Has Arsene Really Got A Magic Hat?


Since the Premiership began no team has won it that has not gone on a sustained spending spree, in terms of transfer fees and wages, that has seen then considerably outspend their rivals.

Oh sorry.  Apart from Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.  Three times.

Manchester United, one of the biggest sports institutions in the world is the default winner. Everything being equal, as the richest club, they would dominate their own domestic league, much as Bayern Munich does in Germany. It would take something special to take the title from them.

Jack Walker showed what that special thing was when Blackburn Rovers outspent them and won the title in 1995. United responded by buying it back, outspending them and everyone else over the next few years.

Chelsea – or should I say Roman Abramovich – came along in 2003 and went on what we thought at the time was the Mother Of All Spending Sprees.  Two years later they had paid enough to lift the crown.  Conservative estimates are that Roman has now spent north of one and a half billion pounds of his own personal wealth.

Then came Sheiikh Mansour and he really went to town.

During this period, Arsenal have built a new stadium and won bugger all.

It does not take Einstein to work out why.

It seems that we are now in a position to start shopping for players nearer to the top shelf. However, we are still miles behind United, Chelsea and City in terms of what we can consistently spend.

We have a large pot this year and might have a one off splurge. But it will be a one off. And we still cant go head to head in any type of auction with these three.

So what are we going to do?

Settle for Fourth?

I can’t imagine we have gone through the pain of the last eight years so that we can do that.

Well what then?

For starters we are going to have to buy cheaper, less complete players and turn them into world class players. Of course we are quite a way down this road already.  Jack, AOC, Aaron and Gibbs all have a chance of becoming really great players.

We will have to buy not only top players but also players that fit in with our playing style. I say that because millions of fans world wide have chosen to support Arsenal rather than trophy buying teams on the whole because of the way we play the game.  It’s not because of Herbert Chapman, Anfield ’89 or the Famous Back Five. These fans are more and more going to be vital in funding the club and buying merchandising. Entertainment will be paramount in future.

A manager that can follow the vision of Arsene Wenger and work within the parameters set by the board will have to be found.

This manager, because he will be working at a financial disadvantage, will have to be better than the managers at the other clubs for us to have a chance.

I personally believe that with the right two additions to our squad we will be very much in the mix. No matter what you think could have happened over recent years, the fact is we are in a very good position to kick on because of Arsene’s genius.

We need a manager as good as Arsene to take us forward.

In short, we need Arsene.

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  1. Oh shut up everyone.I cant get a word in


  2. Yet again PG i agree with every word you have written….top post…but I must get back to work…..but we really must sign somebody……


  3. My posts seem to go MIA George, tried posting again last night, and it.. disappeared. Into the ether. Unless you guys are trying, in a none-too-subtle way, to tell me something (Faaak off ‘Arry)

    No great loss to the discourse of course, but still…………..weird huh (cue: Twilight Zone theme). No, I’m probably just doing it wrong or summat. Wouldn’t be the first time. (insert smiley etc etc)

    Testing, testing.


  4. Working fine now it seems. Ffs.



  5. Spot on, George. You took at back to basics today. Some fundamental truths for people to reacquaint themselves with.


  6. Well according to Payton and his pals at Le Groan, AW lost his magic hat a long time ago and this is his last chance to spend. Ha, Ha, Ha.

    These fellows are so dim. They can’t see that a championship-winning squad has been rebuilt, 15 games unbeaten, with AW determined to move it to a higher level by going for the best available player in the Premier League. No wonder they are now moaning that £40million is too much when minutes before they were complaining AW has spent so little. They are looking at Wenger’s tail lights, as usual.

    It is the foolish dog that barks at the flying bird.


  7. Top post!…..and true all the way.

    Arsene, at this, time is the perfect and best manager for Arsenal. He’s made the board’s job easy for it since the Emirates move by spotting and signing young talent for peanuts and quality players flying under the radar for bargain prices. Doomers in their bid to rubbish the man and his ways, play down the importance and significance of qualifying for the UCL consistently for 16 years. Such a classy gentleman and to that effect, I echo you thoughts from yesterday Nidheesh (the ones about Wenger).

    Has he pulled a rabbit out the bag? I say yes!…….actually, he pulled an Obusier de 520 modèle 1916 out of a skull cap. Arsene was born to manage Arsenal I say!………..(see his name for proof)


  8. I agree with shotta above. This team feels me with so much confidence………confidence in the knowledge that they will not roll over and die. That they will fight till the final whistle.

    There is a collective feeling of hunger to do well and team spirit and morale is high! Watch this space!


  9. A sound analysis George and here is no doubt that AW will be with us going forward.

    Is it just me or is today some sort of a Festival of Competitive Fuckwittery among some of our fellow fans ?

    There appears to be one gang debating at length, and apparently in all seriousness, the actual wording of LS’s contract with Liverpool football club and how the working might be interpreted and enforceable.

    No one has seen the contract, no one has any idea what it says, no one will ever see the contract is my guess. Does that deter any contributor ? Not a bit of it.

    While another group appear to be locked into a lengthy debate about a ‘rumour’ of ‘tension’ in the AFC boardroom reported by some journo who apparently was unable to come up with any evidence to support the story.

    For Gawd’s sake – enough


  10. And when he saw Cazorla available for a price the club could afford (last season) he said:

    I’m having that!

    And now we stand at the threshold of a new era. Not the era prophesied in some areas but then the club has been waving a vague finger in the direction of 2014 over the years so perhaps it is not a surprise anyway.


  11. PG do you filter out trolls? How is it we don’t get any dipsticks like Oh Theo Theo and Joe coming on here to spoil our party?


  12. As for Amy Lawrence is it safe to file her latest revalation a alongside the “the African clique” exclusive when Kolo left. Because, it’s not like any of us have been in a dressing room with arguments, it’s not like anyone here saw Adebayor headbut Bendtner or give a longstanding nickname to another player of the Ego. Nope.

    I sure am glad to have a specialist Arsenal hack who has never once declared as highlighted yet again in the manager’s most recent comments that the club was operating under relatively intense financial constraints for a long time, who is capable of providing us all with somehing ‘exclusive’ to talk about. That players argue and all the rest. I suppose she has to eat.

    Cheers, Amy.


  13. I do indeed filter Georgaki,
    Some would call it “censorship”,which is exactly what it is.


  14. Nice site, its my first visit – thought i was the positive gooner 🙂
    Only found the site due to a derogatory tweet from some WOB, thought that sounds like my kinda site!
    Anyway tired of negative gooners, positive sorts just can’t win.


  15. Nice one George, we need Arsene to sign up & lively….. as for Payton & Le Grove,a marriage made in heaven. Sky sports wankers.


  16. speaking the truth and stating the obvious …..your gonna upset people with that again George, another great post. its a shame when journos like amy, that in the past have had knowledgeable articles in their locker , resort to writing inflammatory stuff only good enough for the red tops.
    History will judge just how big ARSENE’s magic hat is, but for now we should just enjoy the team.
    oh and welcome 777 I follow you on twitter so its about time you showed up on here.


  17. Has Tim “Patience” Payton been signed up by Le Grove?

    Timothy’s new found patience now wearing awfully thin I’m guessing. Heh. I mean I can laugh at it, but in his position it speaks volumes that he should choose to write anything for that lot.


  18. Welcome Jon – join me among the most deluded bunch of one eyed Arsenal fans this side of Key Largo

    We do all sorts of wacky stuff here

    Enjoy the football, give a pat on the back for a good performance even, praise young players, take no interest in the accounts whatsoever

    Radical and, some say, ‘dangerous’


  19. Top Top Quality post PG!
    I think hunter said it takes around £300m to 400m extra spending to stop arsenal winning every year from our rivals. and which kids are on the England team too?
    if hunter didn’t say it, I’m taking the credit.
    Right now.


  20. Ladies and Gents

    A very interesting piece by Bootoomee on Untold Arsenal about how there are more grumpy Arsenal fans than other fans…..



  21. “going for the best available player in the Premier League” I thought that was Bale?

    Could end up costing us a lot more than too much money


  22. Have you all seen this video? From our old friend C.Davies, I found the link on Arsenalvision.

    Top top editing.


  23. Really enjoyed that fins. Can’t wait for the weekend. I’m off to the Emirates Up…


  24. Nice post George

    Georgaki @8:12 thanks for that. That Bootoomee knows!


  25. Definitely interesting piece Grorgaki. It’s all about Arsene!

    Fins what a player we have on our hands. I’m really excited about this season. The team is purring and I just can’t wait to see Wengerball…………and sometimes, Bouldyball! (I’m looking at you Anicoll).


  26. Great stuff, George. Others have said it, but I agree that the most important signing we will make this year is Arsene Wenger’s new contract.

    I find it fairly easy to ignore the moaners, but one thing that really sets my teeth on edge is when someone says “We have to get back to winning things!” Am I missing something? Do we never win? Are we not on a winning run right now? You’d think we were QPR for fuck’s sake. I know, I know, “trophies”, they say. “Silverware”. Know what? I don’t care. Heresy from one of those “foreign fans”, I guess, but I could give two shits. George is right, I came for the football, not for the trophies. I’m following anicoll’s prescription: “Enjoy the football, give a pat on the back for a good performance even, praise young players, take no interest in the accounts whatsoever”


  27. I think our squad is good enough as it stands. Cannot wait for the season to start.


  28. What always surprised me was the calm and reassuring self which Arsene always seem to possess once he is outside the pitch.

    When these days where some from the Arsenal world and many outside it delivering what they think is the million dollar advices to Arsene about running a club and donning the transfer market satisfy their self inflated ego by doing so. As always WOB couldnt wait any longer to see Arsene’s demise and come up with claims that they knew already where it was heading.

    Despite all these atrocities, the way Arsene deals with the press is extremely commendable for me. The real differnece I felt was when trying to picture the other so called successful managers in Arsene’s coat under same circumstances. I dont think SAF, who could not even stand a refeering decision against him or Jose who gets irritated quicker than anyone could have steered clear of all this shit for years and remain their reassuring self.

    Only a man whose eyes are solely fixed on the target and the one who has his vision as clear as in a mirror, can really understand where he is heading to and all those distractions happening around gives him added strength to tread his path even better.


  29. So Arseblog is now advocate and counsel for Liverpool in their campaign to put the kibosh on Suarez’s transfer to Arsenal. This doyen of Arsenal bloggers was not shy to use his own Arseblog news to observe with relish that:

    “Despite much speculation, and indeed fiction, regarding the clause in Luis Suarez’s contract, Liverpool have let it be known this evening that there’s no obligation on their part to sell him despite Arsenal’s bid of £40,000,001.

    “It seems that Arsenal have misjudged this one, bidding on the back of bum info, so now what do they do?”

    While “our” blogger is quick to dispense Liverpool’s point of view, using his own news service, a Twitter account, under the name hul10, offered an alternative opinion, in the following is a series of tweets:

    “Anyone else think it is odd that media glossing over #lfc admission that #afc bid requires “good faith” negotiations?
    media burying lede again. #LFC admits that #Arsenal bid triggered requirement for “good faith” negotiations.
    “Good faith” negotiations means reaching a mutually agreeable outcome for all parties involved in contractual act.
    “UK law: employers must honor “good faith” clause if term contractually stipulated. Petromec v Petroleo Brasileiro (2005)
    “It’s an American legal term meaning serious negotiations aimed at meeting Suarez/bidders needs are required
    “The legal definition of “good faith” w/ re to employment law is to engage in negotiations with purpose of reaching agreement.”

    Thank heavens there is someone, unlike our intrepid news hound, willing to offer an alternative legal perspective in support of the AFC. Is there anything more surprising than the undermining of AFC by people who you would least expect. Keeps happening all the time.


  30. Man “City being used to promote a country perpetrating serial abuses’….that’s human rights abuses…in the Guardian…today….well I would not care a hoot if they owned AFC as long as they spend big and we win everything…..like fuck I would…..


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