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Arsene Wenger And The Five Year Fight Against Scepticism

This post is dedicated to Thomas’s everywhere.  No, really, it is. These comments before the weekend from Arsene Wenger,  via the Daily Mail, should be of interest to anyone seeking to understand the events of the last few years at Arsenal: “‘We are, resource-wise, more competitive,’ he said, and clearly he feels the money needed […]

Swans Necked

Two good footballing teams Here is my usual in-depth analysis of the game. Two good footballing teams played a good game of football.  The team with the best players won. It really was as simple as that. It almost looks like the lads are so full of self-belief that they can easily contain teams, safe […]


I don’t usually watch Arsène’s duels with the press. Not that I don’t like hearing his dulcet tones and seeing that flash of a smile as he claps a stopper over some impudent line of questioning. Of course I derive a certain satisfaction from seeing him spear the occasional journalist, who doesn’t? Generally though I […]

Arsene Forever-ish …

“Arsene, no pressure, but have you got time to sign your new contract now?  How about now?  Or now …?” Although few seem keen on Kroenke I’ve long been of the view that the stability he has brought to AFC has been integral to the ability of the club to have remained on track in […]

Not Another Blog

   On no account suggest another blog. At the last Blog Census there were found to be fractionally under an infinite number of footballing blogs, the majority of them about Arsenal.  Indeed, the problem was so acute that mainstream news aggregators such as NewsNow had all but shut the virtual door to the addition of […]

West Brom

A game every few days for our boys at the moment and with injuries coming as thick and fast as actors on the set of a grumble flick it has been a testing time. Has been and looks set to continue to be. Just when you think it’s safe to contemplate the future the dreaded […]

Top Of The World

Top of the league and top of the world. I used to love cars.  Spent a fortune on them over the years. The one I loved the most was a 1966 MGB Roadster. I bought it in 1990, it had been restored lovingly to concourse condition by an enthusiast who came on hard times during […]


Stoke. What can you say about Stoke? Seriously. Apart from Owd Grandad Piggott, May un Mar Lady and the 1842 Pottery Riots the place seems not to have an awful lot going for it. Oh sorry, I forgot there’s the football team. We need to mention the football team. Now. I am well aware of […]

Let’s All Be Friends. Or Not?

I find myself in a state of conflict. I am ecstatically happy about results and the general development of the team and club, yet angry at the treatment they were receiving until very recently. People who have spent years running down the board, manager and players, a situation that reached new heights during the summer, […]

Plan A

As Arsenal are weathering the early home pressure and I search for ways to cope with the rising anger at the hapless biased negativity of the truly horrible commentary team, my thoughts drift to The Plan. Some people have called it Project Youth some have seen it as a series of decisions based entirely upon […]