The New Arsenal Manager Must Be……..


After many years of arguing about whether or not Arsene should be our manager we can now turn our attentions to fighting about who should be the next manager. We are even managing to fight about how the selection process is done, never mind who should be anointed.(yes that’s not a typo).

Everyone will have their personal preferences ,and we will all have formed these opinions with what we regard is clear thinking from a position of knowledge. The fact is that we all believe our opinion is right, otherwise we would change it. The problem here is that we are all reaching our conclusions based on entirely individual criteria. So a consensus is basically impossible.

So first we have to establish what we want from the manger that we can pick . The trouble is we all want something different. Not vastly different and of course we all want some of the same things.

I mean we all want to win, right? We all want to win as much as possible at least. But honestly, that is just about as far as it goes in terms of universal mutual agreement.

I want a manager that I like, and like a lot. I have an emotion attachment to Arsene that is probably unique, but I want at least the chance of becoming similarly attached to the next man. I want to respect him as a human being before all else. He needs to have a love of Arsenal FC. I want to admire his football philosophy, his personality and his commitment to values that I hold important. I would like him to be loyal to certain players that I have come to hold dear. I would like him to be handsome with Lego hair and a Spanish accent. I think you know where I’m going here by now?

Of course people will say Arteta has no managerial experience and they are right. But I would say that simply means he has never failed or been sacked. The reality is that this is a major drawback and it would be a huge risk. It would be a bold move.

Ivan Gazidis “What I will say is that it’s important to me that we continue the football values that Arsene has instilled in the club. I want to see somebody who can continue that for our fans. Somebody who will continue to play exciting, progressive football that gets people interested and excited in the games we play. But I also think there is a significant piece with Arsenal Football Club of how the candidate represents the club. That’s important to me.”

“we need to be bold and get the person we believe is the right person.

Then there is Vieira not so handsome and no hair at all. But I am prepared to compromise.

Allegri seems to be the popular choice among the on-line fans. But how many of Ivan’s criteria does he meet? He has been hugely successful at Juventus and would bring a lot of experience and a will to win had is clear for all to see. I would suggest that winning at Juventus is very much par , just like winning at Barca, Bayern, Celtic and PSG. If he brings “par” to Arsenal that will be 4th or 5th. There is however no denying the merits of such an appointment. Certainly the “win at all costs” brigade would be as happy as pigs in shit, and that at very least would give us a short respite from their continual moaning about poor defending.

I think if I was to be held accountable for the decision I would likely take the middle ground and try to get Unai Emery as he seems to meet more criteria than most.

However, what can not and must not happen is that we don’t give the new manager a fair crack of the whip. Many of us will not get the man we would chose, and we have to accept it from the word go. We have to accept that an appointment we would not have made is not an attack on our vast knowledge on how to run a massive brand company. Just accept that the board made a mistake by not appointing your man and try not to point out how much better it would have been had they just listened to you, or worse still me.


*I can’t help myself*




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  1. Huddersfield Town
    ‏Verified account @htafcdotcom
    8h8 hours ago

    DW: “The players and staff will give Arsène a guard on honour on Sunday.” #htafc (AT)

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  2. reports that Sal Bibbo has not been let go, and has been told, like Bould and Lehmann that they are wanted for positions under the new manager, with further talks on it when the new manager is appointed.

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  3. Marcus McGuane
    ‏ @marcusmcguane58
    4h4 hours ago

    In relation to an article published by Islington Gazette – I have not been involved in any investigation nor made any complaint about the coaches concerned. I had a wonderful 12 years at Arsenal. The article is inaccurate and misleading. My name has been removed from the article.

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  4. Re: McGuane. The football reporter for the Islington Gazzette is a known shite hawk on twitter.

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  5. Arsenal charged by the FA for failing to control their players during Wednesday’s defeat at LCFC


  6. AFC have been investigating Gatting and Laramar for 10 days now, both suspended the 10 days now.


  7. eduardo792
    This is not a knee jerk reaction


  8. Heh. Ref who displeased me so much in 1st leg of youth cup (and strangely did second as well) is one of 5 being interviewed by pgmol for promotion to top group.

    Was lenient for us as well late on 2nd leg, but in first let their defensive midfielder foul freely, including nasty one on Smith-Rowe, and ignored definite free kick before their killer goal.

    No inkling yet of hope on the ref front.

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  9. with it being reported that several of the coaching staff are going and that the two U23 guys could be too, then its the right time for us to go the full hog and bring in Arsenal guys

    Vieira as boss
    Arteta his assistant

    Seaman as goalie coach
    Bergkamp as coach – would piss off Henry

    Ljunberg as U23 boss
    Campbell his assistant – would piss off Adams

    Jonker on to the board
    Overmars on to the board

    seriously, if Vieira is maned boss, I think he would get more leeway than any of the other candidates mentioned, the crowd already sing his name at lots of games, and that would surely increase initially, and its harder to turn on a guy who was adored as a player than some new man with no affiliation with the club. Don’t get me wrong, a certain section of the fan base will turn on whoever it is, at the first sight of things not going as they hoped.

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  10. I see England will name their World Cup squad next week, the media talking point is will Jack Wilshere be in it.
    Well my view is, that despite his undoubted talent, if he is selected for the England squad after the season he has had, then England are in a sorry state. He has hardly torn up any trees, has had a handful of good games, lots of average ones, and probably the best way to sum up his season is that he mostly stayed fit, but still had injury problems.


  11. Well, this is an odd one and a shame if true.

    One of names I’ve kept eye on in youth ranks is Yunus Musah, as he is supposedly very good and, like Nelson and Saka, always played year up for Eng national sides.

    Claim here that Juventus have signed him! He’s only bloody 15, and still a schoolboy next year (so how they could even sign him I don’t know. Surely not).

    If that happens and especially if our very promising 16 year old keeper Okonkwo turns down scholarship, as its suggested he will, and opts to go abroad, there’ll no longer be any question we have entered a very different age for youth players and, unfortunately, it will clearly be us leading the way in terms of our youngsters attracting foreign interest and, more importantly, going for it.


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  12. Wenger: “The thinking behind the move (to the Emirates) was that eventually we would have more to spend on new players, but it’s not really happened because other clubs have used outside resources” #Arsenal

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  13. Rich the lad only played for our u18’s in midweek, think he even scored for them.

    if he has signed for Juve, then I think his family will have to move out there for work too, there is some odd rule like that where international youth transfers are concerned.

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  14. just checked Rich, and Musah did score for our U18’s in the 2-2 draw with CFC this week

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  15. Ed. Yeah, that’s my understanding- family has to be there.

    Turns 16 in November so might be that he’s allowed to join at that point and will be in limbo beforehand, bit like highly rated Bobby Duncan has been for months since leaving Man City.

    We had a kid, Dixon-Bonner, now in the Eng u17 squad with 6 of ours at minute, who left us at 14 for Liverpool, so within this country they can obviously leave earlier (though I thought even here there were rules about distance from club?!)

    Losing a top prospect at that age would suck though. Trend is a bit worrying but I’m not sure what we can do. We offer the best pathway of any top club here. I feel these things almost certainly have to be agent and perhaps family (who are heavily influenced by agent) led.

    Maybe Sancho has turned a lot of heads but I’d say results are still completely inconclusive about the abroad route for youngsters from here.

    Think I read this week that in Italy from next year Serie A clubs can enter B teams into the league set-up, starting in third division but can be promoted to 2nd so long as 1st team aren’t there.

    That would suit us a lot I think, but don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever could happen here.

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  16. well rich as of now, its still only a rumor, we seen similar in the past with Afobe and Aneke, with Barcelona, and both stayed.

    as for the foreign route being the way for the youth, and how Jadon Sancho has proved this, as the media would like us to believe, so far the lad has played 11 times for Dortmund, while our own Reiss Nelson has played 16 times for AFC, Joe Willock has 11 games and Eddie Nketiah has played in 10 games.

    its all about the Narrative, and actual facts really don’t matter.

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  17. and yes Rich, not a snowball in hell’s chance of BPL clubs being allowed to field reserve teams in lower leagues in England, or to even have feeder clubs or clubs that we can farm players out to. It was once allowed, Arsenal basically sent their players to Margate FC. and use it to bring on our young players.

    FIFA are saying they will soon ban all loan transfers. This will have a major impact on young players, and God only knows what CFC will do, as its their MO for making money with their stock pile of young players.
    Maybe if loans are banned the English FA, BPL and League, will revisit the topic of BPL clubs having reserve sides in the lower leagues.

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  18. “if Vieira is named boss, I think he would get more leeway than any of the other candidates mentioned, the crowd already sing his name at lots of games, and that would surely increase initially, and its harder to turn on a guy who was adored as a player than some new man with no affiliation with the club.”

    Vieira was always my favourite of that invincible team, but I know next to nothing of his managerial career since leaving AFC. I’m not sure that he will be given any fair shake as the media will immediately bring out all his perceived transgressions as a player and try to smear him. Arsene suffered the nationalistic jibes about being French, now overlay that with the racist veneer they will add with Vieira and should he not deliver immediately, I can see some very unpleasant times ahead.

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  19. Ed

    If loans get banned entirely it would affect the English clubs most because of the lack of league structure for reserve teams. However, I don’t see the FA reacting to that effectively.

    I also get the reasons for not allowing it as it is a threat to the rich tapestry of English football with league spots then going away from smaller clubs.

    But, why not come up with a system that favours them?

    1. Every PL/Championship club that runs a reserve team in the lower leagues pays a certain amount to the league to be distributed among the non reserve teams of the league and for parachute payments.

    2. The presence of big clubs could also lead to increased viewership for those leagues as Arsenal/Chelsea/City fans globally would want to watch how their youngsters are performing. Again, benefit for the smaller clubs.

    3.To promote the growth of domestic football, while protecting the interests of the smaller clubs, mandate that reserve teams cannot have more than, say 3, over 23 players. Also, mandate that a PL club that has a reserve team must have at least 2 former reserve team players in their first team squads (eventually replicating the 4+4 Uefa HG rule) starting 3 seasons after the reserve teams start.

    4. Maybe designate a certain percentage of the future transfer fees of reserve team players to go to the lower leagues.

    The top clubs can then decide whether it makes sporting and financial sense for them to have a reserve team in the professional leagues.

    I just came up with this on the spot and there will be some issues. But I am sure something could be worked out. If the will is there. Why, when the PL wants to promote big money transfers, and lower leagues oppose this would the FA go for an innovative, but potentially contentious measure? Not going to happen.

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  20. Again I see no reason why Vieira is reqarded as a top class coach and is certainly not a revolutionary. He has already proved he is disloyal and being an ex ARSENAL player currently in management seems to be his only shout for job. Surely we won’t be as naive as to follow the Leeds route, look where it got them with several ex players failling in what is job that doesn’t recognize “names”.
    Remi Guarde has more experience and was Arsene’s brains on the pitch when in the same side as Vieria, why would Remi be less of a coach now I just don’t understand it.
    If we were giving someone the who wants to fight Roy Keane job then fair enough but ARSENAL manager surely not.

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  21. passenal, re leeway for PV4 I was not talking about leeway from the media, but from the AFC fans
    the fact he is french and not only that but Black, would mean media on his back at first chance, can’t be having a black man do well as manager of a top club, it might change the very nature of the game in England, jeez, some of them don’t even like seeing black players, just look at the crazy treatment of Sterling by the media.

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  22. shard it had been hoped that BPL being allowed out their reserve teams in the FL Trophy would be the first step towards teams in the league, but so few of the big clubs took up the offer that it was a damp squib.

    of course money talks, and if lower league clubs could be convinced that BPL clubs reserve sides would see attendances rise, they would probably go for it, but there is little to back that idea, its not like big crowds go to reserve games.

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  23. yes Ian, the actual CV of PV4 as a coach is nothing special, he has always been talked of in good terms, re Man City academy, and now at Man City’s USA club, but what he has actually achieved in real terms is a bit of a mystery.

    as you say Remi Garde has a much better CV, and if he had not had such a bad time at Aston Villa, then he would surely have been high on the list to replace AW, but seeing as the villa stint went so bad, it really has seen him drop like a lead balloon

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  24. rumors building that Arteta is coming back to AFC, not sure yet if its as main man or assistant, seems there will be stories on it in the Sunday papers

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  25. In ITK world sounds like arteta vs allegri so ancelotti or paddy it is then

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  26. ianspace2014
    I’m not sure what this thing you have in your mind about PV’s loyalty.

    If it is because he was persued by the best and biggest clubs in the world, who wanted to pay him a lot more money and offer him a chance to play for the biggest prizes. As a lad born into poverty in Africa, with ambitions to make things better for himself and his family ?

    He did not seek the clubs out to offer him a job
    He was not born in North London
    He put a shift in when he played
    He captained the Invincibles
    He won prizes and was an influence a Leader
    He changed the way Arsenal played and were percieved throughout the world

    What was it again that Remi Garde did as the brains of Arsene Wenger on the pitch for Arsenal?


  27. November 2010, Zidane was appointed as a special adviser to Real Madrid’s first team
    In July 2011, it was announced that he would become Real Madrid’s new sporting director.
    In 2013, Zidane was appointed assistant coach to Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid
    June 2014, Real Madrid announced that Zidane will be the coach of Real Madrid’s B team, Real Madrid Castilla
    4 January 2016, Real Madrid announced the dismissal of manager Rafael Benítez and on the same day Zidane was appointed the new manager of the club on a two-and-a-half-year deal

    Pep Guardiola

    Barcelona B team
    was appointed coach of Barcelona on 21 June 2007

    First team
    2008–09 season

    I think big players with the right big personalities who have a clear football idea have a great chance at coaching a top club.
    The key is proving it with youth players first getting to understand the Youth team environment then coaching a first team anywhere.
    This is Arsenal our last few coaches came from Japan,Bolton Wanderes, Resevers,England, Tottenham Hotspurs and the physio’s room.

    Arsene Wenger has made the club so large that some people are thinking Arsenal are something they are not.
    I believe Patrick Vieira has the required experience, I am not sure he will get the job.
    I will be behind the new manager

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  28. A new manager’s role for Arsenal now.

    1) Tactics. Should be attack oriented. Should fit with most of the current squad.
    2) Gravitas. Should be able to convince the players to buy into his training methods.
    3) Presentation. How does he face up to the pressures of worldwide coverage.

    A proven track record like Allegri, Ancellotti etc would definitely give us confident of them fulfilling 2 and 3, and if they are hired, then 1, because attacking football is a part of our brand and will not be thrown away. (Although Ancelotti apparently did not get along with the players at Bayern Munich.)

    The young German coaches have shown 1. But it is unknown whether they will have 2 and 3.

    Buvac could have all 3 seeing as he’s got indirect experience at the big time, but could also lack all 3 since he’s never actually been the main man.

    Arteta and Vieira. Should have the gravitas and the mental strength to represent the club well in the face of a media storm (Both have been Arsenal captains) Though Vieira at least has experience as a manager, which Arteta lacks so far. Their tactics are ‘unknown’ to us basically. So no point arguing about that. Both, especially Vieira also offer the political advantage already pointed out.

    Garde, even as a former player, will lack that, and lacks a sufficient standing in the game either as player or manager to automatically command respect among the squad. It is not just the fans or the media the new manager has to convince. It is also the players.

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  29. Whoever takes over Arsenal this summer is not taking over Arsenal of 1996 with 80 employees.
    He will be taking over just the first team squad of 25 players plus youth prospects.
    His brief will be to deal solely with the first team affairs be the face of the brand and play brand football.

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  31. WWWB,
    It was Arsene himself who said he was his Brains on the pitch and the players at the time vouched for his football intelligence.
    PV was seeking a move at the end of 2004 but at the last minute was persuaded to stay. He is no different to Stapleton, Cole, Van Persie, who all wanted something better.
    While I understand players wanting to better themselves I think those who engineer a move when the club where they have been are doing well anyway is a bit crappy.
    As I Love ARSENAL as a club I am a bit prickly about anyone who does anything to hurt it.
    The point I was trying to make was PV’s only criteria was he is an ex player which is ridiculous. His cv alone would probably not get him into any PL team so why would we want him.
    Big tone was a fantastic captain but who would let him near our job.

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  32. Eduardo @ 11.38 am, you are more generous towards our fanbase than I am! However reasonable the majority might be, the problem is that the voices we will hear in the media will be those of the unreasonable element and I for one have no doubt what lies at the bottom of their hatred.

    This Allegri/Arteta debate, is making me laugh at the simplistic thinking of the cretins! Allegri has won the league with Juventus, therefore if he comes to Arsenal we will automatically become champions! I suspect that if anything Allegri is using ‘alleged’ Arsenal interest to secure a better deal at Juventus. I would be very surprised to see him leave a situation where he is more or less guaranteed success to take on the challenge of working within a limited budget, having to play attacking (i.e. risky) football, and having to bring through youth as he can’t always spend his way out of trouble. I don’t see it myself, but I’ll wait to see if this link has got legs.

    As for Arteta, after being initially sceptical because of his lack of experience, I am starting to come around to the merits of him as a potential appointment. I think if the club are really being ‘bold’ as Ivan suggested, he certainly meets the 3 criteria outlined and would represent continuity with the values of AFC as well as bringing his own stamp. Having been schooled at Barca and played in Spain, France, Scotland and England, he brings a wealth of playing experience that could be invaluable. I suspect he has also picked up some useful skills from Pep because as much as his success is fuelled by money, you can’t deny he has some coaching skills too. To be honest though, I’m mostly leaning towards him because it has triggered the usual suspects, who are already organising the protests before an appointment has even been announced (banned huge grinning smiley here!)

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  33. ianspace2014

    Your maybe miss informed regarding PV wanting to move in 2004. The first time he made his feelings known that he would consider a move was in 2000, the third year of blatant overtures to him from Real Madrid. Where he corrected TH14 on his misinformed view adding to paraphrase ‘I’ve put in the work and helped win something, what have you done for this club’.

    Arsenal then is not Arsenal now , Arsenal then were not yet a top ten superpower in paying and cachet. The money was still not top ten at Arsenal nor was the team winning.
    Milan tried every year to get him back till 2006 offering him more money than Arsenal.

    Yet he stayed

    He watched Mark Overmars and the much lesser player in Petit force their way out the club
    He stayed

    He watched Anelka express his desire to leave get his wages raised by 10 laugh and still say he was leaving at the end of the season.Anelka left at the end of that season
    Yet Vieira stayed.

    He complained that he thought that Arsenal were not as commited as him and doing enough to win
    Yet he stayed until Arsenal sold him at a profit.

    Apparently some of the ‘Players’ from that era say that Mr Wenger did not coach the team Tony Adams did.
    OK then.

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  34. if Arteta becomes our next boss, it would see Wenger’s last two captains now be first team boss and Academy boss, how very fitting that would be. True Legacy

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  35. just a heads up lads, I intend doing a podcast on Monday – an appreciation piece on Arsene Wenger’s 22 years at Arsenal,
    If I get it done I will put up a link here at PA and on my twitter feed.

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  36. finding it really funny the meltdown from the ITK’s at the very thought of Arteta being the new manager, as they had written him out of the equation from the word go, the fear that their little ITK bullshit will be called has them very fearful.

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  37. MUFC announces that assistant manager Rui Faria is to leave the club at the end of the season.

    media had him linked to AFC last week.


  38. David Ornstein
    ‏Verified account @bbcsport_david
    19m19 minutes ago

    And as mentioned by others, former Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg is returning to the club this summer as a youth team coach on a permanent basis – that deal is done #AFC

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  39. a quick look at the headlines in the Sunday papers and one can only conclude that they haven’t got a bulls notion who will be the next Arsenal manager will be, there are four or five different clear favorites, and another half a dozen in the running. ha ha ha

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  40. I find it really strange for anyone to say Remi Garde was able to be Mr Wengers brain on the pitch for Arsenal,when they only play 31 games in three seasons.


  41. New post up


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