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One On The Road?

A guest post from @Labo_Goon this morning After being edged out of the Transfer Trophy by the City of Abu Dhabi in the final days of August, Everton seem to haave slumped into a bit of a meltdown that has now turned into full depression two months on. Perfect time for a visit to Goodison? With […]

Arsenal Are Rubbish-Quick, Look AT ME

New: Watford 2-1 Arsenal: A defeat in the perfect image of the manager – #arsenal #afc — arseblog (@arseblog) October 15, 2017 Fortunately for me, I’ve been stuck in the wilderness with no internet.This seems to have been a blessing in disguise, as the usual melt down occurred  with the normal lack of […]

Usmanov and AST more Questions than Answers !

Our thanks to today’s guest poster Eduardo @edminton1966 There has been lots of noise in the last couple of days about KSE attempting to buyout the 30% Arsenal shares held by R&W Holdings.  It all stemmed from an article on Arseblog – – from almost a week ago, but was not taken up by the mainstream media […]

Hunting Seagulls with Cannons

A guest post from @Labo_Goon Good morning guys. Here we are, having to play catch up once again after other top teams already had their game-week fixtures, but I guess that’s the down side of playing Thursday nights. Not that that it in any way would stop broadcasters from messing about with our timetables. But I […]

Jack’s Back?

After the first half I was looking forward to writing a glowing report, but after the second half a was less enthusiastic . In the first half we were completely dominant and were 3-1 up, we could easily have been 5 or 6 up. I thought Jack had scored a beautiful goal that was oddly […]

Arsenal vs WBA – Fingers Crossed.

A guest post from @Labo_Goon Good day Positivistas! We all know how pundits just love their top 6 mini-league tables, because for them this is where Premier League titles are won and where the divide between Champions League qualification and Europa occur. They have a point you know, but…… The other side of the coin is […]


We constantly hear pundits commenting on the “balance” of a team. But how does this state of balance come about? How is it developed, nurtured and maintained? Where is the centre of balance in a team, and what is the perfect balance? I suspect Pep sees the balance of a team very differently to Jose, […]