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Why Football Must Follow Rugby’s Lead On Officiating

A guest post from Alex Goodchild It has been one sporting feast of a weekend, filled with drama and excitement. Despite the Rugby World Cup having just kicked off in London, the Premier League refused to be overshadowed, offering such spectacles as the next instalment in Wenger’s rivalry with Mourinho and Manchester City’s home clash against […]

Arsenal and the Absurd

Morning Positive people, In contrast to yesterday’s blazing sunshine a still day with patches of brightness this morning. An apt metaphor for my mood over the past 24 hours in relation to football. First, the game itself I think, because that is what football is about. I often barely mention the content of the game […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Beware The Wounded Beast

Chelsea. It wasn’t ever thus. There was once a time when the word evoked a different series of meanings, conjured other images. Fashionable clothes, big side burns, walking down the Kings Road, colourfully clad pensioners with shining medals and long memories, Charlie Cooke, John  Hollins, Alan Hudson, the Chelsea Drugstore (architecture meeting modern art on […]

Moja je Arsenal puna jegulja*

Good morning fellow sufferers, A result in Zagreb that surprised and disappointed in equal measure. Not a terminal blow by any means with five games in the group to go and our qualification firmly in our own hands but a poor start. It is the result that in reason seasons we risked, for example in […]

Arsenal Versus Građanski nogometni klub Dinamo Zagreb: Flights Of Fancy

Please accept my apologies if my by now customary flights of fancy are a little more fanciful than usual but yesterday I awoke with a migraine. The only efficacious pain medication I’ve found in these circumstances sends me a little, not to put too fine a point on it, doolally. I’ve been returning slowly to […]

A Little Less Contemplation, a Little More Action

Good morning from an early Autumn Norfolk, the faintest tips of gold beginning to show in the trees. And what of yesterday? Our opening 10-15 minutes were superb, as excellent a start to a home or away game as I can recall since we demolished Naples in October 2013. Stoke were immediately opened up by […]

Arsenal Versus Stoke: Putting Lipstick On A Pig

Exciting, free flowing Stoke City travel south to London today, whetting the appetite of sports fans across the nation. Mark Hughes brings an expensively assembled team of international all star talent to a clash already being labelled as beauty meets the beast. The home team, dogged, predictable Arsenal, have already earned a reputation for grinding […]