pedantic George @arseblagger

I’ve Had It With Arteta.

Good day one and all. This is supposed to be the match preview of our game against Fat Sam and his gang of relegation standard players, but honestly, I neither care nor can be bothered writing it. There is zero interest in this game and even less in it from me. Is there anyone left […]

Arteta Didn’t Work, So What Now?

Today @shotta_gooner and I wallow in the misery of yet another disappointment. We know the questions but have no answers. The future looks bleak and Arteta is a big part of the problem.

Arsenal must win The Europa League

In todays podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at recent results and performances and discuss how vital winning the Europa League is to Arsenal’s, Arteta’s and the players future. Also how par for Arsenal is being 5th and 5th most likely to win any domestic competition, every single season. Pedantic George.

The #OwnerOut Derby

Good morning all. Today is going to be a battle between two camps that both want their owners out. It could be a struggle as they have more experience than us. If there were fans in the stadium there would be bedsheets and A4 everywhere. Not that either Stan or Mike could care less, but […]

Kroenke Out, ATS In. Yeah Ok Lads!

Good morning all. Reading through the comments section I saw this post. “ eduardo792April 24, 2021 at 4:16 pm Edit Former PM Gordon Brown was on Football Focus this morning and he basically ruled out the 50+1 model for the UK game, he backed some of the points I made yesterday on that model, you just […]

Everton, A Dead Rubber In A Dead season.

Good morning all,tonight it’s Everton. This is a game that for Arsenal has taken on almost zero importance. Fans and management seem to have accepted that hanging around mid table is where we are and where we will stay. This would normally be seen as a disaster for a club like Arsenal, but somehow we […]

Prague, Fulham and Super League- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Today we discuss recent games and the Super League, I don’t get the outrage and immediate condemnation, but @shotta_gooner does. Pedantic George.

Arsenal vs Fulham. What Now?

Good morning all. Today at 1.30 Fulham come to the home of football to face the mighty Arsenal. The mighty Arsenal on a bit of a roll , by the way. In our last two games we have comfortably seen of Sheffield United and Slavia Prague. Ok, not the mightiest opponents, but we have dispatched […]

Arteta Is Doing Madness, Not In A Good Way

Today @shotta_gooner has to try and restrain me as I go an a maniacal rant about Arteta’s “achievements”. the state of our play and I blame all my worldly woes on our dapper manager. The end is neigh. Pedantic George.

It’s Sheffield United, Who Cares?

Good morning all. Tonight we play Sheffield United, comfortably the worse team in the league. After 30 games they are on 14 points with a goal difference of minus 35. This should be a stroll in the park, a gift 3 points, we should be a shoe in, but…….well you know? Three points could see […]