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Arsenal – “his balls are top quality”

  Hamjambo Positivistas, What a sumptuous game we were treated to yesterday, an almost 94½ minutes of constant action, unceasing drama in which to lose concentration for a moment was weakness. Unlike the great majority of Arsenal games I have the honour of reviewing for once it was not the eye catching quality of our […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: Holding Out For Hero

It was Liam Brady’s birthday yesterday. Apart from the small wave of memories which washed through me refreshing the parts of an old man which once sparkled with the spring waters of hope and ambition, thoughts of our erstwhile midfield maestro set the gears turning. Chippy is one of the faces which leaps to mind […]

Leicester City F.C. Proves Arsene lied

Its the new stick used by the malcontent to beat Arsene with. They are turning Leicester’s miracle season from their success to Arsenal’s and Arsene’s failure. “Arsene said we couldn’t compete with oil money” they squeal with glee. “George, this destroyed your argument that we needed oil money to compete” my own personal hoard of following halfwits screech […]

Arsenal – Good result, hesitant display

Good evening Positivistas, With an early kick off, a windy, wet day on the South coast the safe collection of three points with not too much difficulty is the result all of us were looking for. We slide into third place behind champions elect Leicester and Spurs, a week of preparation for the blockbuster seven […]

Arsenal Versus Bournemouth: DNFTT

I stepped from solid ground and plunged into the vortex that is Youtube. As I swirled and plummeted farther and farther from reality my original intention of a harmless browse through a couple of football related videos became a distant and unreachable shore. Each link I clicked, each clip selected automatically for me by one […]

Arsenal – Error Code 24

Good Morning Fellow Positives, I suspect I would be hard pushed to find many Arsenal fans who would regard last night’s result, as opposed to last night’s performance, as anything other than a disappointment. Two points we might reasonably have expected to collect went unclaimed, the single point sparse recompense. I might however gently point […]

Arsenal Versus Southampton: Feast Day

To be precise it’s the feast day of St. Joan de Lestonnac who was, by all accounts, an all round good egg and particularly nice to children, the abused, those rejected by religious orders and widows. There have been many miracles reported to have taken part in and around the vicinity of her tomb and […]

Arsenal Behind Tottenham Says The Data

It seems like ages but it was only six months ago that the good and the great in both mainstream and social media declared that Arsene was either deluded or senile for deciding to not sign an outfield player in the summer transfer window. The rags who are supposed to be “fair and balanced” did […]