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Galatasaray Coming To Town

Today’s post by Bradyesque7 I wasn’t in Copenhagen that night. Neither did I feel the anxiety of having a loved one over there when word got back that there was trouble afoot. It would be wrong of me to suggest how people should feel about prospect of coming face-to-face with the Galatasaray fans again. I […]

Has Arsene Really Got A Magic Hat?

Since the Premiership began no team has won it that has not gone on a sustained spending spree, in terms of transfer fees and wages, that has seen then considerably outspend their rivals. Oh sorry.  Apart from Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.  Three times. Manchester United, one of the biggest sports institutions in the world is the […]

The Magic That Turns An Overseas Supporter Into A Gooner

I have often said to anyone listening – and to a few who probably were not – that there is a certain magical element to football rarely encountered in other sporting environments.  Although I follow various sports and enjoy all manner of different cultural (and less-than-cultural) pursuits, there really is nothing like football for its […]

Supporting Both Sides Of The Arsenal Coin

Today’s article comes courtesy of The Beck. . Sometimes, when I blog something, I feel like I’m writing about a viewpoint which some simply don’t want to hear or read.  Sometimes, I include even myself in that.  Such people might prefer sitting isolated, in complete bliss, a state which more easily suits their agendas or […]

An Old Cock And Bull Story

We haven’t heard from our dear friend Frank for quite a while now.He is most likely doing the Grand Tour of Europe on Lady Nina,but wherever he is,he has my best wishes and I hope he knows how much we miss him. Anyway,here is an old post from him that reminds us of his genius. […]

The Quiet Arts Of Mikel Arteta

Word of warning: I do not have to have the tactical knowledge of a primary school coach, let alone Wenger to fully appreciate or realize all the things Arteta does in the team. I just watch us play and will try to write on the limited things I see. They don’t get it, do they? […]

Are You Calling Me Paranoid?

I have a problem, not a little problem but a huge great rolling stone ball of a problem that even Indiana Jones would struggle to get away from. I love football and I love Arsenal, the highs and lows that this great game can give are some of the most diverse you can have in […]