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Pivotal Game For Arsenal And United.

Good morning all, This afternoon at 5.30 Arsenal take on United in what I see as a pivotal game for both sides. Arsenal need to win to squash the lingering doubts that our recent run of good form is more down to our good play than it is to how poor our opposition has been. […]

Are Recent Results a New Dawn Or A False Dawn?

Good morning Positives, Today @shotta_gooner and I look back at the Southampton game and in light of 16 points from the last 18 available, discuss how much optimism we can allow ourselves. This podcast is recorded, edited and published by Shotta on Uncensored Arsenal and available on Spreaker Apple Podcast,  Soundcloud, Google podcasts, etc.  Simply […]

Seconds Out, Round Two vs Southampton.

Good morning all. Tonight we face the team that dumped us out of our FA Cup just 4 days ago and on the same stage. A real case of getting back on the bike. We only lost by a rather unfortunate own goal and we will be starting a better and fresher team, while due […]

Goodbye Mesut, A Unique Talent

With the unconfirmed news that Ozil is leaving us, @shotta_gooner and I voice our appreciation for the talent that is Mesut Ozil. We are available on Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Soundcloud, Google podcasts and many other platforms. Just search for UncensoredArsenal podcast.

Grim Draw, Grim Times, Grim Future?

Good morning campers. On this podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at the grim draw with Crystal Palace and I predict a grim future for the club and team. Our star players are either gone or fading fast and our hopes are pinned on the youth. We are hoping that all our prospects develop into top […]

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace.

Good morning all, it’s been a while. Tonight we face Crystal Palace in what I suspect will be our biggest test in quite some time. Roy’s boys will set up in a low block and look to hit us on the break, with players ideally suited ,like Zaha, Eze and Townsend. We have struggled, to […]

Arteta, Thanks For Nothing.

On today’s podcast me and @shotta_gooner take a look at the Brighton and WBA games, but mainly I go ballistic about the stupidity in the media and our own fanbase. So sorry about that. Pedantic George.