Oh Well,Thats That then

Well we lost.

We did not play well,but not so bad either.

I am going to write it off as being down to injuries and having other priorities.

There you go,sort it our among yourselves in the comments section.

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54 comments on “Oh Well,Thats That then

  1. I can assure Andrei it is not like a theatre

    Start booing at the Royal Shakespeare Company or at the opera and you will find yourself out in your arse on the pavement in about thirty seconds

    He may well be on the money about it being no advantage playing at home in a lot of games though – especially against teams we should beat – it is not a happy shop

    Fortunately for big matches the mood is better

    Tomorrow I hope (as I am going)


  2. Hunter
    Rogers does a perfectly good job of humiliating himself.

    A few anti-Hansen chants tomorrow would be fun.


  3. Been excited all day about tomorrow’s game. Hoping to see Arsenal grab Liverpool’s throat right from the first whistle and we step up our gears for the big match. I hope we school them.

    Nice one DC. Do shout on behalf of those who cannot attend from PA. Be careful though. I suspect Hunter got ill from all his war cries.


  4. Hahaha ANICOLL5.
    too right. Out on the pavement with your ass. Lol. Maybe that what they should do. I always thought shaming them and drowning out their moans with songs was much better idea.
    from your mouth to gods ears. I’m ready .nervous yes. Butterflies in stomach. More like wasps. But I’m ready for a good game and a good show by the GUNNERS. my lady luck be on our side and we be on song.
    Where the f••• is frank??
    Gone back to his London letters site?
    C O Y G !!!!!!!!!!
    scream it…..


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