Grim Draw, Grim Times, Grim Future?

Good morning campers.

On this podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at the grim draw with Crystal Palace and I predict a grim future for the club and team. Our star players are either gone or fading fast and our hopes are pinned on the youth. We are hoping that all our prospects develop into top class players, understandable yet unlikely.

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I fear I’m beginning to sound like a broken record on this blog and these podcasts while adding little to the discussion so please feel free to add comments that help. The content has become just a vehicle for my opinion, this was never the intention for this site. Originally the idea was a collective, but it seems now that it’s just me boring you and me to death. So please, if you have an opinion that you feel you would like you express, let me know either directly or in the comments. Let’s get back to being the collective that we were supposed to be. The site should go in the direction that the collective leads it, not where I go. The very essence of the site is at stake.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Do as I suggest not as I do sort of advice, as I never manage to make it stick, but I have a lot of experience of attempting to change way I ‘do’ football.

    Mine stems mostly from my beliefs about refereeing/pgmol. Numerous times it has reached a pitch or place where I have to face fact it makes no sense at all, logically, for me to continue watching/putting myself through it.

    Tried various things but I suppose the main thing is always detachment. ‘I’m going to keep watching, that’s pretty clear, although sometimes doesn’t feel like it, so I need some sort of strategy that doesn’t leave me at mercy of Riley and co’ : detachment.

    Had some partial successes, trying all sorts, including trying to be as analytical as I like, or possible, while unplugging the pain bit if not going well.

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  2. George says they: “Could not run the club worse if they tried”

    As Shotta said the other week this is because this is:
    classic corporate asset stripping.

    The parable of our time/age. People make movies about it.

    Shotta you keep referring to Leeds have you seen the movie of the book The Damned Utd? The story of Clough & The Money Men in English Football. Which is similar to Wenger’s. And the current owners of the Gunners are similar to the former owners of Leeds who turned down/against the greatest football coach they ever saw: because they were/are fools (Clough went on to bring Forest up from the lower leagues and win three European Cups…)..

    The Arsenal are now the real life or modern version of The Damned Utd. The parallels are uncanny.


  3. The future is grim for Arsenal. Arsenal was built on values . It was a club that took care of players and staff. Now all those are gone out the window. We should have seen the writing on the wall from when Kolcieny our Captain rebelled , when Arsenal screwed Ramsey reneging on gentleman’s agreement on a contract. Now we see with Saliba,Mesut Ozil and Pablo Mari. We have a ruthlessly ambitious Manager in Arteta. Very Machiavellian . He screwed Ozil to satisfy the board which is why the board cannot do anything to him when he was losing without a no 10. He was rewarded and got promoted to Manager from head Coach and now he has been promoted over Edu. He gets access to the Kronkes something Edu dosent have. So Edu reports to him now. He is benching Pablo Mari after he has shown exceptional performance so that Arsenal doesn’t have to honor the contract with pablo’s previous club of paying $1M after each 10 games. Pablo just played the 9th one before being benched.
    Players see all these and are not willing to give all to the club. Arteta is not the Manager for Arsenal . He is a Rookie who doesn’t réalisé all the politics he is playing is going to do long term damage to the club. The story out there is that quality players don’t want to come Arsenal as they will treat you like shit. Even young Academy players want to get away from Arsenal. With Brexit,transfer rules will change and Arsenal won’t be able to buy players from Europe like before. The club will have to depend on its home grown players. And they don’t trust Arsenal anymore. Ask Folarin.


  4. Seems Mesut is gone. Fuck off Arsenal, just fuck right off.


  5. if Ozil is gone then I’m delighted

    delighted for Mesut that he gets to play again

    delighted for Mesut that he gets to play for the team he has supported from his childhood

    delighted for Mesut that he gets to play for fans that will adore him, support him and above all else appreciate him

    delighted for Fenerbahce fans that they get to have Ozil in their team

    delighted for all football fans that like to see skillful players play.

    delighted for Mesut that he gets away from the toxicity of Arsenal and so many of its bloggers and twitteratti

    Fenerbahce are currently 4th in their league just the 3pts off top spot, with a game in hand, so he will be joining a team fighting for the league title.

    Some reports that Sokratis is also in talks with Fenerbahce over a free transfer to them too

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  6. Mark McGuinness scored the only goal in Ipswich’s away win at Burton today


  7. once Ozil leaves it will mean all 18 players from our 2014 FA Cup final winning squad will be gone


  8. by the way it would also mean Bellerin is the only player left from our 2015 winning side and there are only Bellerin, Holding, Xhaka and Elneny left from our 2017 cup winning squad.


  9. Positively arsenal and yet again not a positive word said about Arsenal. So under the disguise of Positive in the title. Some how all the sad negative flotsam and jetsam spew more negative stuff to add to the media/press negative views about Arsenal.
    Positive stuff. We are on a five match unbeaten run with a team that is in transition. A football team/club that needs to rebuild form the foundation to the top and so far under the new manager we are moving in the right direction. In his first year ( with the present team of nearly but no quite nearly ) we have a trophy chest that has more quantifiable memorabilia than the spuds. We are building. Yet every supporter is a football manager and knows more than Arteta.
    I am an Arsenal supporter and love Arsenal ! I also support Arsenal in words of support and action when I go to see them win or lose as I am realistic. COYG !


  10. That’s the spirit Millie. I disagree on everything you say apart from your unwavering support.


  11. . Its been months since waiting for an Arsenal match to watch.No desire left.It started to happen since Wenger left. For a brief time it came back when Freddie and Arteta were appointed.But with Freddie gone and Arteta imposing his own defensive style the desire to watch Arsenal has diminished.
    I am sure Arsenal audience has plummetted across the globe.
    Do the owners care?Will they take some sort of action to halt this down slide?


  12. Ed
    On loan youth front, is going better than many a year with 5-6 playing very regularly.

    Less good news is Osei-Tutu injured again when nearing comeback and John-Jules went off with hamstring yesterday.

    Amazing when you go through youth prospects and it’s near 50:50 they stay relatively injury free between say 16-21 or have one big injury or lots of small/medium ones.


  13. Dynamiting and obliterating an old foundation to create a sceptic crater left by the explosion which is full of muck and shite is no one’s idea of progress.
    Anyone asking a demolition company to build them something will be in for a surprise though there would probably be some comedy in there too.

    Many a time in our shared history a villager stumbling across an old foundation from a forgotten lost civilisation will have the good sense to build upon that foundation. Recycle the rest. They may not even be able to read the words on the old monumental arch that they are using to prop up their ramshackle kitchen but at least they making use of stuff.

    It’s a bit like finding a football club with a foundation for a football team that puts £300M in your back pocket and an academy producing talent like Saka & ESR. A progressive bonus.

    Demolition vandalism & sabotage is not rebuilding.


  14. The old owners knew how to build a stadium on time and on budget in central London. Quite a feat.

    This current fraud mob inherited a brand new stadium over a decade ago and have never been able to sort out the catering. The ****ing catering! Let alone anything else.You get better pies at the Amex which is half the age of the Arsenal stadium. Which is located in a field in the middle of nowhere. These clowns have access to the supply, the labour…& in twice the time compared to the people running the Amex they’ve fucked it up completely. On the catering. Do we even need to look at the rest of the club? The important stuff. If they can’t even sort out sandwiches and cups of tea? I wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

    Each to their own I do not force my opinion upon others but: I can’t be lying to myself.


  15. Don’t waste your time comparing with Leicester or Villa:

    Brighton is a better managed well run club then the Arsenal in recent times.



  16. To be clear:

    The decision by the owners to dump the successful model (let’s call it Model A) copied by the likes of Leipzig and Leicester in order to unsuccessfully copy the model at Wolves (let’s call it Model B) has been an unmitigated disaster for Arsenal Football Club.

    Why is any debate over which Model was more appropriate for a club like the Arsenal not been allowed on the Internet?

    Why do the blaggers avoid it?

    Why do some people respond with irrelevant tropes like: “football goes on cycles’” because to be fair what the fuck does any of that shite have to do with the influence of those like Peter Risdale and others on the sport they are changing? People write books and movies on this this specific topic in football since the 1970s if not before. Thanks to George for at least having the discussion! Where others are unwilling.


  17. I quite like the pies they sell at the Emirates. Sausage rolls a bit too flakey for me.


  18. Didn’t say you can’t like or eat them.

    Enjoy yourself! Spend your money!!

    But these pies are not good as the pies at the Amex down at Brighton. Pies are made by better chefs using higher quality ingredients.

    I always bought food from the traders out front especially my Greek Cypriot friend’s home made burger stall (his mama would’ve been proud), then to give the frauds running the catering my money. Why would I pay more for food of lesser quality? That would never make any sense, though i suspect the likes of Raul and Josh have an easy answer.


  19. Millie. I admire you for being able to be actually positive in the current situation.

    We have been in transition for so many years I cannot remember when we weren’t.

    With respect, that is a very poor excuse for the way we are playing at present.

    Under Arteta, the transition will continue because there is no obvious direction that this transition will become the end product.

    I am afraid we are destined for mediocrity and lower end of the table for the time being.

    If you can be positive about that then I suspect it is based on imagination rather than reality.


  20. I’v always had a weakness for a poor pie, reminding me as they do of the 1970s. But clearly not surpised to hear that the Sussex pies are superior! And on that Sussexy theme, Fins at least mught enjoy this little story which I was reminded of last week on the birthday of Paul Parker, of Sussex and England cricket fame – and the finest fielder I’ve ever seen.
    After a long afternoon in the field the tea interval gave the captain a chance to regroup and ask for suggestions as to how the Yorkshire partnership (which was going on a bit) could be broken.

    ‘Why don’t we bowl for run-outs? was Paul’s idea. And so the plan was hatched. After tea most of the team adopted his habitual dress: long sleeves down and buttoned, Sussex cap worn. Parker clones were spread all round the field, with Colin Wells (fine player, not the most agile) at deepish mid-off. Boycott took several easy singles to him over the first few overs, but crucially missed Parker and Wells changing places. ‘Come one, easy’ he called as he pushed it yet again in what he thought was Bomber’s direction, but this time hardly made it past half-way.


  21. Indeed.

    As a football fan the fact that the arsenal were offering inferior pies to other clubs in the league was not concern for me.

    It was when the thundering see you next Tuesdays now mismanaging the club flogged off Alexis, Ramsey, Ozil etc for zero pounds whilst replacing them with Denis Suarez and Willian that I handed over my season ticket. Wow when you read back this record under the K’s it really is…something.

    And that was before the obvious Pepe boondoggle that would’ve turned Harry Redknapp green with envy. Imagine how many land rovers he could’ve bought!

    Yep. If the club takes zero pride in being a football club, in it’s footballers (never mind the pies haha!) then I have zero regrets about not paying for a season ticket anymore.


  22. Sorry for the delay in approving your comment on Positively Arsenal. Pedantic George


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