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Talking Through The Arse Episode 3

George and Ronan discuss the victory at Sunderland. Daniel Cowan talks all things Arsenal.  

Depleted Class

Well that was most satisfactory. A three one win which could, and perhaps should, have been much more comprehensive. In the first half we were totally dominant with seventy three percent possession away from home, in the second we were less so but still much the better team. One thing that worries me is Laurent […]


I remember my Sunderland review last season. I told you the story of my visit to Roker Park. My many visits. My many unplanned and increasingly frustrating visits as we attempted to escape from Sunderland en route to Cullercoats. In passing I might mention that Cullercoats is a pleasant little seaside town between Tynemouth and […]

I love What We Did This Summer

Guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) Excerpt from a newspaper advertisement “…the neocortex is a part of the cerebral hemisphere-its outer layer. It is responsible for logical and specific reasoning. This is an appeal to the masses to donate funds for the replacement of Florentio Perez- our supreme leader and messiah’s neocortex. Healthy donations would […]

Spitting In The Wind

So what the hell happened then? I didn’t watch the internationals, have no interest in them but I did conduct a brief news trawl and it appears that we have lost another five players as a direct result of, or at least at the same time as these irritating fixtures. Honestly it beggars belief that […]

Step Up Super Fans

Another Guest post from  @The_Beck_   There’s something special about this week, I’ve wanted to write about it all summer, yet when it came, I felt weirdly empty and lost for words. I’ve struggled to come to terms with what happened last week, even though I was probably one of the few who truly believed […]

Buzzcocks, Windows and Tripod Dogs

These are happy days for many Arsenal fans. Excellent to beat a Spurs side who are on the one hand unable to score from open play right now and on the other bulging with exciting new talent thanks to the money they extorted from Real Madrid. Excellent to win back the Emirates crowd with a […]

Talking Through the Arse – Episode 2

Mesut Ozil, Super Deal

Today its a guest post from Sensational Arsenal,take it away young man I found this comment by one Seamy82 on a sports website. I think he/she speaks for every Arsenal fan in saying: “I would like to send out a big thank you to Tottenham Hotspur FC. Without you selling Bale to Real Madrid for […]


What did that one-nil result tell us? Well excuse me for saying this, but it told some of us nothing we didn’t already know. But let’s have a think what it should have told the malcontents. For starters, despite Spurs spending north of £100 million, and us having a paper thin squad ravaged by injuries, […]