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Arsenal: Quality Is Not An Act, It Is A Habit

Good morning Positivistas from a dark Norfolk at a little after 6 this morning. An early start to Wednesday and just the vaguest lightening in eastern sky as I ponder last night’s events and how to describe and interpret them. A howl of frustration and a shriek of disappointment would be appropriate to clear the […]

Arsenal Versus Olympiacos: Sweet Surrender

Bloody football. Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off without it. Sorry, getting a little ahead of myself. Let me rewind. Steve Coaches was round my drum for a cuppa and a catch up yesterday afternoon. Since getting out of the rat race I don’t see much of him or anyone else for […]

The Great Ramsey On The Right Debate

Today a post by regular contributor Eduardo which originally appeared in yesterday’s Comments section of PA. Those with an agenda against Ramsey like to parrot the pundits and commentators who spout rubbish such as: “Ramsey unbalances the team ‘cos he moves central and [amazingly] to the left, during games.” This one “soundbite” suggests that many […]

Arsenal and Sanchez Meraviglia*

Good morning ++++ers, And a fine one it is. If last Sunday morning’s blank screen presented me with something akin to rolling large rock up a steep hill yesterday’s events in Leicester offer not even a vaguely similar challenge. I have had to search deep in my superlative drawer however to do the game justice. […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: The Coquelin Event Horizon

Everyone feeling a little bit happier now? A shot of league cup and North London Derby victory in the old veins has done the trick I trust? It may not have made a difference to our league position but by Jimminy the world seems a brighter place after a win doesn’t it? The league position […]

Flamini Seizes The Chance

Greetings on this fine early Autumn morning to you all, and above an excellent snap from the Mirror this morning that captures the moment the battle turned decisively last night. A little more chipper in my mood this morning and I suspect I am not the only Arsenal fan with a little skip in their […]

Arsenal Versus Spurs: Raise Your Weary Gloves

I don’t want to write this, and more importantly you don’t want to read it. So as an exercise in futility today’s blog is hard to beat. After Zagreb, the last thing we needed was an hour and a half in the company of the world’s most detestable football club. Like getting beaten up on […]

Why Football Must Follow Rugby’s Lead On Officiating

A guest post from Alex Goodchild It has been one sporting feast of a weekend, filled with drama and excitement. Despite the Rugby World Cup having just kicked off in London, the Premier League refused to be overshadowed, offering such spectacles as the next instalment in Wenger’s rivalry with Mourinho and Manchester City’s home clash against […]

Arsenal and the Absurd

Morning Positive people, In contrast to yesterday’s blazing sunshine a still day with patches of brightness this morning. An apt metaphor for my mood over the past 24 hours in relation to football. First, the game itself I think, because that is what football is about. I often barely mention the content of the game […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Beware The Wounded Beast

Chelsea. It wasn’t ever thus. There was once a time when the word evoked a different series of meanings, conjured other images. Fashionable clothes, big side burns, walking down the Kings Road, colourfully clad pensioners with shining medals and long memories, Charlie Cooke, John  Hollins, Alan Hudson, the Chelsea Drugstore (architecture meeting modern art on […]