomir, Dasilva, Akpom, Willock, Nelson

    Nketiah is rumored to be in the first team squad for the NLD


  2. Good to have most of you back PG but you just might have to settle for the recording just to be on the safe side. 😁Ha!

    Can’t see us losing tomorrow so you should be fine watching it live.


  3. Arsenal U18 beat Norwich City U18’s 3-0 earlier today, goals scored by Balogun, Ballard and Smith

    team -Virginia Clarke Thompson Benson Ballard (C) Omole Amaechi Smith Balogun Coyle Swanson
    Substitutes John-Jules Barden Olayinka Spencer-Adams Burton


  4. Arsenal FC‏Verified account @Arsenal
    11m11 minutes ago

    We’ve taken the lead shortly following the break at Meadow Park through @ReissNelson9 – who curled a fantastic effort into the top corner. Arsenal 1-0 Porto #AFCU23


  5. FT: Arsenal U23’s 1-0 Porto U23’s

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  6. Have to say, as someone who reads too many publications perhaps for my own good, I have never witnessed such a media onslaught on Arsenal and Wenger.
    We all know the MSM love the Spuds, and have a rather different opinion on Mr Wenger. But this seems something else, just hope the PGMOL are not influenced by it, of course they never would be.
    Where is this anti arsenal bias come from, agents denied rich pickings, bookies denied a club to play the system. Or those who covet what Stan has?
    It seems nobody gives us a prayer, a spud wankfest in full weinsteinian flow, ex players demean our players in a combined team, supposed AFC fans on forums wanting the spuds to win. Apparently those notorious knee jerkists Kroenke and Wenger will change our MO should we lose
    We face Players cynically kept from internationals, wish we would do the same on that front, we face a good team, a cynical team, a good manager, the divers, the media, and pretty much the whole country, we can do well in those circumstances, if allowed.
    Time for ours to step up

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  7. “I don’t know Troy Deeney personally but this has to do with respect,” Xhaka says. “If he believes we don’t have cojones, he can come to our locker room and see for himself.”

    Hahaha.. ‘suck my balls’

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  8. New Post upon NLD day


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