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Arsenal vs City: A New Era, Familiar Foes.

Good morning one and all… So here we are, the page turning on a new chapter as the Arsenal kick-off their season at the Emirates against the Premier League Champions, Manchester City. As the start to new seasons goes, unless you are from up the road, teams tend look a bit different to the one […]

A Pod In A Blog

As I cant be bothered writing a load of rubbish about all things Arsenal, I’ve talked a load of rubbish instead. 📻Here you are Gooners! Fresh out the oven.. a new episode of Gooner & Gunner Radio! We're joined by the one & only @arseblagger to discuss Stan Kroenke's take-over, Wenger, Chambers, youth players breaking […]

Do We Have A Clue Who Starts vs City ?

  A guest post from Seebs   Well the new season is only a few days away and the real stuff is truly upon us. Arsene has really gone and the new breed are bedding in. I’m not totally sure there are more differences than matches in the way things are set up now, of […]

Is Stan Kroenke Now Arsenal’s Saviour ?

So the great new dawn is upon us. We have rid ourselves of Arsene Wenger and his gang of incompetents, and replaced them with high class people that can bring us the success we deserve. It’s absolutely fantastic. The players are drinking water, smiling,training hard, young players are involved and the manager is hands on […]

Arsenal’s Away Form Explained – Our Narrative.

I was reading through the comments and found this from Eduardo, it perfectly explains my own thoughts on the subject. For anyone calling bullshit on it , Shotta has given us data to back this up in several of his blogs. “I would say that we did not approach away games any different than home […]

Arsenal And The Big Mess It’s In !

Are Arsenal as bad as everyone is making out, are they in the mess we are constantly being told they are?  On average to win the PL you need 87 points, Arsenal last season finished with 63 point which on the face of it is miles behind that total, but let’s look at the games […]

Arsenal Plan And Execute Managerial Appointment Perfectly

  By and large I try not to feel sad for people, but I do feel slightly sad for all those outraged at the appointment of Emery. The concept of a management team maybe putting together a job description, employing Headhunters, compiling a long list, inviting applications, holding interviews, possibly then moving on to a […]