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Arsenal And The Big Mess It’s In !

Are Arsenal as bad as everyone is making out, are they in the mess we are constantly being told they are?  On average to win the PL you need 87 points, Arsenal last season finished with 63 point which on the face of it is miles behind that total, but let’s look at the games […]

Arsenal Plan And Execute Managerial Appointment Perfectly

  By and large I try not to feel sad for people, but I do feel slightly sad for all those outraged at the appointment of Emery. The concept of a management team maybe putting together a job description, employing Headhunters, compiling a long list, inviting applications, holding interviews, possibly then moving on to a […]

The New Arsenal Manager Must Be……..

After many years of arguing about whether or not Arsene should be our manager we can now turn our attentions to fighting about who should be the next manager. We are even managing to fight about how the selection process is done, never mind who should be anointed.(yes that’s not a typo). Everyone will have […]

Come On Arsenal, Do It For ……..Me.

  I expect to be put through a wide range of emotions between now and around 10 pm this evening. Already I can feel a knot in the pit of my stomach combined with a familiar sickly feeling that is normally reserved for just before kick off. Fear and excitement in equal measures will come […]

Who Was Arsene’s Brutus ?

 @Swales1968 Cowards die many times before their deaths,  The valiant never taste of death but once.  So where do I start with Wenger and the news he is leaving at the end of the season. I think he as a man and as a manager has been let down Let down by the :- The board […]

Let The Farewell Tour Begin

Bonjour fellow Positivistas. Since Friday we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster and we will only be let off to truly come to grips with it all on the 13th May 2018. So till then let the countdown begin having the great man in the technical area as we host West Ham United at the Emirates […]

Bon Voyage To The Real Mr. Arsenal

  So here we are , the great man leaves us at the end of this so far disappointing season. It’s very much in the hand of or players how the last act plays out, but ultimately even winning the Europa League will be no more a happy ending to what will forever be remembered […]