Arsenal’s Motion Starts Poetically.

It’s Gooner-stic, I say

Sight and sounds of opening day

Red army to the fray

Proud, ambitious, ready to slay.

While pundits babble and predict

Bringing comfort to the pessimist

Gooners remain optimists

Full in knowledge that signings are no mist.

So Palace to be the test

Fully prepped but leaderless

From the south they came

Up for the physical game.

Emirates buzzing

Fans anticipating

Twitter palpitating

Some surprise the gaffer is springing.

Tweet goes the whistle

At last an end to the tattle

Arsenal on the front foot probing

Palace in the trenches, countering.

First blow, set piece comes their way

Hangerland causes dismay

Down in the bottom corner, scoring

Visions of an upset soaring.

But this Arsenal refuses to fade

Making attacks, forcing a foul to break-up the play

Up step Alexis, ball in flight

Around comes Kozzer, neck muscles tight.

So its second half to decide

Substitutes tilting from the side

Chamakh yellow, Puncheon red

Palace clinging, as if ready to bed.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

A corner won, arcing from right hand

Downward header by Giroud, Debouchy lashes

Never in doubt as Aaron smashes.

Three points bagged, no scapegoat to blame

Gooners are happy, doomers ashamed

Onwards and upwards is the positive claim

As the joy of opening day forever remains.

We are moving up market with Shotta. Poetry now, whatever next?

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76 comments on “Arsenal’s Motion Starts Poetically.

  1. And? I thought he was here to help arsenal win trophies not fuck off just cause he aint playing. Would you not stay happily at bench? Even without a ferrari? … heh .. i would.


  2. Seemed like a move that suited the clubs, the player, and I thought we got a good price.

    Who would be a manager though ? It is ironic that the one defensive player who has had a free summer and a full pre season pulls his hamstring in the opening PL fixture. Is it a coincidence that Monreal has had a lot of game time in pre season, more than I expected anyway – Or does Arsene know?

    Hopefully it is not too serious for Kieran but not the start anyone had in mind


  3. He was here to help Arsenal win trophies H

    And now he is there to help Barcelona win trophies


  4. Yes …he changes his ambitions/targets quite easily….


  5. Bit like Alexis Sanchez


  6. Sanchez was unwanted by barca…. i dont think wenger did not want tommy…more like tommy did not want arsenal…


  7. If you prefer to see it from the perspective of a wronged spouse H who has been abandoned that is your privilege. As I said at 11.20 it seems to me like a deal that suited everyone, albeit TV is still injured.


  8. Spouse? What is that?


  9. Ok i found it…spouse= wife…and no …the perspective is at my 11.10.. ‘ now that we are going places’


  10. Considering what TV contributed to Arsenal in the last 2-3 seasons, I am very happy to collect £15m for him. I love TV and wish he had stayed but at his age and with his status, the guy is at a point in his career when he cannot be a bench warmer. I think his move is good for everybody.

    Arsenal need not worry as we now have a much younger but able replacement in Chamber at only a million more but with considerably lower salary.

    Hunter, based on TV’s fitness over the couple of years, what makes you think that when that crunch time arrives that he would not be injured too? I think we should let go of old sentiments and support the players that we have now.

    For me, “TV out, Chambers in” is alright.


  11. Tv5 is experienced, is an international, part of arsenals set up since 10-11 i think, former ajax captain and a character. I dont understand why stating the obvious is interpreted as ‘not supporting’…lol…


  12. Whats more logical to you rantetta? Call on an experienced cb or a 19 y.o and a left back converted to cb? Chambers is awesome as far as ive seen but he undoubtedly needs a few years to fully develop, no?


  13. Given the choice TV or Chambers ? The youngster for me.


  14. Maybe so george but realistically i wouldnt be shocked if wenger buys another defender..a bit more ready and experienced than calum..maybe he is waiting for the cl qlfrs…


  15. I think the issue with signings and the CL qualifiers is a fair point to raise.
    We seem to have to pass this hurdle every summer.

    No doubt nobody must have told Alexis Sanchez that coming 4th in England is such a risky proposition.

    The club need supporting players in every part of the pitch, when they don’t play the get called deadwood. Podolski is being lined up for chucking out next, according to some of our fickle fans.


  16. Heavens forbid that Wenger would actually promote Iggy Miquel back to the 1st team, and it looks like Coq might be staying around. Buying is not the only solution to defensive shortages. Coq has played LB a few times, no?

    Any news on Diaby being fit for tomorrow?


  17. I wouldnt worry too much..its only besiktas…who are they? Panathinaikos has scored 4 there. Arsenal will score 12.


  18. B-b-b-but Ba is a bigger danger the any threat posed by Fener. He’s no Sow!
    Truth is I’ve been clucking for weeks.


  19. Fener basiktas they have nothing on us..our kids can beat them …last year it was what ..5-1 aggregate? Easy…

    Who is sow?


  20. Hang on. Did DC attempt to suggest that to compete in the transfer market with the Petro clubs that AFC may have to secure CL qualification and wait till deadline day as they send the PI’s(?) off on false trails etc. or for other deals to be concluded and all the other games they get up to*

    That is waaaay too sensible. Smack yourself in the face with a mouldy kipper and man up, man! We’re D**Med. D**Med I tell you. The bells! Can you hear the bells…..?

    *Warning: it will be hard to top last August as Levy’s Folly unveiled itself in N5. A shame for them that the Groaners chose to deny themselves such enjoyment with their panic buy delusions – we all know beyond any doubt what and why happened with that deal now because the quotes are available. All the every so witty bloggers, I mention I names, who stuck to their guns with such gibberish last summer experienced a bit of a embarrassing misfire there. Beefy would’ve been proud.


  21. Sow plays for Fener…


  22. Heh fins… ‘we are desperate to qualify’ = i have agreed with khedira, messi and casillas but agents wont come to nego table till we secure cl. Aaron save us!!’


  23. “My resources in Spain have told me…that the water in Majorca doesn’t taste like what it ought ta”


  24. Hunter: “Dc the guy is terrible…i think he does it on purpose to annoy people. Whenever i ask him to explain his bullshit statements he calls people doomers and runs away…”

    Here’s my explanation: I would take Djourou for a couple of million than pay £50m pounds for a donkey like David Luiz or Mats Hummels. Because let’s be honest, those two are nowhere near the best defenders of their generation. Is that a good enough explanation?

    Keep blowing smoke up James Rodriguez’s ass. When he flops at Madrid, I’ll make sure to remind you how shit he is the same way I reminded you about David Luiz. There’s nothing better than showing a know nothing that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.


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