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Arsenal’s Manifesto For Success

I thought it was about time, in keeping with other blogs, that Positively Arsenal released a manifesto with a clear plan of how Arsene Wenger and the club should proceed, in order to meet our requirements. I’ve brought all of my knowledge of football and running a billion pound company to bear. Of course this, […]

Two More Years – At The Very Least BTW !

So today we can expect an official announcement from the club which will confirm that Arsene Wenger will continue as Arsenal manager for at least a further two years. This news will be met by varying degrees of enthusiasm and disappointment across the fanbase, media and social media. First let me try to make my […]

The Simplicity Of Arsenal’s Simpletons

I am firmly on team “Quiet efficiency”. How many here know who the CEOs and owners of the very many organisations, whose products and services we patronise, are? I have no idea who the owners and CEO of Tesco are and I spend more on the supermarket than I do on Arsenal. A lot more. […]

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

I can only apologize to those calling in to taste Stew’s normal breakfast feast. He has been tied up with real life stuff and you are stuck with me. It’s a tea-time game in the land of the Orcs. A fixture that we normally come away from battered, bruised and short of points. They really […]

A Death At The Palace.

I was charged with doing the post match review as unfortunately ,for us all, our forever chirpy Andy Nic. is hibernating in the Hebrides. I was minded to give it a swerve, hide under a rock and hope no one noticed. As my old Mum says “if you have nothing good to say-say nothing”. Had […]

“Arsenal Have No Ambition” Really? Get in the bin !

What is ambition? Aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, target, end dream, or hope? No matter where I look I cannot find a definition that claims its spending money, or more to the point, spending someone else’s money. Arsenal have been the most ambitious club in the modern […]

Arsene Wenger Should Go, And Go Now.

Before I go into my thinking let me make state my opinions: Arsene Wenger is the club’s greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger remains one of the world’s best managers Arsene Wenger can achieve as much success as any possible replacement Arsene Wenger should leave at the end of this season So how can I say […]