Talking Through the Arse – Episode 2

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  1. Brilliant and I can only second the final sentiment: we waited so long to reach this point where we aren’t struggling for fourth but can actually compete, where we don’t have to go for Ligue 2 unknowns or promising youngsters but can go out and buy the finished article. So now that we have finally arrived at the gates to the promised land, lets all just get together and support the club. There is a time and place for sensible debate (with extra emphasis on sensible. Extra, extra emphasis.) but that’s not now. The morale inside the club is at a high, we have several fantastic new players to welcome into the squad, a majority of fans are cheerful, so lets use all this positive energy to support the team and help push them over the line. We can win something this year, something big, so we should make sure each and everyone of us plays their part.


  2. spot fkng on…the spirit of ramsey !!! ( for last years second half of season run where you talk about the pressure being massive)


  3. george i also support the board because they are strong and kept faith in their manager and essentially never listened to the moaning twats and got on with their plans and backing Wenger.

    and i have an explanation of why people critisise arsenal when there is nothing there to critisise. WE ARE TOOOOOOO fucking good to be left in quiet and do our thing…


  4. A very fine broadcast.

    Doris the Tea Lady will sleep easy tonight …


  5. Fantastic stuff,who’s on next week?


  6. Just laughed at Carragher’s suggestion that we should buy a “Flamini-type” midfielder.


  7. Really astute comments there, Bradyesque


  8. Poznan in my pants is brilliant and totally gets it. Love the guy.


  9. Fantastic stuff from PG as well. Really good podcast.


  10. Top, top quality podcast George and Ronan. None of the usual negative media garbage that some other podcasts are willing to repeat unchallenged. Hope you never go down that road simply because we want to curry favour with the journos so they will appear on the podcast.


  11. enjoyed that immensely although I’m not convinced I’ve got the spelling of immensely correct.

    I tried to join the debate a couple of times… it was that enthralling I felt I could have been on the table next to you all in the pub, happily listening in.

    One bit that made me think was early on B7 and George talking about the current squad being/or not being alongside the invincibles in terms of being a ‘team.’

    Got me thinking…

    just about everyone who follows football in this country would answer the question “which team had Henry, Viera, Pires, Ljungberg…” and they’d say Arsenal and probably name a lot more of the team and even the squad.

    Likewise… folk of a certain age will be able to answer “which team had, Bremner, Clarke, Lorimer…?” and also “…Toshack, Hughes, Keegan…?” or “Beckham, Scholes, Keane, Giggs”

    I recall my sister being a Leeds fan (of sorts – for a few months) simply because she had been given a poster of Allan Clarke and, at the time, just about everyone could name that whole team.

    Those teams, are instantly recognisable as specific teams at specific times/eras. They become household names in houses where football is not necessarily an avidly followed sport (I believe those households do exist… blimey, eh?).

    They tend to become well known AS or after they have their first or major success.

    I think, based on casual daily encounters with non gooner folk, that people outside our gooniverse are ‘already’ able to name a substantial number of our squad, over and above that one would normally expect… before we’ve actually achieved with the squad. I fully expect folk at my funeral (in years to come I hope) to be talking fondly of how I liked Arsenal and was fortunate enough to have seen the ‘2013 to ????” team/era in all it’s glory.


  12. Arsenal America podcast is a doozy. It is remarkable how people can be happy for the Ozil signing and then conclude we are only good enough for 4th maybe 3rd. We always knew Tim Payton is a jackass but the rest of that crowd remain wedded to the idea that the squad is not good enough. As George emphasized we are top of the league in 2013. That is league-winning standards.


  13. I love these podcasts. Well done and thanks fellahs


  14. If you list all the players Arsenal were linked with this Summer you could not have asked for a better or bigger signing then Ozil.

    My opinion is worthless, but the twitter traffic and the comments from Spain & Germany speak for themselves.

    Those who have acted with a lack of grace and dignity will not be capable of accepting the embarrassment. They will resort to stupid and lame smears that those who support the manager are incapable of being critical. The idiots argument: Arsenal FC not Arsene FC. And this only reflects upon those that are willing to utter such jibberisms. Remember the original Arsene Knows comment was used by fans with humour and, well, more humour. Only humouous twunts turned it into a smear to attack people who supported the clubs direction. The same pattern continues with perhaps an attempt at more subtlety.

    here’s the thing: you can ‘debate’ till you are blue in the face that the Suarez bid was a shambles, but given about a third of fans didn’t want him, and that he and his agents were acting poorly before he was even at the club surely means it was a well dodged bullet. Possibly a player better suited or ready for the PL, but still.

    As for the extra squid: well, Liverpool played very well on their last visit, and their current squad is way ahead of the spuds now. With three years left on his contract of course they told AFC to “fark right off” after the initial bid. So what’s wrong with taking ze piss with the next bid? Nothing, especially when they are not gonna sell. Most I spoke to would like to see more piss taking with such ludicrous bids and fees etc. in football and its hard to disagree. More please! : )

    And given that the Higuain bid led to the Ozil deal…who cares about that now?


  15. Ooops:
    ‘Only humourless…’


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