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Arsenal’s Lack Of Ambition

Last night I read again a blog written by @AFC_ChrisGooner “Arsenal putting pieces in place for future success”  .I have read it several times now and it a fabulous piece , well written and researched. Having read it I then tweeted “Positively Arsenal ‏@Blackburngeorge  People didn’t see a plan not because there wasn’t one, but because they […]

Imagine If Wenger Signed For Tottenham

  By @shotta_gooner Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today… -John Lennon Did you know that on June 19th, Arsene Wenger celebrated 35 years of being a coach at the top level. Missed it? Not surprising because I […]

A United Arsenal Fan Base ? If So, Why?

The internet is awash with bloggers pod-casters and tweeters quickly changing tack and realigning themselves behind Arsene. Gone are the days when someone was brave enough to voice their wholehearted and unequivocal support for the great man. Now you can’t mention his name without someone trying to praise him above and beyond the level of […]

Summertime Blues

There was a suggestion in the comments on PA a few days ago that I might be tempted to return from my football free summer holiday and rejoin the general discussion. It seems that at last we have something of real substance to debate. Football is, or so I was led to believe, back on […]

Arsenal Versus Nobody: What I Did On My Holidays – Part 2

If you read last week’s non match day blog then you’ll be familiar with my approach to the close season. For those of you arriving late to the party here is a brief résumé. Whereas my usual function here at PA is to provide a brief literary distraction on the day of the match, during […]

Schneiderlin ? Not Just That Simple !

A guest post from @foreverheady Just for a moment I want to imagine what it must feel like to be Morgan Schneiderlin. Or rather, to imagine how he views his career and its likely progression. I should think he feels pretty good about things: another great season at Southampton, on the fringes of his national […]

Why Do Arsenal Keep Not Winning Games They Should ?

How often do we see Arsenal dominate a game, play the best football and not win? Too often, I hear you say. Why does it happen, or appear to happen, more often to us than others? When it happens we hear the same old rhetoric and soundbites ” same old same old” or ” Tactical […]

Lies, Damn Lies and Propaganda as Man Bites Dog At Arsenal

Guest Post by @shotta_gooner Recently I tried making a joke at George’s expense in response to his blog “Can An Idiot Be An Expert?” PG was at pains to explain that his blog was not aimed at Pedro of Le Grove and I shot back that it was too late as the media already had […]

Arsenal Fans Need A Reality Check !

Before I go into anything today, please understand that this article is not a defence of Arsene Wenger. It has nothing to do with him, nothing ! OK? I am going to lay out, in the most simple of terms, why Arsenal should not be expected to win the PL and ECL, and using very […]

Arsenal Versus Nobody: What I Did On My Holidays – Part 1

It never ceases to astonish me just how much I accomplish from the moment the curtain falls on the football season. It seems illogical. The game itself is played over ninety minutes and even allowing for added time and the fifteen minute break for the players to enjoy their oranges and a vigorous rub down […]