Arsenal: The Final Act


@LaboGoon enters the finishing straight

Last Sunday Arsène Wenger bade farewell to the Emirates faithful with much pomp and circumstance but it is the John Smith’s Stadium that provides the stage for his swansong.

Going to Huddersfield for this memorable event almost feels like the football gods are smiling down on us. Through the legendary Herbert Chapman, who played such a huge part in both clubs’ proud history, the two clubs will always share a very special bond.

For all intents and purposes today’s match is a ‘dead rubber’, and yet, it is one that is going to mean so much to every single Gunner and Gooner because of Wenger closing the curtain on English football forever. So whether you’re a long-standing AKB or a blokey wob, let him always be remembered onwards as the man that has shaped and defined Arsenal.

Practically speaking pride will be the only thing at stake from the game itself, but win or lose, the Terriers will have theirs intact. At the start of the season not many gave them any chance of staying up, but David Wagner and his players can hold their heads up high. Having survived the initial tough season following promotion, they can now focus on their transition to a team befitting of their Premier League status.

Huddersfield didn’t exactly set the PL alight, but if there is one thing they got going for them it’s having one of the most passionate support all season. Since August they went into every game hoping, praying ……. 37 games x 90 minutes of squeaky bum time. Not once did they gave up and now being unburdened from all of that, today will be about celebration. Add the momentous occasion of Wenger’s swansong and we can be certain it will reverberate harmonically from all corners of their stadium as the travelling fans too will be more vociferous than usual. Of course there will be a tinge of sadness during the “One Arsène Wenger’s”… because of this being the final goodbye.

With so much taking centre stage, around the ground and in the air (keep an eye out for that), we can expect play to be a bit routine, but the game would be a historic moment nonetheless.

After 22 years in the hot seat the Arsenal dugout, and in particular the Emirates, will be a very different place. So to state the incredibly obvious, he is going to be missed very much.

Merci Arsène Wenger. We will never forget that Invincible feeling.

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65 comments on “Arsenal: The Final Act

  1. Just so wish someone like arteta takes over…. he would have a great understanding and respect for the wenger way and AFC values which is not just cash book trophies


  2. Gary Neville, might not be easy to interview those in a job before their season ends.
    He should look at his own ex club as an example of making a mess of replacing a managerial great.
    The man is a complete fuckwit, should stick to AFTV

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  3. LOL I really liked the irony of that Barca Tribute esp on AW’s final day!

    Good that record lives in for another day. Imagine Arteta coming in and extending it beyond 49 games! game one started today under AW!

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  4. OptaJoe
    ‏Verified account @OptaJoe
    5h5 hours ago

    48 – Arsene Wenger ended his Premier League career with Arsenal by winning at his 48th different ground; more than any other manager in the competition (Alex Ferguson, 47). Legacy.

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  5. Talking earlier about Wenger not leveraging his success to make the club give him more to spend, and then leaving if they don’t/can’t. A one-off, far as i know, not to do that.

    “I have very clear ideas of what we need to do,” Pochettino said. “I don’t know if the club will agree with me or not. We are going to talk next week to create the new project. It is a little bit up to Daniel and the club to agree with us.

    “If we want to be real contenders for big trophies, we need to review a little bit the thing. We need to create dreams that will be possible to achieve. Maybe we are a bit disappointed and frustrated because now we are close [to trophies].

    “I think Daniel is going to listen to me, of course. You need to be brave. Being brave is the most important thing and take risks. I think it’s a moment that the club needs to take risks and tries to work, if possible, harder than the previous season to be competitive again’

    Show me the money!!!

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  6. And Poch feels, correctly most likely, he is in a position to do that, despite having not won a thing so far!

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  7. Arsène Wenger on what he wants next: “A project that is achievable in the short-term.”

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  8. Darren
    ‏ @DarrenArsenal1
    51m51 minutes ago

    Arsenal growing concerned David Baldwin is pushing Aaron Ramsey not to sign a new agreement and possibly end up on a free transfer. Arsenal wont allow that. There is belief that Barcelona could be a possible destination. Club have been making overtures with no real encouragement


  9. Allegri said today that he will be at Juventus next season, “unless the sack me”, the ASB will be blaming the Arsenal board for this

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  10. There is a supposed ITK out there charging for membership who claims to have inside info on both Arsenal and Juve regarding Allegris imminent arrival.
    If this guy has the info he claims, I would assume he is has high level info via Putin, Kim Jong whatever, the CIA, MOSSAD, FIF, the Mafia, MI5, NSA , Superagents,John Cross and Indykaila.
    Could be wrong, and of he comes, will back him to the hilt, but no longer buy the Allegri thing

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  11. Arsenals values, attacking football, self sufficiency, giving the young a chance, technical excellence.
    Sounds like Arteta stands a chance from what we know of him, why not give this young manager a chance?

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  12. well we seen from one of the flyovers at the game today that some are intent on keeping a divide going, the Kroenke you’re next that these people have no interest at all in supporting Arsenal, they only see clicks and the money from clicks that they can make. Shower of cunts, If arteta is our next manager, he won’t even get an hours grace, the attacks on him will be from the very off.

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  13. Just hope the silent majority, by peaceful means, drive those types away, and take the fake news ,enchants away from the concourse of the ground.
    Time to see these idiots for what they really are


  14. New post up


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