pedantic George @arseblagger

Arsenal Lose Game But Not Belief.

Good Morning . We lost a narrow match away at Man City. You can talk about schedules, fatigue and whatnot, but it’s hard to be upbeat about going out. This wasn’t the League Cup, which you can always shrug off; no, the FA Cup is part of Arsenal’s identity.  Still, there are a few reasons […]

Arsenal Impress Again.

Hello all. In this podcast we (well I say “we” it’s mainly me) get carried away with our performance against United and our setup.patterns of play and just about everything I can think of. I’m trying to keep a lid on my enthusiasm, but I can’t. Pedantic George.

Only 3-2, But Arsenal Spanked United

Good Morning all. As grownups, when Arsenal are rubbish we can put it all into context and step back a bit. But when we’re great, oh boy it will give you a permasmile, and a secret source of joy you can return to whenever you want.  Because after about two hours of misery, a deft […]

All Hail Arteta & Title Scent.

Hello positive people, how the hell are you? In this podcast we have a look back at the NLD and wax lyrical about the players, team play and of course, Mikel Arteta. Then we consider the chances of going on to win the title. Feel free to be critical in the comments section, the blog […]

A Day Like No Other.

Good morning you happy lot. Yesterday really was a day the likes of which I’ve never seen in the on-line Arsenal community. The fan base, or at least most of them, went from the misery of learning that long time target Mudryk had left us standing at the altar, to the ecstasy of giving our […]

Arsenal Make The Grade At Oxford.

The FA Cup is great until it’s your team’s turn, playing on a windswept pasture versus rugged opponents, with Sam Matterface commentating from a different, dumber reality.  It took us a while to get on top of the conditions and our opponent’s man-marking, but we did it comfortably in the end. Bear in mind that […]

We’re Going To Win The League…..Maybe!

Good day one and all. In this podcast we look at the Wolves game and consider just what realistic chance we have of finishing above City and what may act in our favour. Pedantic George

Arsenal Confirm Title Credentials ?

Hello Positives, In this podcast I try to drag Shotta onto the sunshine bus against his will. Are we going to win the title? probably not, but we should enjoy the challenge while it lasts, and who knows what might happen given a fair wind? All Arsenal can do is beat what is put in […]

Arsenal Stutter at Saints.

Hello one and all. In this podcast we try to work out how we went from deadly to dire in the space of 90 minutes. Referee is bemoaned and some players scolded. However, when you return from an away game, having been very hit and miss, still with a point to show and remaining top […]

Lucky at Leeds?

Hello all. Today we talk about how we got thrashed in the second half and somehow or other managed to come away with all 3 points. The first half was great entertainment from both teams. Both attacking and it was very good fun to watch. However, the second half was pasting for us, we had […]