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This Mid Table Clash Is Huge.

Hello people. This evening at 7.15 we kick off against a Wolves side that are worryingly consistent in their play. They inevitable play reasonably well. Results for them vary of course, but they know how they play and they normally action their style quite well. The problem is that a decent team , playing quite […]

Mesut Ozil, A Lost Magician

I have long held the view that the litmus test of a person’s understanding of football is their appreciation of Mesut Ozil. It’s the gold standard of tests, if you don’t rate him, you’re an idiot. There is no option B, no mitigation and I accept no arguments otherwise. So how has he become “lost” […]

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

It’s been a long two weeks since Villa came to our house and gave us a good spanking but it does seem a lot longer. In that time we have had players playing 3 international games, catching covid while on duty and on holiday, having punch ups at training, Arteta searching for deep throat and […]

Mid Table Clash.

Good morning all. A weird kick off time. 7.15 P.M. on Sunday evening, sees Arsenal hosting Aston Villa in a mid table clash. It’s 9th vs 10th with the visitors being in front on goal difference only. We have conceded only 7 goals, that’s great, until you consider we have only scored 9, that’s not […]

Are We United For United?

We visit our one time rivals for the title in Manchester today. Up the M6 full of swagger and confidence or fear and trepidation, depending on what side of the fence you currently occupy. It’s not a place we have had much success at in recent years but it’s not a place they have had […]

Arsenal vs Dundalk

Tonight we play  Dundalk, serial winners of the League of Ireland. What I know about them and the team we might put out against them, could be written on the back of aa postage stamp, with room left for something else. We are down to one and a half fully fit centre backs, so that’s […]


ARSLEI: When David Luis left the field it ended Arsenal’s “creativity” but where is….? My headline is no mistake. It is not a joke. I will explain the mystery later down. There is nothing amusing to a genuine Arsenal fan when we lose a football match, although the Wenger-Out brigade made it a point of […]

Arsenal vs Leicester.

Good Morning one and all. This afternoon at 7.15 P.M. we take on Leicester at the home of football in a pay-per-view game. A blog could be written just on the rights and wrongs of this latest scam, but that’s for another day perhaps, and certainly for a more interested blogger. In a season that […]

Is This Your Arsenal?

Good morning all. You might normally expect this to be the match preview, what with it being matchday and all. However, as I don’t know who we are playing, where and with which players, that’s not the case. Now, a fair question might be “Why don’t you know George, wtf is going on?” Let me […]

Close But No Cigar

Good morning all, The Ozil saga seems to have put a dark cloud over me and effected my ability to look objectively at the game. So I have shamelessly stolen todays review from the comments section and a post from our old friend @arse_or_brain “Firstly lets put the game into context, we are a team […]