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Oh Well,Thats That then

Well we lost. We did not play well,but not so bad either. I am going to write it off as being down to injuries and having other priorities. There you go,sort it our among yourselves in the comments section.

A Battling Three Points for Arsenal

A hard-fought 3 points or what? I saw people complaining that it was a poor performance. Really? Was it? I don’t know what people were expecting, but the pitch was painfully slow and uneven. That’s not the sort of pitch that allows a quick passing game to be played. Palace gave everything, running themselves to […]

Crystal Palace

I had hoped Ian Holloway would hang on at least until I’d written my Crystal Palace preview. He is the only real connection I had with today’s lunchtime opponents. I used to watch Ian from the cold stone steps of Twerton Park as he plied his trade for a then homeless Bristol Rovers during their […]

Hi I’m Stew And I’m An Arsenal Fan

So. That’s how it feels to lose a football match. I was in danger of forgetting so I suppose I should be grateful that the wide kaleidoscope of human emotions has been restored to me. Or at least one dark painful part of the spectrum. We oughtn’t to be surprised and I certainly shan’t dwell, […]

Adam Brogden,RIP

Sadly we have learned that Adam (aged 38) lost his life in a tragic car accident. Adam was an occasional poster on this site but a big contributor on Untold Arsenal. A couple of months ago he Emailed me some articles that has been published by Untold ,asking if we would like to use them.I […]

Arsenal 4 – 1 Norwich A Review

Do not let the highlights fool you – this was no easy game. Arsenal’s bright start led to Santi Cazorla having a left-foot shot saved by Ruddy. This would set the tone for Ruddy’s day. Despite conceding four goals, the Norwich keeper can throw his hat into the ring for man-of-the-match. He pulled off some […]


I don’t want to rehash or go over old ground. I told you what I thought of the recent internationals and you told me what you thought of me telling you what I thought. Back in April I told you about all of my Norwich related memories and associations and right now I wish I’d […]

Jeux Sans Raison

Thank the deity of your choice that the sideshow is over. International football, that utterly meaningless distraction, with its attendant pandering to nationalism, racism and  general xenophobic flag waving, has at long last finished using our precious playing staff for its own tedious ends and they can now limp back to London and the treatment […]

Enjoying Arsenal

Supporting Arsenal is fun at the moment for all concerned. Well almost all. Those who are desperate to see the back of the manager, board, medical staff, goalkeeping coach, and Doris the tea lady excepted of course, are having a miserable time. But lets waste no time on those scoundrels. There looks to have been […]

Talking Through the Arse Episode 4

George and Ronan are joined by the one and only Geoff (@geoffArsenal) to discuss all things Arsenal and a few things not.