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Arsenal In Leicester

Bergkamp. The Invincibles. Special memories.  It’s been a while since we have seen Leicester City and Emile Heskey. What can we expect to see? Because I am a little bit ignorant I don’t really know. They dominated the second tier last year with what looked like a settled team. So, at a fair guess they’ll […]

In Defence Of Aaron Ramsey (does he need defending?)

A guest post by Kelly Woods  @kmwoods02   Aaron Ramsey had his worst game in 12 months against Everton. He tried too hard. He forced things. Yes, he scored a goal, but don’t miss the fact that his performance was poor. And speaking of goals, I’m worried that he’s publicly admitted that he set himself a […]

How Bad Were Arsenal At Everton, Really ?

I have left it a day before musing on the Everton game for the same reason I don’t tweet during matches, I find immediate appraisals tend to be knee jerk reaction and leave you looking like a right miserable Charlie. The general consensus is that we were poor, but how poor were we really? People […]

Metal Giroud

Elan. I like things to be done with it. I enjoy it when a certain flair, a superfluous decoration lifts an otherwise mundane event. Only this morning as I stumbled, eyes half closed with all too recent sleep, to buy my morning loaf (not, I’m sorry to report, from a ancient rustic baker up at […]

Everton And Stuff

Away games a Everton have been good fun for us football fans in recent years. I’m sure you all remember the details. As the manager said, a good measure for the Arsenal squad. Before Moysie went to OT in order to pick up his pension he would set his teams up to be less boring […]

What This Arsenal Team Really Needs

    It has been a tough few years: a steady stream of sales of the club’s best players, heartbreaking losses in three Cup Finals, even the occasional challenge in the League came to nought, seemingly scuppered by brittle bones and questionable ‘mental strength’.But, after all that, in May Arsenal finally ended the years of […]

Help The Clockend Show.

This blog is about the demise of the weekly show on Arsenal Player , hosted by Adrian Clarke. Last year Adrian and his The Clockend  show replaced Tom Watt and The Fans Forum. Some years ago when we had Arsenal TV the Fans Forum was two hours long. It was reduced to one hour when it […]

Arsenal’s Motion Starts Poetically.

It’s Gooner-stic, I say Sight and sounds of opening day Red army to the fray Proud, ambitious, ready to slay. While pundits babble and predict Bringing comfort to the pessimist Gooners remain optimists Full in knowledge that signings are no mist. So Palace to be the test Fully prepped but leaderless From the south they […]

Nah na na na na na na Giroud

The striker who has everything is extremely rare. It is not just doing almost all of dribbling, goal poaching, scoring 30 yard screamers, heading, creating, link-up, holding up, positioning, creating space, partnership, etc. The attitude, mentality and behaviour makes that difference between the supremely talented players and the legends. This is why, atleast personally, while […]

Is Arsenal’s Squad Now Good Enough?

Today, in The Independent, and yesterday in The Telegraph they wrote that Arsenal have their best squad in 10 years. I would often disagree with the Torygraph’s line on all things related to Arsenal, but not this time. We must have lost count nearly of how many times the club have had to rebuild the team […]