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Arsenal Play Contract Poker

  Today we have a guest post from @foreverheady You’ve got to know when to hold ’em  Know when to fold ’em  Know when to walk away  And know when to run… I don’t know much about Contract Law, and like most people have no idea about the details of anyone’s exact terms of employment. […]

Arsenal V LCFC – An Alternate View

A bonus blog from  arse_or_brain I’ve just watched the entirety of the game  for the first time after I’ve heard all the comments from the twitteraty and uber bloggers, its a new and interesting experience for me. I was told the defending was comical, Holding was awful and is just not ready, Sead was perfect […]

Wengerball Incoming

Wengerball Incoming

  I’m afraid the new blogging season is off to an inauspicious start, with our mercurial maestro, Stew Black, out with a slight niggle. So rather than Stew’s beautiful prose you are stuck with my wit and repartee. I have no idea what sort of an atmosphere will be generated for a Friday night opener, […]

Arsenal- Twinned With Wembley

We go into the opening showpiece game full of fear and trepidation. All of our good players want to leave ,are injured, or are not fit enough to start. We had to rig the result of our own tournament so we could win it. We have signed a striker we thought wasn’t good enough for […]

Respecting Giroud.

A guest post from Rich @AlternativeArse   Everyone, stop the press.   Our most hated manager has finally dipped way down into those deep, deep pockets, battled past the moth hordes and opened the war chest of squillions to purchase a player who is going to win us, well, everything.  It’s bold move, a real statement […]

Lucky, Lucky, Wenger

Wenger has never had a plan, got lucky with the back 4 and keeper when he joined, hadn’t they set a clean sheet record the season before? He got lucky that he knew the French market and no one else wanted any of the players from France, like PV4 from AC Milan, like Henry from […]

Arsenal’s Manifesto For Success

I thought it was about time, in keeping with other blogs, that Positively Arsenal released a manifesto with a clear plan of how Arsene Wenger and the club should proceed, in order to meet our requirements. I’ve brought all of my knowledge of football and running a billion pound company to bear. Of course this, […]