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Arsenal Fans: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

In the midst of all the giddiness and joy among Arsenal fans at the prospect of a brand new, literally shiny, high profile manager taking over the reins of management from that wizened, grizzled old grand-dad we had all gotten used to, something just doesn’t ring true. Don’t get me wrong. Although am a well […]

Arsenal Plan And Execute Managerial Appointment Perfectly

  By and large I try not to feel sad for people, but I do feel slightly sad for all those outraged at the appointment of Emery. The concept of a management team maybe putting together a job description, employing Headhunters, compiling a long list, inviting applications, holding interviews, possibly then moving on to a […]

Arsenal and the Brave New World

@GoonerReverend ponders the hereafter this morning and the Great Leap Forward Football waits for no man and as recent events at Arsenal have shown the show always goes on no matter what is happening or who is leaving the game that is the English Premier League. Arsene Wenger & Arsenal have parted company after 22 […]

I Come to Bury Wenger, Not To Praise Him!

Friends, Gooners, football fans, lend me your ears; I come to bury Wenger, not to praise him; The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones, So let it be with Wenger…The noble Mainstream Media Hath told you Wenger was not ambitious: If it were so, it was […]

Arsenal and the Seeds of Time

Good Morning Positives, For those of you lucky enough to find a live broadcast or a reliable stream yesterday from the John Smiths’ you will have enjoyed an end to end contest as much as I did, Admittedly the occasional muttered contribution from Owen Hargreaves (the most peculiar contributor among commentators in any sport surely?)  […]

Arsenal: The Final Act

@LaboGoon enters the finishing straight Last Sunday Arsène Wenger bade farewell to the Emirates faithful with much pomp and circumstance but it is the John Smith’s Stadium that provides the stage for his swansong. Going to Huddersfield for this memorable event almost feels like the football gods are smiling down on us. Through the legendary […]

The New Arsenal Manager Must Be……..

After many years of arguing about whether or not Arsene should be our manager we can now turn our attentions to fighting about who should be the next manager. We are even managing to fight about how the selection process is done, never mind who should be anointed.(yes that’s not a typo). Everyone will have […]

Arsenal: Another load on the road

Good morning Positives, Another road-trip, another defeat. And the 3-1 loss following a spanking victory at the Emirates a few days previously. The story of the first five months of 2018, play, pause, rewind, play. Of last night’s game it was likely to be a ‘tricky’  fixture with Leicester’s players and beleaguered manager seeking salvation […]

Arsenal: And then there were two

@LaboGoon serves up the starter for tonight’s game Arsenal is taking the Arsène Wenger farewell show back on the road, and specifically the King Power Stadium tonight, to take on Leicester. When the Foxes appointed Claude Puel back in October it was a decision that seemed to have raised a few eyebrows. Those fears were […]

An Adventure of a Lifetime – Merci Beaucoup Arsene

@5MinuteFinal aka ‘Improper Fan’ puts the pen to work to describe his regard Arsene Wenger Where do I start! There’s Ludovico Einaudi’s Oltremare playing in the background as I pen this, and the music is so deep that it’s evoked a slow-motion collage of Arsene’s finest moments running through my head. A tear drop hits […]