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The Critical Gooner: Where Does It Start And Where Does It End?

The Critical Gooner: Where Does It Start And Where Does It End?

They used to go everywhere together … For some fans of Arsenal, the relationship they have with the club is akin to what I imagine a failing marriage, patched up ‘for the sake of the kids’ but fundamentally dysfunctional, feels like. The feeling of having been here before, the compromises, the same old arguments, the […]

Arsenal : Oh Cruel Fate …..

“Oh Cruel Fate, when wilt thou weary be? When satisfied with tormenting me ? What have I e’er designed, but thou hath crost ? All that I wished to gain by thee, I’ve lost.”   Good afternoon Positivistas, Though for some of you it may still not be beyond noon, and for all of us […]

Arsenal Versus Manchester United : Sympathy For The Devils

Ricky Gervais is a funny bloke. A far more talented actor than he is ever given credit for and pretty sound on several issues, most obviously our systematic abuse of other species. He also likes to wind people up. Not with the mindless trolling employed by those less cerebrally gifted than him but in a […]

Arsenal v Barcelona:Heard and not Seen

Normally you would be in the expert hands of Andrew and he would be writing this up, however he’s on the old Eurostar going or coming, to here or there so I’ve volunteered to stand in or write in or write up, and no doubt will soon be standing down.Perhaps it is “writes up?” but […]

Arsenal Versus Barcelona : Unsettled Scores

Always a curious feeling going into a two legged knockout game. On the one hand we have the excitement of taking part in the final stages of the Champion’s League, one of the greatest club tournaments in the world. On the other hand we face the chilling prospect of trying to get past the five […]

Arsenal From A Distance.

I could start by explaining how I became an Arsenal fan. But it does not really matter how you come to love the club. All that really matter is that you do. In the past it was a simple matter, you supported your local club, your hometown team. If you lived in a large city […]

Arsenal – the chimes of lunchtime

Good afternoon Positive Arsenal, A 0-0 draw against the Championship leaders was certainly not the result that I and probably any Arsenal fans were expecting, and it would have been the hardest of Hull die-hards that have predicted they would escape from the Ems with draw. But there we are, that is football, ever unpredictable. The […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: The Magic Number

All the hoo-ha which followed Man United’s defeat at the hands of a bleary eyed hungover Midtjylland who had apparently only just finished a seriously long Christmas party has caused me a little discomfort.  Firstly if United’s results get any worse and the press and their own fans turn on the players and manager any […]

Try Understanding Arsenal Spending

This is stolen from the comments section and was written by Double Canister . it is short and sweet, but oh so important. Does anyone know the costs of the investment in new physical infrastructure at Colney and Hale End? or the costs of little hardly visible improvements at Emirates – like the new floodlights? […]

Adele vs Stan Kroenke: An Arsenal Story

Did anyone in Britain stop buying Adele’s records in 2012 when she bought a £6 million mansion in Surrey OR in 2015 when she reportedly bought a £5.7 million luxury home in Malibu, California? Did she stop being a Britain’s national treasure because she spent her own money to purchase an expensive asset? Was it […]