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Soundbite Arsenal Are A Laughing Stock.

Sometimes I come across an idea in the comments section that needs to be the headline act, this is one such notion from our friend Eduardo “Arsenal where soundbite is king. Much like the UK and Brexit, all it took was good soundbites to get the masses to ignore the reality. Last season we had […]

Burnley Away Will Be Physical.

Good morning one and all. Arsenal take a trip to my neck of the woods today and will face the very epitome of Northern Grit. Burnley tipped their hand last weekend when they tried to kick Everton off of the pitch, and I expect more of the same only worse today. I also expect the […]

Credit Arteta For Picking The Squad Up vs Norwich.

Hello everyone, here is the lastest instalment of useless drivel from me and Shotta. This is as positive as it’s been for a while. If you want to watch rather than listen, it’s also here on Youtube Pedantic George.

We’ll Beat Norwich? Right?

The Norwich game is only the 4th league game and It is a massive game, and genuine 6 pointer between two teams that have played 3 and lost 3 without an open play goal scored between them. A real fight to not be bottom Dog. That said, if we were picking a team to play […]

Transfers Give Hope !

At the end of last season it looked as if Granit Xhaka wanted out, and that Martin Ødegaard was on his way back to Spain, two players who would take quite a bit of replacing I felt. There were many rumours as to who their replacements should be, some realistic, some not so much. I don’t know […]

Bellerin, More Than A Footballer

In the new Hector Bellerin, we see not just the fashionista, philanthropist or footballer, we see the human. It was one of those days we all look forward to, for Hector. The day of plucking the fruit of success from the tree of hard work had arrived. Months without football left Bellerin, as he’s commonly […]

Arteta’s Arsenal Hits Rock-bottom.

Hi, everyone. Here is me and @shotta_gooner looking a a bad defeat and trying to look at what led us here and what can possibly be done to climb out of the hole that just about everyone connected to the club has facilitated, starting with the fans by the way. Pedantic George.

Is Arteta Really In Trouble?

Hi all, Today Shotta and I muse about just how deep a mire Arteta finds himself in. Pedantic George.

OK, Zero Points and Goals, But Hope Remains.

Hi everyone, In this podcast we discussed the Chelsea game, how and why we lost so easily, and what comes next in the short, medium and long term. Pedantic George.

Chelsea, Transfers and The Future.

Hello everyone. On this post cast the 3 amigos talk about the Chelsea game and discuss the transfers then the future. Pedantic George.